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Dream About Quake meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay well I keep having dreams about Mitch Lucker who died November 1st 2012 v.v
But this dream he was my cousin but nobody knew he was famous except me. An we were at the beach an there was an earth quake an everyone was running because of a tsunami but there was no tsunami an Mitch disappeared. I guess all my dreams of him at the end he always disappears. What does it mean?(sorry of this doesn't make sense).

this dream simply means that you should buy a pizza making kit and throw on some pineapple and green peppers , onions, French cut green beans , and bacon with the cheese's you like.
deep dish only, oven at 300' for about 1hr.
when you sit down to eat it.. discuss the fact that you will stay away from the oceans and large lakes..
.. say a short prayer for your cousin and wish he could be there to enjoy such a great pizza.
..drink one miller lite (if you're old enough) and repeat(( I did good, I did good , I did good.))

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was standing outside, when I suddenly had seizure like symptoms, and a voice was calling, amongst my trembling, the voice repeated the words, " Snakes throughout the fall of man". ( Or something like that ) The seizure passed, and I ran to my brother, telling him of what I just experienced. We turned the T.V on, and it was the title of a show on History Channel, and how the Mayans discovered that in the end, Snakes were evil of all evils, or something. A chart with numbers showed up, and as they scrolled up, instead of numbers three serpents took the place, for on and on. I was distracted when I saw my neighbors sobbing outside, but then there was an explosion, and a giant earth quake. The ground underneath me cracked in two, I saw a giant serpent slinking through the crevices. I ran outside and there was more destruction. The dream changed when another crack in the ground appeared under my feet, and I fell in. My boyfriend and I were dangling off a cliff, and a glowing white woman now stood over us, as if this had already happened before, she told me that If I wanted things to stay the same, I would have to let go.. after a few minutes of falling and crying, I woke up.
1) I don't have epilepsy.
2) I don't have an extream fear of snakes.

I'm so dumbfounded as to what this dream means. Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

OK here's my dream~

i was walking to a beautiful Victorian house with a girl in a beautiful baby blue Victorian dress! some how i knew her name was Emma~ she beckoned me to come inside with her! she was yelling me to come in but she wasn't talking so i ran anyways! as soon as i stepped on the first step there was a huge earth quake! the whole house started crumbling in front of me and i couldn't see Emma any where! i was screaming but nothing came out! i ran back a few then looked back at the house! only a huge hole was left but that soon change! a huge mountain came roaring out of the hole and Emma was sitting on it with her back to me! he dress was badly torn but still covering her! there was some red stains on it but i didn't know what they were~ i ran to the bottom and yelled up to her but again no words came out! but she seemed to hear me and turn around! but the mountain moved with her~ she and the mountain were covered head to toe in blood! and the mountain was not made of rock but the heads of my friends and family! and every one i knew! it scared me to crying point! i looked up at her and yelled what i thought was "Y?" and she just smiled and pulled out a knife that was dripping in blood and laughed but i couldn't hear it! she then jumped at me but i woke up right before she even touched me!"

i had this dream repeatedly from the ages 6-15 the age I'm in! i get some few new dreams but this is what i have often... can some one tell me what it means or how to maybe change it? I've been to a therapist but there not very helpful so please help me! thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

One day I had this crazy dream. i was on the outskirts of this big city, like new york or somthing, i'm not sure.

it was evening. there were several tornadoes visible over the city. meteors were coming down, also causing destruction. a big earth quake had split the ground mabey five minuets before the tornadoes formed. everything was in flames, despite the heavy winds. there was what seemed to be a giant blue beam or laser coming down...or up...which ever it was, which seemed to be the source of the disasters, because the tornadoes seemed to sort of orbit around the laser, or at least stay somewhat near it anyway. then there was this big explosion, like an ICBM had hit, except it wasn't a mushroom cloud. after that, i don't know why, but for some reason i felt compelled to go into the city, rather than away from it. i was kind of surprised to find that there wasn't very many bodies or any panicers running oarund the place. after a bit of terror, i came to the city center, everyone, surprisingly, was alive, but walking INTO the big fat laser beam! all i saw though was when they entered, most of them were vaporized, but a few went straight up the beam, while one or two went straight down the crack in the ground,(from the earth quake) where the beam seemed to originate. once about half the people walked into the lazer beam, finally, every one started to panic and run around all over the place. although all the disasters had stopped about the same time. the next thing i saw, was monsters jumoing out of the beam., though not monsters from silly movies like monsters inc., they were actually beasts from greek mythology, like a satyr, centuar, minotuar, all that jazz. they started killing peaople and smashing things. not only that, but if anyones ever played oblivion, you'd know what the next things are, things like the clanfear, and grummites anf crap came out. the last thing i say, was another huge *** explosion. then i woke up.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

i had these 2 really weird dreams

1st. i was in an infinitely sized black room. i was surrounded by nearly every girl i know. they were all dressed in white. they all kept saying "Tyler... save me" and repeating it until i got a headache from it. i went around talking to them and helping them with things. they would stop saying it and give me a unique flower and a kiss on the cheek. when i got to the girl i like now, she kissed my lips and held me close. but when i got to the girl i used to really like, she stabbed me in the stomach. as i fell back all the girls came rushing to me to save me, but the other girl just walked away.

