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Dream About Quilts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that my DH ,me and my children moved into a fully furnished new house with a lot of rooms hallways and bedrooms. They were beautiful tidy and neat. My bedroom came with a king sized bed with white sheets and a black quilt. I loved the room. and as I was admiring the well made bed a demon came from under the quilt and jump at me and held on to me and told me that I could never get rid of him. I was not scared of this demon and I knew to kill him that I would have to tear his body apart.So I tried to tear off his arm and he tried to hang on as long as he could. I could not finish the dream bc the alarm clock woke me.Yes I do have a good marriage and good kids so I can't see how this could relate to them...but it is kind of creeps me out..we are not planning on buying a new home either..thanks Vern p.s I am not J.T. I am just using his account. You can also email me at jazitk@aol or reply on this account. Jt is my son he is helping his mom out

This is a clear dream, but i understand also a nasty dream to have.

What i feel the dream telling you is that you have many lovely things and abundance at home (this can be money, but also support and love), but you also still have "demons". You have your own path and your own issues from the past to work on and the dream suggests that you can easily be excited about material things and thus forget about your own situation.

What matters more than the beautiful new house, is your psyche, your internal state. You need to look after yourself and "kill the demon", but don't kill it in the house with everyone else. Seek out the people who can help you clear the past and do it now. The demons will hold on and continue to be there (you know what to problem is), until you work on it.

Interestingly, houses in dreams are rarely representative of actual houses. Houses more often relate to your psyche, your state of mind- so that's how the dream is telling you to focus on your demon.

I hope that helps.

Example: Any suggestions as to the meaning of this dream?

The Dream 28./02.08?

I was in a house which was right down on the sealine where you could watch the waves it could have been dangerous but felt safe. I was in the living room but The house belonged to an older man who encouraged me to came out to the patio to look at the waves - they were beautiful and gentle.
Then I was Inside again I was in an art studio getting ready –everybody else was in their seats watching films.
I had a thin strapped black dress on and I was tanned. I did not like the tan I thought it looked unnatural.
I wanted to make a blanket/quilt to cover my shoulders. I got busy making – and for the edging I took old leaves recovered both sides using glue – before I realised it I had made 12 blankets and 12 leave quilts.
The house was an artist’s house – the art work was wonderful. There were three artists that I saw through a window at the end of the dream –painting on canvasses.
The artist had two deer- mother and child and another animal possibily a dog.They were kept caged in by a couch.
The blanket I chose to cover my shoulders with was green with a yellow trim –I did a little dance in it then went in to the show.

Example: What does this Dream mean ?

Last night I had a beautiful dream the I can barely describe it I’ve been friends with this girl for about 4 years and we’ve gone from been close to not been close at all, but then when she broke up with her boyfriend we started hanging around again, The dream is about 3 months since we’ve gotten close again, which wasn’t easy there was alot of issues between us, In the dream, I’m talking to her on the phone and I’m really enjoying talking to her, it’s like I feel this warmth just from her voice, she’s asking me to go to prom with her and that she’s really worried cause she has no one to go with, I go with her and I dress awful (Pyjama’s) when she sees me she worries about what people will think but she looked amazing, when we arrive everyone’s great with us and were really happy, this girl insults my clothing and we laugh at her and walk on by, this is where it gets weird we go to the second floor of this like building and go into a small room, with laminate flooring I see a bed with white quilts and jump onto it, but fall down the side, she get in the bed whilst I lay on the floor for a while, then I knock over a glass of water and its about to wet me, so I stand up and say ‘I’m not been a pervert but can I get in, the floors wet’ she says yes but then I feel so happy and were just smiling, I put my arms around her and it just feels right,our clothes are so loose and I almost feel naked, then I woke up. The Reason this dream’s so important to me is because I’ve never been so happy awake or asleep, all I can think about is her and how I want to live the moment in reality, does anyone anywhere have a clue what it could mean :s

Example: 2nd time asking ; what does my dream mean?

OK ; so I tried dream analyzer but that didn't work. Anyway; so in my dream Me & my oldest brother were being chased in my house by this kid in my class that everyone makes fun off (including me..) Then we jumped out window then him & Mike Myers killed me & my brother with a ax. I don't know what this mean. But I'm really scared. P.S. Why was I with my oldest brother? It should have been my dad,mom,my other brother; but why him? & Out of all people why was it the kid in my class chasing me? What does my dream mean? Please HELP.

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was a dream my mom had of last night, and she asked me to find out what it meant. She had written it down too here what it says:

DREAM: From the start of the dream it was with an old asian man who was showing me and my family some very beautiful desgin houses, and there was a very very successful project deal made with land, I do not know what it was but he was telling us how successful it was.

