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Dream About Quicksand meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that a guy that I like was laying ostrich eggs. What could that mean?

At the beggining of my dream I was sinking on quicksand and he helped me out, then he started laying the eggs.

He would make false promises and give you false hope. He is not true to his word.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Yesterday night, i had a pretty weird/scary dream. It was set at school, and all i remember is i was in a bad mood sitting on the stairs at my school, and my friends came up to me and asked what is wrong. then i cant remember what i said an so all of a sudden the floor dissappeared and all it was-was mud/quicksand, and my friends began to sink in it and eventually all 3 of their heads was under the quicksand, i didnt want to die so i kept on climbing on chunks of rocks to not fall in, i did this for a while but i couldnt keep up and soon i fell under the quicksand, for about 10 seconds and i must have died althought i woke up. can you please translate this dream.

Example: I can't run in my dreams?

Whenever I try to run in my dreams my legs buckle and I fall! What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I started my day like i usually do.. but it was waaayy different.
Everything was normal til i got to school. I went to my 1 hour class and she got mad at us or something and made us stay 10 mins late..which isnt normal cause she had another class. Anyway, I got really mad and just got up and left. It was weird cause i was really rude about it and totally acting out of character. I was acting like those kids that act out and always go to the office when they do.. you know what i mean?

After that it gets a bit weirder

I remember that i was in the car.. and i was speeding and driving like idk.. a bat out of hell. haha. And i kept saying that i have good grades so i act how i want..

This is the scary part.

I was home and i was watching something.. and i asked why dont ghosts or demons or something live here on earth.. and something answered my question but no one said anything.. i just heard it in my mind...
I walk out into my hallway and look in the mirror..
And im talking.. i said.. we are wretched people(what i heard in my head) and my lips are moving.. like i can see them moving but in the mirror... they arent.. I look really really TERRIFIDE! .. and my upper lip was all sweaty. I have never seem myself look like this. EVER.
after this point no matter what i did i couldnt control my voice my movements or whatever i did.
I tried to scream dad, kick, whatever i can do but i cant! (happens a lot in my dreams)
After looking at myself in the mirror for a while..
it looked like some one grabbed the side of my shirt to make me come back in my room
but there wasn't a arm or anything and my room was really dark like i couldnt see anything.

Then i woke up.. still couldnt scream at first.. and talked to my dad XD

Example: Meaning of Dreams?

I have had basically the same dream twice. I keep having a dream about my grandfather who has been dead for 2 years and my grandmother who is still alive but is suffering from Alzhiemers/Dementia in a nursing home. In my dream my grandmother is in her right mind and is completely fine, however, my grandfather is angry and doesn't say anything. In my dream I am the only person who is aware of my grandfather being there. Whenever I wake up, I feel afraid and feel very disturbed by this since I have not had a dream about my grandfather since the night of his death.

I also am having other nightmares whenever I sleep. I don't know if it is my job because I work late at night and have my days and nights mixed up.

I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into this kind of thing or if anyone else has had similar experiences. Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean, off roading, quick sand ect.?

so i was off roding in a dump truck that i used to drive when i worked construction, than my dad wanted to try, he ended up driving the dump truck in the quick sand. and started sinking fast, he got on top of the truck as it sank and was going down.

at this Point the he was completely under except for his hand and i was able to pull him out, he was all bloody and said there was a bunch of dead bodies down there and the bones cut him up, the dump truck was lost

we got in my truck to get out of there, next thing i know i had to go threw some watter that looked really shallow. well i flew through it and the my truck went under watter, i turned off the engine so it would not get watter in the motor, i pushed the truck to the other side of the watter, had some trouble starting it back up but it did eventually and than i woke up.

Example: What could this dream mean?

the dream goes like this. i was inside a room on the 4th floor of our school building with some of my school mates, a kid and a nun. i asked my friend why there was a child and nun in the room (i'm in college). the nun answered and said that the kid did something in the school and is being expelled. then i suddenly felt an earthquake ( i was the first to feel it and was the only one to somewhat panic). i went down the stairs alone and heard my classmate shouting my name. when i was out of the building i saw a cave (there is no cave in our school).but i didn't went inside. i went out of the school gate then instead of seeing the usual road, i saw sand, like i was in a sort of a desert with some rocky mountains. i climbed one mountain and saw some people dancing. i climbed another and saw the same. then i was running along the sands, i don't know why. suddenly, i was sinking in a quicksand but was saved by a guy. (i don't know this guy and i can't remember his face). after that, there was like a sudden change of scene, i was now in an obstacle game and i have to save a girl from someone. the dream ends here.

another dream. i usually have a dream wherein a person is talking sensible things to me then suddenly i can't understand what he/she is trying to say. his/her words seem to be all mixed up. the words he/she use to construct a sentence where like interchanging with another. if you write down the words that he/she was saying you could make a sensible sentence

Example: Had a weird dream last night can anyone tell me what it might mean ? ASAP?

So i was in the building type thing it was white, or something i don't know. I remember meeting Mr.Rogers from the t.v show MR.rogers neighborhood. I am like mom mom come here come meet Mr.Rogers. I have no idea why i was so flabbergasted to meet him and wanted my mom to meet him. I remember him talking me to me about something i don't remember what he was talking to me about but i remember him being very nice or w/e. I never had a dream about him ever this is my first dream about him.

Any ideas about what this means i know kinda of silly dream not a lot to go by but try your best.

Example: What does this dream mean?

All I can recall from the dream was that I was young man. I remember skateboarding. A woman and her son -he looked just like me in the dream-, they were watching from across a small lake. I skateboarded, did a few tricks before moving down to the shore where I leaped with the skateboard across the lake. When I landed, I fell as it was loose sand. I passed out. I vaguely remember being dragged by both of them into a vehicle.

I recall seeing myself in third person. The boy was right beside me. I mentally compared me and him. We looked almost identical.

Then I remember sitting in the car crying. Something the mother said. She had short blonde hair in loose curls. She was telling me that she won’t care for me and other vicious things.

What does this mean? I’ve only dreamt one other time being a male. I am a female. This dream startled me, being so vivid and surreal.


Example: What is the meaning of this recurrent dream?

There is this recurrent dream which is making me uncomfortable: I dream to walk, or want to run, but got stuck, my feet seem not to move, or slip on the floor making reaching my destination very difficult.

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