then i had a dream that i was lying against a tree in a meadow. the girl i like was in my arms. my friend's girlfriend came out of nowhere and gave me a gun. the girl i like got on her hands and knees and rested her head on my crotch. the friend's gf then said "wow... my bf and i already did that.". next, i was suddenly in a graveyard. on the tombstone was the name of the girl i used to love. "2007-2009... His words were intended to be fake, but they nonetheless made your heart quake". i was crying and the girl i currently like came up to me. she put her hand on my chest and pulled out my heart. it was obliterated, but she was trying to fix it.after a while when most of it was repaired, she took her own heart out and combined our hearts. she placed it in the middle of us. we hugged tightly and when we separated, it had become a part of both of us

i dunno what alot of this stuff means. i know the tombstone... the years are from when i liked her to now (i kinda have a hatred for her now) and the text was about how her boyfriend used to call her a slut to hide how he liked her. eventually, i began to see that she was indeed a slut. that's how i'm over her

Example: What does my two dreams mean?

i hade two different dreams on different days but i dont understand what they mean

1.that i walked into my parents bathroom upstairs and it looked normal until i walked towards the shower and the room kept getting bigger and they the bathroom turned black n white.then like it looked like there was a really big earth quake. and i kept walking trying to see whats going on and i look back and i see like those boy toilet things and i saw a little bunny standing there and i blinked and it wasnt there then i kept walking and i could only hear like a dog crying and a girl crying but i try going back and i couldn't and i kept crying and i kept walking because i couldn't stop and then i woke up but i had that dream 2 weeks in a row and im always scared when i wake up what is that supposed to mean?

Example: Crumbling building dream. What does it means?

In my dream, I'm in a building, on the lowest floor. It's normal inside (not too fancy or clean that it gives me a cold feeling, but not exactly too warm either) but I look out the window and there's actually a dumpsite bellow. Then the building begins to shake, like there's an earthquake, and I know it's gonna crumble. Curiously, I don't think the fear of being burried alive it's what drives me to get out of there. It's like it's not about the building collapsing on top of me, but about the building collapsing. Nevertheless, I'm afraid, but I manage to escape. I remember watching from the sidewalk as the building shakes and crumbles, before remembering that my family is still inside. I also remember noting how some of my relatives are in different floors, varying from the lowest to the highest ones (but by the time the building began to collapse, none of them were with me). I think they end up being rescued, though I don't really remember the ending. I wake up before actually seeing the building in ruins, with an unpleasant feeling.

Example: What do my repetetive dreams mean?

Ive been with my girlfriend for a while now and shes shown up in a few of my dreams the first time i thought it was just a dream but ive had several dreams with very similar events in them.

In the first dream my girlfriend goes off to new orleans for vacation, during that time there are a series of massive earth quakes that caused a lot of damage and also cause us to lose contact. In a panic i go to new orleans to find her so i know shes okay, at the end of my search i find her and we hug it out and everythings wonderful.

The next dream was less eventful. We made plans to hangout but she was informed the day of that she had to babysit for a family, i said it was okay and later decided to go visit my uncle. When i got to my uncles house it turned out that my cousins were the children she was supposed to babysit so i stayed and helped babysit and we got to spend the day together anyway.

Theres like 2 others with the same series of events. Something keeps us apart then we find each other again and everything woorks out. No dream is exactly like the others which is what compelled me to ask.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of thunderstorms?

I had a dream last night and i was at my moms house and we were prepareing for a massive storm that was headed our way. The storm hit before we could get to the basement but we made it just in time, Lightning had struck the tree in the back yard and every window in the kitchen broke and a tree was lying on the kitchen floor. Now a few weird parts when i went to the basment my grandmother was there (she passed away in dec) So was my uncle and my mom and a guy i had never seen before... he hid in the shadows.

The second half of my dream made no sense to the first part...
i went back in time a year and was driving a car looking at a specific interstate number started to drive on it than woke up i believe the number was 267 it was odd... but if anyone has any insite please help me out :)

Thank you

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream last night where I was watching the news and they said that a apartment building had just collapsed, a women (not somebody I know in real life) I was who was watching the TV with me started to get upset because her family where in the building. At this point I am thrown back in time several hours (which doesn't shock me for some reason) to before the building collapsed so I tell the women to follow me to the apartment building so we can get her family out, a few minutes later we're running along a sort of walk way towards the apartment building (the architecture of the apartment building and the surrounding area strongly reminds me of a Spanish holiday resorts I've been to) the building is already starting to shake and there are people running past us to escape the debris, the women running with points up to some children crying on the second level and tells that her family...but I get scared and realise we won't be able to get away in time, so I abandon the women and start running away my self, I see a basement under a building in a field and me and several other people hide in there, I hold the door short then we all feel almighty shock wave then silence, we wait a while and eventually soldiers show up to give us the all clear... they also berate me for my cowardice even though I tell them it was just practicality

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