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Dream About Quills meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was pregnant with a bird. My belly had a bunch of bumps from the quills of the bird in my stomach. It was painful and I spent the dream wondering how I got pregnant with a bird. I am not pregnant in real life and I do not necessarily want children. What does my dream mean?

Hi I'm no expert but it I'll give it a go...
Pregnancy in a dream signifies creativity it usually it is your mind telling you it either craves more time for creativity, it desires to complete a project you never finished or even create something new from an idea you may have had.
Birds in dreams coincidently also mean imagination, freedom and creativity.
Maybe because the bird is trapped with in you it's you mind craving for it to be released.
So don't hold back ! Set your ideas and creativity free.
Maybe it also could mean that you want to express yourself but something is holding you back?
Just be yourself and don't be afraid to act on your ideas :)
Hope this helps!

Example: What could these dreams mean?

-i asked this in dream interpretation but didnt get a clear answer so im trying here too-

Two questions: why do I keep having it and what does it mean?
So ever since I can remember I had this dream like thing where I'm in this room: its dark colored theres a window and it's raining outside, theres a piano behind me and an open door in front of me and for some reason I know I'm in Germany or Austria. Theres also a desk, the old fashioned looking kind that rolls up and theres papers and a quill pen. i dont know how, but next thing I know I'm sitting in a sunlit room looking out a tall window and outside i could see old cars, like those early, turn of the century model t cars. then, im suddenly in a dark shop looking out a window and its raining too. i remember leaning over stuff in the window to look out and i remember leaning over stuff like those small radios shaped like tombstones with the dials and these dolls and stuff. then i wake up. i had these series of dreams for the longest. i even unconciously daydream about it. what could they mean? why does it seem that im always looking out a window?

Example: Several dreams I need to deal with. The first one is really crazy and involving quills. #2 is a nightmare?

it wasn't that long ago that I had this really weird dreamabout quills. You see, I was at the extreamly tiny neighboorhood lake. It wasn't very bug at all, and only a canoe and all by yourself could be comphortable on it. Anyway me an this girl and this other guy are all there. Suddenly theses quills are chasing me and this other guy! There pricking us on the neck! Then we turn around to see helake rising. Its going over tall grass and I jump in to save the girl. There are people fishing.

In dream nmber two I am put into a cage and then dropped over a lake by this guy wearing all black, and the background is like. A painting. So I am dropped in and before I hit the water the dream is over

I do not play violent games or watch scary movies

Example: I had this dream awhile ago, what do you think?

It was in a series of interlocking dreams but I can't remember the others (this wasn't the last one so I don't know why it stuck with me). In the dream I'm only about nine or ten and I'm sneaking around with a friend (no one I know, just another little kid) and I know the house belongs to a creepy guy (I don't know how I knew, it started out as one of those dreams you can't control at all). We heard footsteps coming so we hid in a closet near the living room.

The living room had shelves all on one wall with lots of books. The man puts down a stuffed wolf on one of the shelves and leaves it there. I look for my friend but they're gone. I go to the shelf (I was more in control now) and pick up the stuffed wolf. I see that it's split down the middle with fluff sticking out.

The wolf twists in my hands, as though alive and from nowhere it has what looks like a porcupine quill and string in its mouth. It sews itself back up and I put it back on the shelf where it sits down and growls at me.

Example: As the quill turns...sheesh..Do you really want to know who's on first?

Who are these people on the other sid
People whose faces they choose to hide
Are they who they appear to be
Or perhaps that she is really a he

The guy you met who seemed so nice
He's 59 and been to jail twice
That gal you IM'd with pretty blues eyes
Has slept with over 200 guys

a girl who claims she is dying
is laughing so hard she is crying
and all your friends you met on line
exist in the brain of just one mind

In those moments when all alone
We step out into the unknown
Looking for someone who just may care
Our deepest thoughts and dreams we share

With the risk comes a sense of reward
A kind word a gentle nudge forward
It's ok if you’re not as you appear
Thanks for being there when I was here

Example: I dreamt that I entered a building and a friendly dog greeted me. Strangely, it had a raccoon's tail.?

The dog followed me wanting to be petted. For some reason I didn't want to touch it. As I left the building, the dog began to spit out hundreds of porcupine quills. It wasn't threatening me, more like vomiting quills. What does the dream mean?

Example: I had a bizarre dream about Rush Limbaugh...?

In the dream, Rush was busted for abusing drugs (!) and naturally he disappeared from the public arena never to be seen again. The dream was quite realistic, so you can imagine my shock when I saw him yesterday on a real news channel.

Can someone tell me what the dream means?

Example: Weird dream?

Ok my dream was:

So, I was at my house, with my mean stepmother. She always made me stay inside other than scool. One day when I came home from school a man was at my house. He said he was my [real] dad's brother. He said he could make my life normal. I said, "Why? My life is ok now!", and he said, "Look at your stepmother! She makes you do all the chores. She only buys you new clothes every 6 months. Look at your quill [pen] it's all tangled up and in a knot! It's not even supposed to be flexible!" So I said "ok, what do I have to do?" the man said, "well, for your stepmother, I'll make an exact clone for her, and for all your friends at school, you moved away. Then I will hav to change your face. I will use magic to do that. You will live with better parents, too. But you will still be the same age. Are you OK with that?" I said, "yes, it would be great." He did the magic, and my face was like my real one now (it was different before). my hair was still the same, long and black.

Example: What do these mean?

Ok its a long story, but i basically met this girl, that live across the country, we connect really well, but one night last week, We had the same exact dream on the same exact night and it ended on the same exact line. The dream was it was me her my friends and her friends all at this beach, and me and her went for a walk on the pier, I asked her if she liked me, she covered my face with her hand and said of course silly as a friend, and then i asked more than a friend? Right before she could answer my dream ended. The whole other parts of the dream were all mumbles and that was all we could both make out. The next night I had another weird dream, I was in like a study with just a book and quill pen, I opened the book and started writing down all my friends names with a short paragraph after each name, I wrote down her name but then i woke up...

Someone please offer some insight as to what this could all mean / entail

Thank you.

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