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Dream About Quarters meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? Help.?

I've have had this dream that felt so real that i can't stop thinking about it and also feel that it might mean something...

So I'm in a nice small apartment with a few friends on the terries having a drink. I go inside to get another drink when I hear a baby cry coming from my bedroom (I don't live in a apartment to let you know) as I enter, I see a cot. I walk over and see there is a baby girl inside it. I have no idea why she's there.

I then hear a voice from behind saying "She's yours." And standing in the doorway is my dream woman (let's be honest we all have a dream person we want in life.) this short blond hard woman walks up to me and looks at the baby and smile at me placing her hand on me. It was like she was so happy for me that we a child!

I am only 18 and not really looking for a relationship at the moment and i don't want to have any kids until i'm over 27.

Why was there a baby and why was it my dream girl? does this mean anything? please help.. thanks

Your picture is scary as f*ck.

It probably means that you feel your nest (or cot) is empty.

Maybe having drinks with friends isn't enough for you and you feel empty. ( I'm not sure if you usually drink outside, but maybe being outside and coming inside (no pun intended) means that you feel alone in the world and are needing more secure quarters.

Maybe you're wondering about the future and where it's leading and you feel like your not prepared (cot,also) but there is the allure of happiness (woman) that is not in your life at the moment.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I live in a log cabin, k?
And in my dream I was walking around in it, and then I heard this thundering noise, so I look out the window (you can see for miles out of my window) and I see a stampede of elephant heading right for our house.
So I grab my Nintendo (?) run outside, and an eclipse was happening so the place looked orangey, I ran back inside; grabbed my crush (?) and brought her outside. She was panic stricken so she didn't say anything.
I found a mammoth in our garden, climbed on to it grabbed my crush pulled her on to, and then made the mammoth sprint. The whole place had changed and was now half forest, quarter playground and a quarter sand factory! I got to the forest part and quickly picked up my brothers' stylus (for his nintendo) put it in my pocket and kept concentrating.
I looked back and the elephants were right behind us so, I made a sharp left to avoid them. And that's where the dream ended!

Any ideas? I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks for reading, sorry it's a bit long.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so this dream made absolutely no sense:

In the dream I was trying to save/gather a bunch of alligator eggs, but these alligator eggs looked like black pearls the size of quarters. They were scattered all over and I would find several of them at a time in different spots.

What does this symbolize?

Example: What does my dream mean?

a few months back,i remember i had this dream,where i was placed at this big super market like wal mart,but it was supossed to be the one where i used to work a year ago (soriana).i was standing there,faking to be checking prices as a normal customer,and suddenly i started looking at the cameras and took this thing from the tools,this package of connectors from usb to normal audio entry (i need one for my cellphone,but havent found one in the whole earth) and i placed myself behind a column,opened the package and saved all in my pokets,and when i turned i saw this weird camera that went down and had like spider legs and started to walk through the hallways...suddenly i was on the ail where i used to work (paper and office items...pretty interesting,huh?,also the toys,sports,gifts and curiosities ails...they ran out of staff) and started stealing markers and stuff...then,i went out of the super market and i ride this sportive motorcycle,but i was downtown,not where the super market used to be,and i started go down the street,and when i realised tehre was something on my shoulder,i noticed it was this weird dodo bird,it had an aviator's old hat with the sunglasses,the dodo was blue and had the eyes like AXL frog...cant remember what he said...yes,he was able to talk...anyways,what was that supposed to mean?...i know,very large dream,but i was freaked out when i woke up,i never dreamed of something like that...and usually,when i dream,i cant remember what i dreamed

Example: What does my dream of holes in my back mean? Quarter sized holes had screw caps when removed showed rice in me

I had the weirdest dream that is creeping me out. I've been thinking about it all day and it repulses me.
In the dream I noticed several 6-7 inch perfect circles of swollen skin on my upper back with a black flat plastic circular cap in the middle. I began to unscrew a cap and pull it off. It was connected to a short (1-2 inch) black tube. As I pulled it off some scalding water dripped out. When I looked inside the hole in my flesh I saw steamed rice in a uniform layer a couple of inches under my skin. I repeated this process for 4 more holes in my skin. All revealing cooked rice under my skin. Then I was woken up by someone.

Any ideas is appreciated. I've never had such an odd dream.

Example: I had a dream about quarters and ice cream?

In a nutshell, my dream was about me wanting to go make personalized quarters and I dont know why. We showed up at an ice cream parlor (me, my sister, and my grandmother) and it attached to a mall where we could buy quarters. There was a girl there with my exact name. I also saw my late father who just passed away. What does all of this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i keep on having the same dream of me eating a bunch of quarters, at a carnival and then when the carnival shut down i was left with a killer clown that kept on chasing me, what could it mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that my undercover lover Zack and I were married, about ten years from now. I left on business, and while I was gone, I couldn't remember how to do anything in my job. I'd get account numbers mixed up and I would forget to call people back ect. For some reason the housing my job provided me with was an actual house I had to share with my new co workers. My new coworkers would curse at the customers. I was carrying around a backpack, and some of the stuff fell out. I tried to stick it back in, but it wouldn't fit. After I was done on the business trip I went back home. I got into a big fight with my "husband" and our son crawled out the window onto the roof of our house. Zack went out to get him, and my son asked "why does mom have to be so stupid?"

And I woke up. WTF?

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay so to let you know im a girl i do live in N.O. and have been dating my boyfriend Jorge for 4 and a half years. SO in my dream I am dating a girl and we are walking around the French Quarter in New Orleans and then all the sudden we look behind us and a huge tornado is coming so we start running from it and like 6 or 7 more land and are coming in all directions. So we find some house to run into and i run into the closet to hide and tell my girlfriend to come with me but she is talking on the phone and i am crying so when she finally gets in the closet we start hugging and i keep telling her how much i love her and dont want to die. then we wait in the closet till they tornado's pass and we get out and she acts like she has something to tell me and all i can think is that i hope she wants to break up and then i blurt out "if you dont love me its okay because i really want to be with Jorge" then i wake up... what the hell... i have never been with a girl and have no desire to be with one what does this dream mean...

Example: What does my dream mean..?

In my dream everyone in the world was standing on the side of this cliff and we were on different spots on it. We were all facing a masive rock/wall covered in flowers of every color but there was a bunch of purple flowers that stood out among all the other colors. And there was these big holes on the rock wall that everyone was facing and through the holes you could see a beautiful orange pink sunset. There was probably a quarter mile to a half a mile if space between all the people and the wall. The area between it was grassy and had small ponds and lakes. But something gave me the feeling everyone had to move to I jumped off the cliff and I started flying with one finger pointed forward and I was carring papers in my other hand but after a minute or so of flying they fell out of my hand. Everyone slowly followed me. When I reached the ground I landed about 5 feet infront if the wall. I walked through a hole and I was on the other side. When I entered the area it was dry like a desert and there were cactuses and sand and a single paved road. I saw someone I recognized from my church and I asked her where I was and she said "this is the waiting of heaven. We will stay here for 6 weeks and if we prove we are good enough to live in and take care of Gods kingdom we would go to heaven. But if we cant we will go to hell". I said ok and I started walking around then I saw a little 4 year old girl I knew and she was standing there crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her mom beat her up. Then one white clean car, it was very bright and had rays of light shining from it so bright you could barley even look at it, came down the middle of the road and everyone moved to the sides of the road and let it go through. We all look around then I woke up.

I'm just wonder what could this dream mean?

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