Next part of the dream was I was surrounded by asian people, and they were bringing things to me, the first was of 3 or 4 big books, but was interrupted by a very very old asian lady(Mom described her wearing black silk pants and top(?) ), who come between me and the asian man with the books, so he never got to give to me or discuss, next who entered the room was an asian lady with 2 knitted small quilts to give to me, the old asian lady interfered and start to clean the small quilts with baking soda water and a tooth brush, and returned to the asian lady that was giving to me. The third asian lady come in and gave to me what look like an egg, but it was not an egg, an asian lady younger open the egg, and it was like a flower, but not a flower, it was very beautiful with red, gold colors, with asian desgins, and the left hand side of it was a royal blue sign, I was told represented royalty, and it was very rare. The old lady interfered again, and she said could tell if it was valuable or not, she said it was nothing, but the young asian lady took it from the old lady, and gave back to me, and whispered in my ear, it was said to be worth 30 million or more, and to keep it.

Example: What does it mean to dream of diamond sheets & blankets?

Example: What does it mean to dream of not being able to breathe properly ?

I was standing in a pool, not underneath the water or anything. that was just the setting. But I couldn't breathe properly when I tried. What does that mean ?

Example: What are the complex meaning of the quilt in the century quilt?

Poem by Marilyn Maneik

Example: What did this dream mean?

last night i had a dream that i was stayin the summer in this school, and the guy i like (i left state and left the school i attended with him, permanently probly), was there too, and he kept askin me bout every guy that i talked to, and then he came in my room that id stayed in at that school or whatever, and he talked to me about a lot of things, and then we were laying in my bed talkin to eachother about everything, and he was messin with my quilt, and all along this music that i didnt like was playing, and it was a hiphop song about.. nasty things, and i was scared that he could tell that i liked him, and i was so happy he was there at the same time, and then he had the quilt, and he put his hands around mine, like.. not in THAT way i dont think, but in like a messing around type way, and i closed my eyes cuz i was scared he could tell, and i knew that he knew, that i like him.

his phones been off for a LONG time, like 5 weeks,
and im outta state,
and he liked this one girl that he probly still likes,
i asked him for his number at the LAST minute of school,
and later i texted with no reply so my friend called him,
and later he returned the call, asking who i was,
and then we talked for like 10 minutes and got disconnected or someone hungup (i hangup on a lot of people, accidentally)

recently i had a dream that he was stayin in the same place as me also, and he disappeared, and i woke up freakin out.
i had another dream that he was in class, and he was talkin to everyone BUT me.

in reality, (the school) he would talk to me every once in a while,
until that girl came, and she was real.. wild, i guess,
and he liked her, and yeah well i have no idea on that.
i just remember being REALLY jealous and he asked me about her once and i was like "i dont like her!"
and talked about why i didnt.

but yeah.

whats the dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that me and my friends where at my distant friends house and she was having a party. I was in a relationship with one of my close friends (male) and i was flirting with males within my group of friends that werent him due to being drunk. Then some friends decided to go to the shop to get some more alcohol. Then me and my best friend needed more alcohol so we decided to go to shop on our own, but we ended up being in this shared house full of druggies, smoking weed and injecting smack, we were scared and they wouldnt let us leave, but this one particular girl who had black hair and bags under her eyes from being on drugs and not sleeping was the one who was mouthing off and saying we couldnt leave, then my best friends boyfriend rang her and he said ' where are you?' and the smack head girl looked at her as if to say 'dont you dare tell him your here' so my best friend just said 'oh we are on our way back from the shop now..' then put the phone down and the black haired girl confisgated the phone and went 'you wont be needing this' then this celebrity (sterling knight) was in my dream and hed been held hostage there for months and he looked at the back door as if to say oh lets escape.. so we nodded and the smaack head girl was at the other side of the kitchen so sterling opened the door and we ran out.. then we were in the back garden and over this small wooden fence was the field you crossed to get back to the party. Just as we were about to jump over it the girl came out and started having a go like 'Where the f***ing hell you going?!' then some of our friends came running across the field and jumped over the fence surrouding us so she couldnt get to us. Then i tried to make the friend i was in a relationship with stand infront of me and he went 'NO YOU CAN GO AWAY. YOUVE BEEN FLIRTING WITH EVERYONE TONIGHT AND I ARENT HAVING IT!' then the smack head girl did something to us all to knock us out and i woke up in an outhouse which appeared to be at the back of the smackhead girls house in the garden. All of my friends were situated in different rooms with quilts over them and there was me, some girl and sterling all sat in the main room and i went 'whats going on?!' and the girl replied with 'all of your friends are dead, youve been out for about a week and everynight the smack head girl has come in and killed someone' then we heard her coming down the garden so we pretended we were asleep and she came in and stabbed sterling. Then she turned into a water bottle at the opening of the outhouse so me and the girl stood on her and sterling tossed us the knife and i stabbed at the water bottle which was the girl and blood came out and she was dead.. and sterling died also. But i made an arrangment with the girl to wash the water bottle and throw it away.. then i woke up this morning early hours really scared.. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS!

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