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Dream About Quivering meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do animals dream? i mean like humans..can they imagine?

Based on my experience as a dog owner several times over, I would say that dogs dream. I don't know about cats, etc. The only time my 2 yr. old Lab whines or growls or barks is when she is in a deep sleep. Yes she quivers all over as well. It's as if she is chasing another animal in her sleep and it seems to occur at the point of deep sleep. This is certainly not scientific proof, but all my dogs have done this. I'm sure they are dreaming and when the legs really get going it's as if they're chasing something. A Vet might have the definitive answer.

Example: Meaning of my raven dream please?

Okay, so I always dream in color, but this time it was really washed out, it was still vivid and realistic looking just very...dull? In the dream my family and I had just stopped by a Walmart like store, except it was the size of Walgreen's, in some alpine forest (no snow though) in the middle of nowhere. So when we go inside I walk off, just kind of wondering around the store and looking at stuff. Then this creepy man comes up to me. His hair was styled like Dracula's and he was wearing a black cape. He was really tall also. I know this is a weird analogy, but he kind of looked like a human-cigarrete (I know weird!) This dream was pretty much mute, no sound. So he quivered his lips like muttering something and then raised a glove covered hand at me.

Then all the sudden I'm on a telephone pole (you know, those wooden rods connected by wires) and I'm looking over the store from high above. And I'm a raven. The end.

I always dream like I'm in my body walking around, but through this whole one I was looking at myself from an angle. And all the clothing and almost all the products in the store were grey.

Summary: Store in alpine forest, I walk in, man comes up, flash to another scene and I'm a raven.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that my family and I were at this weird bridge that was high above a park. The park was supposedly infested with "tics" so we had to watch our step. So naturally, cuz i'm a klutz, I stepped in a big pile of them. But they weren't normal tics either, they were really small and square and they were a pale icky brown. Like 5 or 6 of them got on each of my feet and burrowed into my skin(icky!). They made shallow holes and we had to carefully take them all out with tweezers that my gramps pulled out of nowhere. My brother got what looked like a bunch of mosquito bites on his feet, so we went home. I noticed that when we got home my brother's bites were quivering. He put pressure on one and it swelled up like a balloon, and so he ripped a hole in the white part of his skin and the tics there were an ugly orange with wings. We put them in jars but some got loose in the house and attacked my cats. I didn't like that, and ignoring the bug that came at me, I got my cats safely away from the bugs. I felt a pain on my breast and looked down just as a bug bit me. The bite turned black in a spot the size of a thumb print, and the skin about an inch around it turned dark gray. When I went at it with tweezers, there was nothing there. Then I woke up.
- Does it have a meaning, or was it one of those weird dreams people get sometimes? Sorry it was so long.

Example: (SERIOUS ANSWER) What does my dream mean?

I had a nightmare last night. I woke up bawling and checked downstairs to make sure my family was still alive.

I went to school one day, as usual. I was in my second class, and the phone rang. The teacher answered it. He told me the phone was for me. I went to the phone and answered, "Hello?" "Hello," a woman said back, "this is the Regina General Hospital. Are you Katja Laura Krupka?"
"Yes." I felt sick.
"The daughter of Dallas Bradley Krupka?"
"I am very sorry to inform you..." she paused, "but your family was found dead in an automobile accident 14 kilometers southeast of Regina. Geraldine Bernhardt, a nurse at this hospital, states this was her brother's family, and that she wants your consent to bring you to Regina. Do you accept, miss?"
"Okay," I whimpered through quivering lips, "but not today. I want to stay here a little longer."
"I shall inform nurse Bernhardt of your choice. I am sorry that your family has passed."
"Thank you. You tried your best." I hung up after that.
I couldn't bear it any longer. I sat down underneath the phone and curled myself into a fetal position and began to cry. A few stared at me, but no one did anything. My cousin, Willie, happened to be in the last class of the day. I told him to take me and three of my friends to the farm so I could see it one more time.
I lived in Estevan for six days after that, then left to Regina. I promised my friends I would keep in touch. I only lived a month after that, though. I died from a mix of starvation, exhaustion, and dehydration.

The worst thing about the nightmare was that I felt it; the sensation of dying, extreme sadness. What does it mean? Please help.

Example: Witch in my dream & Spiders (Meaning?)?

Alright well last night was the first time I had a nightmare in years.

It started off as my girlfriend & I sleeping in my old friend's basement in a bed at the farthest room, I could see all kinds of spiders when I looked towards the ceiling... I told her screw this, let's go back to my place tonight. We started to leave and when we got to the room close to the staircase back up; the light in that room started flickering slowly and we kept walking and all of a sudden some dark, long haired, grim looking girl (Looked almost like the girl from the grudge) ran straight for me. I remember screaming my lungs out in the dream and when she was in front of me, I woke up immediately. A thing to note is that I also heard my friend's Grandmother coming from upstairs before I got attacked, she thought we were being loud so she was coming to check it out.

Also, just recently I met a new girl... she was very nice, kind, and pretty. I gave her my number in a friendly way and let her know I had a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend too.

