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Dream About Queue meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean.?

In the dream I was at Mass and going up to Holy Communion. When I got to the top of the queue instead of hosts being there it was copper coins.

Dreams dont really have meaning,its only a collection of your experiences manifesting them selves inside your mind in a myriad of situations that your mind put together.Fears,desires, etc play a big role in what plays out.

So many "mind"s but i dont know how to word it any better c:

Example: What is this dream mean?

well it started, in like a coffee shop i was making the queue to buy something and then a guy goes in front of me n i just go mad! i start pushing him and arguing and and kicking tables and chairs and its really not me because i know id never do this i wouldnt even say hey you pushed in lol, and then the shop assisant says, "ill stab you" as im walking out angry. after i go to a tool shop, and a girl comes in and says your ugly, and then i stab her.
straight after i wake up, can some one tell me what this weird dream is about!?

Example: What (if anything) does this dream mean?

I had one of the craziest dreams last night which was a bunch of random events. I'm not sure about the chronology of what happened, but this is everything I can remember. So here is goes...

- I was visiting a park with my Grandparents and some other people in my family. I remember playing football with one of my cousins. After that it sorta skipped to the same area, but it was a water slide. You queued up and chose which slide you wanted to go on by pressing a button. Or you could choose "random." After choosing random a bunch of times, I ended up on the scariest one called the Falls of Terror. This turned out to be a free-drop thing (with no water involved.)

- From here I appeared at the bottom of one of the slides at a swimming pool I used to live near. From here, I saw the guy I liked for about 3 years at school (until I moved away.) We went on the slide that goes straight off of the one I came out of (Falls of Terror.)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I had possibly the two weirdest dreams I have ever had in my life. I am 14 years of age going on 15 and am a boy.

The first involved my dad, sister and I queuing up in some very long line for something.. but I dont know what it was. But when I looked up in the blue sky while in this line of people I saw what looked to be around 15-20 airplanes high in the sky. Some of these planes had a white aura or glow around them. Suddenly they began to plumit down towards us at high speed and they turned out not to be planes. They appeared to be some chinese dragon skeleton with a white glow as a body. They targeted certain people (including me) and began chasing us. they felt very evil but i am not sure if they were evil now. I ran around a massive building with my sister while being chased. I ran outside to hide and boom! The thing caught me and flew me away. I looked back as it flew away and noticed that my body lay on the path motionless and somehow the creature was now carrying my spirit (I am not a religious person). That was it.

I then had a second dream that a friend of mine, who I haven't seen or got in contact with since he moved to australia 7 years ago, died but was his spirit was wandering the earth happy and looking for me. he found me in some abandoned building that was populated with people out of my class. however they couldnt see him. We joked and together and the people out of my year understood that I could see this person and others. This friend told me what he was looking for. He wanted to jump "borrow" my body for a while just for fun and maybe finish some stuff. He taught me how to jump out of my body. I did this and he jumped in. We were both very happy with this new discovery and laughed many times. we jumped in and out of my body many times and he told me he forgot how it felt to be alive again with certain senses.

I cant remember much more after that. These are the most interesting dreams i have had and am kind of scared and very confused as to what they might mean and/or why my mind made these images out of some memories from over half my life ago?

Example: What does this dream mean?

It's in a big seemingly never ending black room that is in an airport.

A human sized penguin lived in a mansion there. The penguin had something weird about it, instead of the eyes being hypnotizing the beak was. It actually looked a little like a toucan. Outside of it there was those little things that they put at really long lines, the little poles with the ropes connecting them. There was a dead end at the end of the rope thing and there was a black hole there but no-one could see it but me. There were like 5 or so people about to go to the hole since they didn't know what it was. I tried ot stop them and after the first person fell through the hole they tried to get away from it but they were too close and the penguin put a bunch of bombs next to it after the first person fell in. They all ended up falling in the hole but I ran to a door and went into the airport part. I went into a store and all these guards started looking for me. I somehow found one of my friends and we found this big square part that was kind of cut off from the rest and we hid behind newspaper stands. I was feeling very...adventurous or something. I don't know how to explain it.
And that's the end of it.

