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Dream About Quill meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have already tried to use various online dream interpreters/dictionaries to find the meaning of this dream, but none of them really made sense in the context of my dream.

I had a dream that there was a porcupine in my back yard. It had already shot my dog, so I had to get rid of it (instead of my step-mother - my father was not actually there), but not hurt it. I was not able to get rid of it, but instead, was hurt by it as well. I went inside the house to pull out the quills. The most memorable quill (that I did not notice before I pulled out the rest of the quills) was stuck inside the inside of my elbow in my right arm. It looked like it was short and did not appear to be very deep until I pulled it out. Apparently, it had hit a vein and blood gushed out (faster and with more blood than would be realistic), but the blood was not red. It was black with a green base. I tried to stop the bleeding with my left hand, but could not. I passed out shortly after my step-mother said something about getting me to the hospital. That's where the dream ended.

If anyone can interpret this dream, it would be very much appreciated.


it means you have porcupinophobia and it also means that you are a zombie since your blood was green or maybe a troll

Example: What does it mean to dream about a bookstore?

I keep having these dreams about the same old fashioned bookstore. The building itself and the way everything is set up never changes. The things in the store are always different. For the most part, it is just books but there are also other things as well. Like last night I found an quill pen there. What is really odd, is that in my dream it is a bookstore in town but there isn't one here in real life.

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is a dream that I had a while ago but I've always wondered what it could mean.
Its starts off with me walking down a road, the town in which I'm in is like what old England looks like I guess with the old street lamps and stone roads. Its dark and the street lamps only give off enough light to barely see whats in front of me and I'm wearing a button-up jacket so I'm guessing it was cold. I stop momentarily to ask a woman (she is middle aged with messy curled hair and looks poor/homeless) If I remember correctly I ask her when the "Pen Keeper" is. She doesn't say anything I don't believe but she points on ahead to a darker area where the lamps seem to be running out of oil. I go onwards until I reach a tall and very narrow tent just on the side of the road and don't even pause but I go right in. Inside Is the pen keeper, apparently this town has no Documentation of anything (no signs, no books, nothing that is hand written exist except for in this tent). Its crowded because of how narrow it is, there is a tall and slender man dressed very well hunched over a very large journal it looks like (this book is hug and looks to have endless pages) he is writing really fast with an old style Quill pen (one of those feather pens). When the in runs out his hands shoot to these shelves above him where there is jars and containers full of all kinds of different pens and he chooses various kinds as I watch him. He stops when he notices my presence I'm guessing and turns around in his stool he has no face from what I can see, its either hidden from the shadows or his bangs (he has his long hair pulled back but his bangs hang losely and he seems in his later 20s-30s) as soon as he is facing me I feel like I am in love or maybe in just overwhelming awe of him like he is something unreal and so fasinating. I want to say so much but I cannot think and I think I finally see his smile, he grabs his most used pen and lays it in my hand and bends down and whispers to me that he is done and now it is I that can write. He walks out and vanishes and I seem to be drawn to the stool and take my seat before the huge leather bound journal. When I look onto his writing a flash flood of memories of my real life take me by surprise and the I woke up in a cold sweat and thats all I remember of the dream. Its really wierd /: Can anyone help me break it down into its meaning?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that things grow from your palms?

I have had two dreams recently. In one my left palm bulged and hurt until the bud of a flower emerged, the pain stopped and a beautiful flower bloomed. In the dream I thought it was awesome. About a month later I dreamed that a bulge appeared in my right palm and when I looked a fungus was growing, when I pulled it popped out and the root was like the quill of a feather. In this dream I was perplexed but not really upset. Any interpretations?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here is my dream: My friend, age 13, drove me, age 14, up to Bigbear, a mountain in California, and we sat on a hill. We went there because there was a game that my high school was playing in. We were going to go to a lake called Lake Scar, because that's where they were playing, but it was a long and difficult hike so we started to drive back...straight off the cliff! We were instantaneously home and saw some porcupines over by our neighbor's house. We picked them up and took them to the end of our street. The we started to see if the quills actually hurt. That's where it ended.

Example: Needle dream...?

I had a dream I got too close to a bird and it put a needle on the top of my right hand. He did it again, and pretty soon I was removing needle after needle out of the top of my right hand.

The needles also changed from looking like a porqepine quill, to being stainless steal literal needles.

It was very painful in my dream and I kept rubbing my hand when I woke up because it still hurt in my mind.


Example: What does writing a letter mean in a dream?

I have no idea who I'm writing it to or why

I sitting at a desk writing with a black quill on a almost papyrus piece of paper

Example: Can you write poetry in your dreams?

Poems always come to me in my dreams so I was wondering if anyone else has this ability?

thanks and I hope you have a wonderfully fantastic beautifully amazing day

Example: What does this dream mean about wolves?

This is only half of the dream and the only parts I could remember. But I had a dream that these total strangers and I were camping, some on the ground some in trees. In my dream I woke up because I heard wolf howling, so I took a flashlight and looked around. Going out of the camping area I saw a pack of wolves, their was for sure one white and one black, the rest I guess was brown. But they tried to attack the camp and me so I fought them, but I didn't do it alone. There was someone else fighting with me but I couldn't see who. We fought off the wolves however, but later on in the dream I was petting a husky dog that was black and white with blue eyes. Then strangely I kept getting porcupine quills in my mouth and I found a hand full of them on the ground around me.

Yes a very strange dream :/ Any help knowing what it means?

Example: Dreams of writing with a feather/ quill?

Last night, i dreamt that i was writing with a feather/ quill, but writing with yellow ink. I was writing my name over and over. Other than i'm probs going crazy, what does this dream mean?

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