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Dream About Quartz,See Stone 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Om getting rid of a malevolent spirit?

At this point in time we hav acknowledged 2, possibly 3 spirits in our home. The first is a lady...we have not gotten a clear picture of her...we know she is middle ages. She frequently
says "Hello!" to people in the shower and sings along to lullabies when they are played at night. The Second is we suspect a small child. Often at night you will hear a tinkling laugh and my kids' toys will make noise in the night as though being played with...even when my kids aren't home. The 3rd is the problem. He is older...possibly in his 60's...very Mark Twain in his appearance. He can be glimpsed at night outside of the front door, often peering in...when spotted he disapears. The motion lights by the front porch go off often and by themselves.

One night you could hear opera music and people talking.

But last night was the worst. Last night I was awakened by a very angry Scream, I could feel anger towards me. And sensed (not saw) a presence leaning over me.

Any thoughts/advice?

I had to smile at your term "fun". As far as the ideas given, lots of merit but the first question could be, why do you have the situation? I do not mean that as sarcastic, but you hit a point about the exorcism and working only if the ghost is christian. Taking that you are serious, you seem to have something that is attracting the spirit. It could be that your wavelengths are close and he is curious. Being as he feels the potential for contact is there, he is frustrated it has not happened. I do not intend to minimize the situation, have you tried to or been able to have direct contact?
I find that most spirits are very much like average living people. Not good or bad, but a mixture of both.
For the ones that are negative, use of a priest or prayer can provoke them, they generally have no respect for that sort of thing and may take it as an attack against them.
The ones that are what is considered as psychic vampires, similar to the living psychic vampires, are a bit more of a nuisance. Thef do things to disturb harmony and then feed off the negative energy. Using a "white light" energy is also of no value, pushing any energy their direction is basically feeding them. They just do not have to try and take it, you do it freely. The most effective way I am aware of to deal with these, or most others to get them to leave is to have a psychic vampire draw energy from them. Finding one to help you is very difficult though. You can do the same thing yourself with certain stones. Black tourmaline is very effective, it absorbs negative energy. I have one near each corner of the house and it seems to help, I also have one in the car and another to carry in my pocket, it seems to help keep negative people at a distance. Rose quartz also does but is not as strong.The smudging with sage neutralizes the energy.
If you try some of the things anyone suggests and the results are not satisfactory, I would seek a Shaman before a psychic. A psychic may, be able to make contact, but that is exactly what the Shaman does. They specialize in dealing with the spiritual world from inside the spiritual dimension. They can go directly to the heart of the problem whereas some others simply treat the symptoms. You may find someone who can help through an "open circle" in your area. It is a pagan group thet has an open mindset and welcomes anyone to learn about and from, they may have some reputable contacts. The last thing I can think of off the top of my head is to get an Iktomi's net. It is identicle to a dream catcher for most people but the ones I have seen, are generally tied for a specific purpose and the energy for that purpose is bound into it. They do hold the effect for many years.

Sorry if this is a bit long, I have the same "fun" for the last 40 years and have had to learn to work with it. On oneoccasion I was actually grabbed, the psychic vampire was fast and effective, he is also an Iktomi Shaman.

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