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Dream About Puppets meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams actually mean?

dreams which involve people you know?
and dreams when it's about something random like falling off a building or dreaming of food?

Dreams often reflect current issues and emotions from your daily life, the images such as people you know, will on the other hand only be props, or puppets, that you mind use to deal with the issues and emotions. The emotions you feel when you dream are often more important than what you see. There are things that you see that carry importance too, but such things are personal you you can't look it up in some sort of dream dictionary. You have to create the personal dictionary that fits what the images means to you.

Example: Do these dreams mean anything?

1 .how would you react, if a closely related relative had just died and you were attending the funeral, but he had supposedly died 22 years ago?

#2. what does it mean, when you dream you're springing people out of a half-way house? and one of those people is your sibling...even tho she's NOT a junkie? basically someone else has authority over my sisters life. which doesnt sit well with me.

#3. i had a dream 5-6 months ago, i was in my brother's house (wasnt his house, but dreamt it was). it was right before i moved in with him...moving in wasnt even a thought at the time. anyway, i had a dream that the house caught on fire...the floor and some walls and furniture. then a few days later, i dreamt the same dream again, only the house was flooded in the same spots i dreamt it was on fire in the first dream. THEN i dreamt some kid was huggin my waist from behind. he wouldnt let go, and i wasnt strong enough to loosen his grip. all of a sudden, we were flying around in the house.

somebody help me interpret please...i've been having the strangest dreams for the past 4 years. i think im going nuts.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well right now the only problem in my life is im in love with my best friend but she only sees me as a brother, im just saying that if it helps decipher my dream please. In my dream i opened up my eyes and my body is slightly in pain, i look in the mirror and my whole body is completely stitched together like a old stuff animal or a scary puppet, on one half of my face it looked like there was another half of someones faced sewn on with a different color eye, and on the back of my right shoulder there was a huge stitched up place where it looked like they stitched over and over but messed up and it hurt. I walked out to a balcony it looked like and there were thousands of people laughing at me, i grew angry and then in a matter of seconds iv killed everyone like i was some kind of monster. the weird thing was when i woke up i felt as if i could actually feel the pain of the stitches it was bizzare. im not emo or anything, but i would really like to know if this means something importan

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I am a muslim woman, and I keep having these strange dreams. I dreamt a few months ago that I saw the Prophet (PBUH) standing on a hill holding a staff. THe wind was blowing and he was staring with no expression into it. He had long hair and it was blowing wildly in the wind. That's all that it was, for the whole dream. He was just standing there and the wind was blowing around him. I then had a dream a few nights ago that, in the dream, I had been defending the Quran, Islam, and all muslims for 4 years. Not exactly protecting it, because I know that ALlah protects whom he/she will and does not protect whom he/she will not. But something sort of like fighting for it in a good way where nobody was injured or got hurt. What in the world do these dreams mean? I am convert to Islam, by the way, and converted about 5 years ago. I am also American.

Example: Dreams mean something...right?

well the few days i have been having a reaally wierd dream and its about like how the woman in dead silence makes the man into a puppet and then she and another guy die then they go some where and the can smell if someone is dying. but then only little kids can see them. and tey go to a tunnel and it has all thease dead body parts in and they get attaked by 2 other men then i always wake up .. what could all of this mean?

Example: What could this odd dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was dating a boy in my school who's a year older than me (I'm 14) and we were cuddling on the sofa and all of a sudden we started talking about having sex. Then we decided we would have sex and got off the sofa and went to do something in the kitchen (not have sexual intercourse) and all of a sudden my mother and father appeared and kept pottering around. next thing me and the boy are back on the sofa on a sheet and he's on top of me but I chickened out of having sex at the last minute. I can't remember of anything happened after that but what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So last night i had a dream about a girl i used to have a crush on, short dream. What happened was we were walking down our school hallway just the two of us. We were walking close to each other,but not holding hands. It was also dead silent we didnt say anything to each other. I just remember having an awkward feel. The weirdest part was it was like i was being controlled. I didnt control where I walked, i just went where she went.

Example: Tell me what my dream means?

I had a dream a couple of days ago, it goes as followed:

The government wished to take down the moon. It hung on strings but was too bright for the night so they had to take it down. I was outraged and cried in the sky to find that once the moon had been taken down to earth the stars no longer shined. Then me and my dad went in a car and saw the moon (it looked a bit like a cartoon moon) lying in a field, sort of sunk-ish into the ground. It looked so sad to see the sky so black, so meaningless. Apparently the ecconomy was failing... so they turned off the switch and left our poor moon to die.

When I woke up I felt a little like crying.
Can anyone try and guess what this means? Its been bugging me a bit. I kinda feel like something is gonna happen thats big and negative :/

I'm 15- just to explain how unusual this dream is from the usual school reinactment dreams and crushes etc.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was a maid working in a castle. I was looking outside one of the castle windows. The guy I like (in real life too) was trying to climb vines up to the window, but he couldn't.
Then, the guy was going to marry a princess. I told him I loved him, then immediately after told him I hated him. He didn't say anything back.
Then the guy was in a diner. (Which didn't make sense, seeing as the dream was in medieval times.) The princess walked in and she was really, really beautiful and perfect. I was jealous of her. The guy proposed to her and I was really upset and ran off.
I ran into a garden and there were lots of puppets everywhere. The guy, in the dream, was a puppeteer. I started yelling rude stuff at one of the puppets (intended for him), thinking that he was the one working it, but he wasn't. The puppet was alive! The puppet said "You really love (guy's name), don't you?" And then I woke up.
What does this dream mean? :/

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