Anyways, does someone know what this dream might represent?
I haven't had a nightmare like this in years, and the "old friend" I don't see anymore or even think of...

I would just like some explanation of such a dream; it stirred me inside.

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I listen to my iPod when I go to sleep so you have to factor that in also.
I was listening to The Bird and the Worm by The Used(and it was playing in the background of my dream also)

I was looking around in this dark forest looking thing and I had nowhere to go. I was calling out this unknown name into the middle of nowhere.
"Michael!" I yelled over and over again, yet I know no Michael's.
Then, out of nowhere I hear this teenage boy yelling my name and I followed it, running for my life, or his.
I finally got to him and I saw this circle of people around him with their hands turning into claws as the looked at him onto the ground, quivering in his blood. I was scared for him, yet I didnt know him.
I shoved my way through the circle of people and then, everything exploded into a new demension, yet everything was the same.
I turned toward the circle of people and I got into this unknown crouching position like I was going to fight them off. Then, I think I growled and as a person stepped toward us, there eyes were blood red. Then, i attacked that person.

People have been informing me that it was a scene from Twilight or Breaking Dawn but I haven't watched/ seen that book/ movie. Please help me. I don't think that it was a scene from Twilight if it has happened to me for the last week and a half. Please help me.

Example: What does a necklace shattering in a dream mean?

I had a dream where I was walking down the stairs to go to school, and my necklace (a blue and green butterfly) fell, shattering when it hit the wooden floorboards. I didn’t think much of it and put the pieces back in my pocket. When I finished doing this, I woke up. Anyone have any ideas?

There’s also another one that I had. Feel free to interpret this one, but you don’t have to.
I was in a large, dark room and suddenly, I was in a closet. I was getting ready to battle something, and a young woman was helping me. She handed me a bow and a quiver full of arrows. I could tell that neither the bow nor the arrows were made out of wood. They were made out of some kind of light metal that was smooth and brown. When I was ready, she grabbed her own bow and quiver of arrows and we stepped out into an underground castle. There were three men. She took out one and I took out the other two. I shot one man in the eye and the other in the chest. I’m not too sure about what happened to the man I shot in the eye, but the man I shot in the chest died. Long after we were gone from that part of the castle, I could feel my fingertips grazing the tip of the arrow that was sticking out of his back.

Example: What does a reoccuring dark shadow in a dream mean?

A couple of years ago, I had a dream where a dark shadow was standing over me. My back was to it but it touched my back. I woke up as soon as it touched me but not in the way of actually being "awoken". I heard whispers all around me, I felt like something or someone was holding me down so I couldn't move, and my eyes felt like they were trying to open but didn't have the strength. My mouth felt really dry & felt like it was quivering. I moved into a different house about 6 months ago. An old woman died from a heart attack inside the house. I don't know if her death has anything to do with my dreams but I had one a few months ago where a dark shadow was actually standing on my ribcage. Again, I had the feeling of being "awake" but not all the way there. The pain in my ribs was unbearable and at one point the shadow turned its head towards me but I never saw its face. About a month after that, I had a dream with yet another shadow. This time it was standing beside my bed & my back was towards it. It looked down at me and placed its hand on my rib cage again and let out a loud scream. I fully woke up with my ribs hurting really bad & I'm scared out of my mind because I don't know what these dreams mean! Please help me!

Example: What does it mean to dream with a vampire?

i had a dream that i was on a bus. this bus didnt seem to have a bus driver but was driving normaly and not out of control. the seats were facing each other and there was a small table inbetween kinda like in a train without the rooms i geuss. there were people everywhere. i was sitting w/some strange people that said they were taking others from the bus to a different dimension by marking them w/a stamp on the face and they already marked a bunch of people(they looked like they were asleep) they said i was next, but i was in love with some vampire guy on the bus and i didnt want to leave him so i started running on the seats to were he was sitting with some lady when i got to him they had already stamped me on the cheek w/some mini pedistal looking stamp i fell on his lap and my eyes were getting droopy and my body was slighly quivering. the lady there started freaking out and explaining to my love what was happening he seemed a bit confused and i asked him to kiss me but he kissed me on the cheek and i was disapointed then a digital clock appeared above me counting down when i was to go to the other dimension. my love realised what was happening when the lady told him i was leaving that world and he didnt want me to go and he told me so and tried to save me(i think) i was already drifting away and my eyes were closing and my body limp. he sadly leaned over and gently kissed me on my mouth until i departed that dimension- the dream goes on but thats the main part im curious about

Example: What could this dream about flies and spiders mean?

I dreamed that some flies were buzzing around my apartment. They started to bother me and even seemed a little menacing. As I approached the area where they were buzzing, they suddenly synchronized their flight so that they were all hovering on the same invisible plane. I watched with fascination as they grew larger and began to quiver, like heavy beads of inky black water suspended in the air. The beads kept changing in shape until they became spiders. Suddenly there was just one spider and I had a startling sense of having been lured and trapped by it. There was nothing I could do but watch as it bit me on the shin. My leg swelled up where it had bitten me and I pointed and remarked at it to the people who suddenly appeared around me to help me to the ground. After I had rested for a while I looked at my leg again and the swelling was gone.

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