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Dream About Pushing Someone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream Meaning, me bullying someone?

So i had a dream last night and it was kinda weird, but my dreams are always weird. But this one part stood out to me. I was walking out my school and it was the day kids pick up their report card but it was pretty empty (only middleschoolers there, my school is split in 3 elementary, middle, and hs) but i was walking out of it i knew in the dream i did
nt pick up my report card, i forgot the reason i went to the school to begin with, but as im leaving theres this kid standing with his friend and for some reason i was just pissed off. So i look at him walk past him then turn around and stare at him for a couple seconds and he just barely turns his head towards me and i startt yelling "wtf are you looking at me for?" And start cursing him out and he says "what did i do?" And go up to him and just start punching him and throwing him around. And hes trying to get away but i pursist in pushing him and punching him then he gets infront of this store and finally rages back, he starts throwing everything infront of the store at me (grocery store stuff, idk why it was infront of the store, my dreams are weird) but he misses them all and hes yelling "wtf is your problem? Leave me alone!" Then this guy walks out the store and yells at him "what are you doing?!?! Get away kid" but the kid is just standing there and the guy walks up to me and he asks me "whats this kids problem?" and i lie and say "idk whats his problem, hes weird" and then me and the guy start walking and talking together. Meaning of this dream?
P.s. this dream felt like a continuation of another dream i had, same feeling and setting, and same weird twilight lighting. Both cloudy too. I dont feel like going into full detail about this dream so heres a short summary, i go to school, plan to smoke weed with 2 other friends, 1 of them bails on the plan, me and the other friend smoke in this very weird spot that was really iffy. (And yes i do smoke weed in real life)

Maybe the dream is just telling you that you are developing some unhealthy
habits that will not be helpful in life. You project your insecurities as rage
at other non involved individuals. You physically attack them then lie your way out of it
because of the guilt you feel and the fear that you might be discovered and exposed.
You are probably wondering how far these activities can be carried into adult life.

Your story says that you know better and that you are not proud of the direction
you are headed in. Your overt behavior causes people to notice you more and
makes it harder to avoid detection and just blend in.

Example: What would it mean if someone dreamt about talking tornadoes?

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone famous?

I've been having odd dreams about this kind of famous singer, that I barely even like as a singer, Stephen Jerzak. I've just been wondering why I've been dreaming of him?

1) I was dancing with one of my friends and he was sitting on a bench watching in envy. He then got up and pushed the fellow I was dancing with down and left the dance? (I thought that dream was funny, haha)

2) He and I were in a car driving down an old country road fighting about something and then he ran into a tree and we had to walk miles down this road when we saw a bear and he started freaking out and I said something like "Wow, you're pathetic, just make a-lot of noise and look bigger than you are." and the bear ran away and he hugged me for along time.

3) I was at one of his concerts and only about 30 people where there. He pulled me up on stage and I started hanging out with his groupies. Then he got a phone call from his girlfriend and they broke up and then he instantly fell inlove with me. And we were laying on the stage after the show and he was like "Look out to the horizon, everything in it, belongs to me." and I got up and started handing these girls his autographed posters. Then it ended with him kissing me beside my lips.

4) He and I were at a ballroom dance thing and he came up to me and started dancing with me. He said something extremely sweet (Which I can't quite remember) and kissed me.

I don't understand why I've been dreaming of him if I hardly even like him?

Example: What does it mean to dream of biting someone?

I dreamed that my aunt and i were arguing as usual but this time she had seriously made me mad i told her to get out but when i opened the door it was bricks covering the doorway. when i saw the bricks i got even madder and told her to find a way out. she yelled at me and pushed me so i grabbed her arm and bit her hard and pulled off skin (it was super gross). she was bleeding and screaming and i was just standing there fuming then i woke up. if anyone could explain this to me. ive tried to look it up myself but i couldnt find anything pleasee help me understand what it means. i feel disturbed that i would dream of such a thing. even if i dont like her.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream someone took a bullet for you?

I had a dream that my friend pushed me from in front of a bullet and got hit himself. Does this have a special meaning. I know most dreams do. Does this one?

Example: Can someone tell what my dream means?

I don't remember the order it was in, but i remember what happened

ok here it goes:

1) I was outside at some kind of flea market, but it was very nice like mall but outside rather. I was looking at Nail polish in a box. I saw samples and i wanted to take some. I was also with people i didn't know but i somehow in my head i was thinking they were my friends and i knew them. other than that, i wasnt susposed to be at the little flea market. The lights were turned off and it was now dark, I then realized i had to go. so i told my friends lets go, and they were like "no lets steal this stuff" at first i was thinking "ok" but then i was like "no! what if we get caught?" so i ran to the gates and looked back because i was gonna leave, but my friends were still standing next to the nail polish booth. then i ran back to them and told them to get out of here. they said "ok" and we all started running out to the gate. Right then! a police gets out of his car. i already spotted him at the time and then ran. the police was like "Stop now!" i got so scared i was running SO FAST! i ran to a big buliding room and saw a bathroom, i ran straight into the bathroom; then this guy saw me and he closed the door and put a bucket in the small sink and turned the water on. it was over flowing but i didnt care. he went out and i locked the door. then i was trying to escape and i saw a small window, i squezzed through it and then thats all that happened.

2) I was standing next to my brother, we were standing in front of a public bus. he was telling me to get on but i refused. i was like "no what about mom?" and he was like "no get on now" and in my head i was thinking why? he then pushed me into the bus and then door closed, i was on the bus alone and scared. i thought he was coming with me. when i was in the bus there were two african american men who were looking at me. they were trying to flirt with me. and thats all that happened there

3) i was sitting down and my mom hands me the phone. i say "hello" and theres no one talking but i hear the person listening to me quietly. i say hello again but there was still no one saying anything. i asked her who it was and she said it was my sister-in-law. i said hello for the 3rd time but still no answer. for some reason i didnt believe my mom i thought it was my job application people. i wanted them to call me. but i never got a call so thats why i thought it was them. and thats all that happened there.

if anyone can tell me what it means. :] i would be delighted.

Example: Dreaming about someone means...?

I have heard that if you have a dream about someone, that means they were thinking about you before they went to sleep that night. As I hardly believe this, I must ask. I had a dream about this girl I like, and it wasn't a dirty dream or anything like that. It was more of a really nice dream, we were at the beach and she was wearing a yellow sun dress and we were sitting on a sheet of some sort just laughing and talking on a date. I particularly don't like beaches and don't go to them. So what would influence a dream like this? Is it just that I really like her or is there some like scientific reasoning behind this?

Example: What does it mean to dream about watching someone overdose?

In my dream, it was in a school setting and very dark and gloomy.
There was this very distinct girl that was seeking me out and she seemed very distraught, saying things like "Oh no. Did I choke this time?" She was holding her hand to her mouth and it seemed as if she was foaming at the mouth. It was very disturbing, I saw little blue pills trickle out of her mouth.
Through out the rest of the dream, I was trying to avoid/evade her. She kept following me and I was trying to leave.

Any insight on what this could mean. I have never taken drugs.

Example: What does it mean to dream you kick someone?

I dreamt I kicked my friend in the you know where he was pretty upset what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream of saving someone?

I'm wondering, does it mean something if you CONCIOUSLY, as in you kinda "make" yourself dream of saving someone? Sometimes I dream of saving people I've seen IRL, sometimes I dream of saving someone from like an anime cartoon or youtube show. I've looked for answers, found some about like you not forcing yourself to dream about it, but none answer what I'm asking.

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