You should probably know that my family goes on trips to places lots so I guess that's where the airport part came from. I used to really like penguins also so I don't know how the penguin ended up being the villain. This dream happens a lot at random times. If you have any questions about it ask please. Thanks!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I walked into the house and sat onto my couch, grabbed the t.v remote and turned on the t.v and watched Spongebo for a few minutes. About 5 or so minutes later someone knocked on my door. So I get up and walk over to my front door and open it to see my friend Drake and his dad brian. They both come in and brian and drake wander off somewhere and I go back to watch t.v. After Spongebob was over my black lab named Lucy walks over to me and nudges my leg queuing me to follow her. So I stand up and walk behind her and she leads me to my basement, when I start walking down the stairs the door shuts behind me. I get kinda freaked out so I keep walking down the stairs. When I get to the bottom I see a black shadow of a person. I get frightened and run back up the stairs and try to open the door and it wouldn't budge, then I look behind myself and I see the shadow walking upstairs in slow motion. My heart starts racing while I bang on the door. I get so scared I decide to kick the door and it opens. After the door opens I run to my right and go around the corner and run up the stairs once I get up all the stairs I trip on a dog toy and crawl up onto a bed a sit against the wall. Meanwhile the shadow walks up the stairs and stands in front of the bed with his back facing me, a few minutes later he grabs a zipper on the back of his head and un zips his costume, he steps out of it and throws the suit into a laundry basket. The person who was in the suit was drake, I was so shocked I screamed and ran to my right and opened a door that lead to my attic and there was a small circular window towards the back wall so I run to the window, crack it open, and dislodge it from the frame. I started to climb through the window, once I had one half of my body outside, someone grabs my ankle, the person who grabbed my ankle was drake, after he pulls me though the window
I'm just gonna shorten this, at the end he gives me a rose and kisses me on the cheek.
Wat does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a very long semi-lucid dream. For some reason, I've been having thing increasingly in the past year or so, about twice a month, usually more and more intense. I'm just a normal guy wondering what my dream could have meant. Here's what happened:

I was riding my bicycle on a very long trip (two days ago I did go on a very long bike ride) when I stopped at sort of kiosk inside a building to get something to eat, because I was very tired. Now that I think about it, it was like a wooden newspaper stand, but I distinctly remember walking into a glass building and up stairs. I waited for a couple minutes in the line, observing my surroundings, and after becoming a bit frustrated with how long it was taking, realized I had no money anyway. I turned sideways (for some reason, many paradoxes happen in my dreams, for example the queue waiting for the kiosk was sideways, but still seemed to make logical sense at the time) to the girl next to me to ask for some money and explained (another paradox where all communication is like non-verbal, but seems to be spoken... There's just no explanation for how it makes sense at the time) that I was exhausted. She handed me $4 (If I remember correctly), and said you can pay me back sometime, by taking me out on a date. I remember feeling unbelievably happy at this point in the dream... Like I've never felt before.

Continuing, the man at the kiosk pulled out a shotgun, which as it seemed to other people was perfectly normal, almost as if it were not an odd thing to do. He started telling people to be patient. I told the girl, Marianna was her name (specifically with a soft a sound, almost like mahri-ahnah. I have absolutely no idea where this name came from either), that we needed to go. She questioned me, and I said "NOW!" and pulled her out, running, while shotgun sounds started ringing and I sensed blood being shed (though I never saw it). It was like a scene from a thriller movie where the main character predicts a completely random tragic occurance... Only, thinking about it now, it seemed so obvious.

In the last part of the dream, I told Marianna that I loved her ever since I first saw her. She missed me and said that she would meet me again. I told my friends (third paradox where there is always a nonexistent group of friends that appear and disappear) that if ever I was to marry anyone, it would be her (exactly like the scene from The Lord of the Rings...).

That's the end of the dream. I woke up afraid to go to school this morning, almost with some strange guy feeling that something similar might happen. It slipped out of my memory on the way to school though. Please help me to interpret it! Please no stupid answers, I can provide those myself.

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I keep having the same dream, been having it for at least 6 months. Can anybody tell me what it means?

I dream that i'm going to a fair, the people I am with in my dream vary, but it's always people I know well, my mum, my partner, my friends etc. Anyway we're all really looking forward to this fair and we have to walk miles to get there, along this path next to a river and the path goes all the way around the bottom of a massive (tall and wide) hill. When we get to the fair we have to queue uip ages for this rollercoaster, and i start to get a bit panicky in the queue (in my day to day life I love big rollercoasters and never get scared by them). Anyway we all get on the roller coaster and it's not a scary ride after all, it's just going down this track with the odd slight dip in it And it’s just going in a straight line, out of the fair and keeps going. It’s like I don’t know where it’s going but it’s going somewhere scary and everyone on the rollercoaster (including me) is

Example: I dream of letters? What does it mean?

Basically I dreamt of being in the hospital and me and my family were queuing up and when it was our turn it was brad Pitt who was like the nurse registering us. I asked him for an autograph pointing at my right wrist ( the other around where you can't see your vein) and basically he just wrote capital A on it... I guess lately I have exams and I've been imagining of me getting As but as usuall only c & b... But whAt exactly does my dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of being in comfortable shoes and going up an escalator?

I was with my ex bf he took me out of a queue,to be with him.I told him I wear flat shoes now unlike the high heels I wore when I was with him.

I felt comfortable,but he seemed much taller,I couldnt see his face.

He seemed to want to be with me through the dream as we walked. but I was hesistant once we passed an ice cream shop and neared an escalator to go UP.

Here I started saying to him we have a father daughter,mother daughter relationship - I got the words confused,but he wasn't really buying any of it and was silent and determined as we stood near the escalator.

[I dont think it is literally about this bf, as i have not seen him for 8 years or more? and never think of him.]

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