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Dream About Quail meanings

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Example: Very SYMBOLIC DREAM Meaning(s)?

I had a dream that I was in my kitchen, and there were two spotted chicken eggs. They were very small in size, and they were contained in a tall glass. I was holding a zippo lighter under the glass (probably to heat them up) and suddenly, the top egg cracked open, and a fully grown chicken popped out. I ran to my bedroom which was exaggerated in size and messiness, and the chicken ran into the mess. Mt mom was very angry and threatened to kick me out.

What could this mean?

Yep - I see what you mean about the symbolism! Since my name is chook, I thought I'd better have a go at this one! Hope I don't get it wrong though, cos that would be embarrassing and I would have to change my name! (Just kidding!)

A kitchen is like the hub of family activity. Personally, I think it is the most central and important room in any home. It's also where most of the cooking takes place - eg symbolically, it is a very nurturing room. So I think this is setting the scene for your dream. Your dream is mainly about your family life.

Well eggs are a symbol of new life, perhaps new ideas or a new phase of your life? The eggs are small, meaning that this new idea, phase of life, whatever it symbolises, is underdeveloped in some way. Also, they are spotted eggs? Chicken eggs aren't normally spotted so not really sure about this. Might symbolise disease ( eg chicken pox) or a defect of some kind? Quail eggs are small and spotted so it is interesting that you called them small spotted chicken eggs rather than large quail eggs? I guess it is all a matter of perception. Another thing about eggs is that they are a food with no restrictions in Judaism. (I really don't know very much about this at all but with a name like Salem I just thought this might be relevant to you in some way and worth thinking about whether this fits in somewhere). Also, there are two eggs, this will be important in some way, eg you have two issues, to conceder in your new phase of life, or something like that, but I'm not terribly good at number symbolism in dreams.

Glass and zippo lighter
Not really sure about the glass except to say it isn't normally somewhere you put eggs really. I guess a glass is something you can see through, eg you can see what your new phase of life is, but you are a bit removed from it at this stage. Eg you aren't carrying the eggs in your hand, they are in a glass where you aren't directly touching them.

You are using the lighter to warm the eggs and "incubate" them. Eg, you are trying and want this new thing in your life to work.

The chicken
When the egg hatches and it is a fully grown chicken, I think that is just saying that when the idea/new thing finally comes to fruition, it will be fully developed. Chickens are one of the very first creatures to be domesticated and have been domesticated for more than 10 000 years. That would really fit in with the symbolism of the kitchen too. Chickens are very useful and if you keep them they are really low maintenance. I think essentially the dream is about you becoming a useful member of your family or a useful member of society. It's about you becoming "domesticated"..

Chicken flies into your bedroom.
Ok, now your dream starts of in the kitchen, the hub of family life. Eg, you think the way to become useful/domesticated is to concentrate on your contribution to the family as a whole. HOWEVER! When the chicken hatches, you retreat into your bedroom and the chicken goes too and straight into the mess. Your bedroom is a place where you go to be alone, and a place where you sleep, eg rest and recuperate. It is the one room where you can express your self through what you put in it. The bedroom symbolises the very essence of you in the dream. In your dream your room is very big and messier than normal, meaning you need to clean up you're own act before you try to help others. The chicken is highlighting this by flying straight into the mess and forcing you to look there. (It probably also means that your Mum would like you to contribute to family life by first keeping your room tidy!).

In your dream, you are worried that your Mum is going to kick you out. I think this is just highlighting your anxiety that you won't be able to fulfil your family responsibilities. Don't worry, I don't think your Mum will really kick you out.

In summary, the way through to your next phase of life and be central to your family and to society in general is to first focus on yourself and keeping your own affairs in order (and literally keeping your room a bit tidier would probably help too).

Well, I hope this made some sense to you, for my own ego's sake more than anything else really (lol). If not, any suggestions for a new avatar name would be most welcome.

PS: I guess I have a different perspective on chickens than most people!.

Example: Who are the Pomo Native Americans?

Example: I had a dream about a baby quail and dove. What does it mean?

I had a dream about a baby quail and dove. They were sitting behind my car and would not move and since I would not run over them I could not go anywhere. They just kept hiding behind the car when would try and move them. What does that mean. Last time I had a dream of fish I was told someone I knew was pregnant and they didn't know it and they were, actually the friend that told me was lol.

Example: Children's bk series, late 70's. Animals=letters. V was vulture, z was a zebra... Anyone know of it?

I read them as a child. They were thin, about 8X11 or bigger. Bright colors. There were 26 and each letter of the alphabet had a different animal for that letter. They all lived in a town and talked, shopped, swam, etc. Does anyone recognize or remember the name of the series?

Example: What does a dream of it raining quail mean?

Example: Last night I had a dream that my husband was a superhero quail and had a costume to suit ?

in the dream I got angry at him because he told a few people his secret identity. What could this mean, I mean a Quail how strange

Example: I saw prophet Mohammed(SAWS) in my dream? What does it mean?

It was one night that I had this dream. I am living in the same house where I really live.
There is sudden news in the streets that Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) has come. Everyone saying the same thing and rushing towards the Masjid. I thought I have to really go and meet him. So I am going there inside the Masjid, and saw that many people are going to a person and talking to him for a few minutes, then leaving him. I went to him and saw him, he was wearing a white dress and a white cloth wrapped around his head and sitting in a table with many books and the old writing quail on the side. I am wishing him Assalaam u Alaikum and asking about my future. He said that I will be good and my future is bright. That is all I can remember, I cannot even remember how his face looked even I cannot recall how his face color and appearance was.
Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of this dream could be?

Example: What does it mean to be shot at during a dream?

In my dream I was walking with my mom up a hill to get to our car. Then when we got to the top there were two cars. The other car belonged to a serial killer and he usually killed people by bludgeoning them to death with a wooden sword. I heard a sound so I grabbed a stick and went to investigate, but I already knew who it was the wooden killer. We fought sword fight style for a while but then this lady comes around and they home behind a log and quails flutter out from under the leaves then they bring out the guns. The woman said, plenty of quails around... Easy to miss... Then she started shooting at me. I ducked behind a tree, but the shrapnel still stung my arm, so I ran to a bigger tree, but had the same problem I tried to get to an even bigger tree, but they started shooting again. I dodged six bullets before getting scraped by a bullet on my rib. The pain felt so real. Then I dove for cover behind their car. And I woke up.

Example: Please help me figure out what this dream means?

so i was sleeping and i dremt i was a nesting quail happily married to a sugar glider. as i was out one day scouting for seeds and other twining material for my nest i came upon a lathargic crawdad. as we made small talk he told me that he had an undecending testicle and he named it owen. i assumed responsibility for the testicle and began nurturing it to health, soon it swelled to the size of a garbonzo bean and fell from the crawdads abdomen, i then woke up to find myself in a cold sweat. what does this dream mean?

Example: Can somebody please explain to me what Pyramus's words mean?

Midsummer Night's Dream


Sweet Moon, I thank thee for thy sunny beams.
I thank thee, Moon, for shining now so bright.
For by thy gracious, golden, glittering gleams,
I trust to take of truest Thisbe sight.—
But stay, O spite!
But mark, poor knight,
What dreadful dole is here!
Eyes, do you see?
How can it be?
O dainty duck! O dear!
Thy mantle good,
What, stained with blood?
Approach, ye Furies fell!
O Fates, come, come,
Cut thread and thrum.
Quail, crush, conclude, and quell!

It's more of needing to know the significance of this speech and I also need to know of the literary devices. Thanks so much :D

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