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Dream About Rain Gauge meanings

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Example: Dream Interpretation please? Sort out what it could mean?

Warning: 18+
It was quite short, than most of my dreams.
I found myself in this purple-pinkish bikini. It was raining and dark outside and extremely cold.
I could see my body clearly and feeling exposed.
I had said, "But it's cold and raining!"
Then the one I love-my friend that I love so very much (strong feelings for him/and were close)
He appeared in his swimming trunks, and said: "This is how we can stay warm."
He took my hand and dragged me across the threshold.
Before I knew it I was being put down and the 18+ up stuff began.
I could see him clearly as well.
His mouth on my neck, and the expression of my face.
It didn't get that graphic.
Just to let you know-I've never done any sexual activity, or relationships or even watch those kind of things. But when I woke up--I just really wished the dream didn't end. I felt it was happening of course in the dream and I was at peace. Ugh, I must sound so perverted xD. Any meanings?

Its a very simple dream really. First of all understand that your boyfriend was not your boyfriend and it is not as simple as you wishing you could do those things. Every person in your dream is an aspect of yourself. Your brain does not try to figure out other people in your dreams. It can't since all it can dio is direct them and make them say what ever it is they say and you make them behave the way they behave, so in effect all the characters are you. Your brain is working on a problem. It could be the 18+ one you describe. Your mind is subconsciously testing the waters so to speak to gauge your own reaction to such a situation. The real challenge is to determine what rain, dark, cold and bathing suits mean. The dark symbolizes the unknown or unknowable. The rain is symbolic of cleansing, birth, growth and purity. The cold is part of your sense of caution, or being unsure of yourself in that situation. The bathing suits indicate that your feelings are partly revealed but not totally revealed, you are holding some detail about yourself either from yourself or from others. The threshold is of course a common symbol for a new life, marriage and new responsibilities. If you put the symbolism together you begin to see a picture. I get an impression that you are anxious about the stage you are entering, whether he is the one or not or whether you are ready for anyone. In your heart of hearts you feel you are not quite there yet because you had to drag yourself across that threshold. Its like your brain is saying yes (This is how we can stay warm) but your heart is still saying no or not yet. I hope this was helpful.

Example: Taptu Music Cube?

1980s Artists
Meat + bread = meatloaf
Men in yellow jackets = police
Queen of Hearts = Queen
Boats + wood + coat = fleetwood mac
coffin thinking thank you = grateful dead
cliff + dollars + hard hat = cliff richard
two shot glasses = B52s
two traffic lights on green = go gos
lamb + bee + coins (2 x 20p pieces) = UB40

1980s Albums
london + guy on megaphone = london calling
candy / smarties + lady sleeping = sweet dreams
rain on funky water = purple rain
ar + 2 kids + ms = brothers in arms
foot with stripey sock + road sign = legend
road/ highway route 666 = road to hell
west + cigarette butt + girls = west end girls
girl with black and white t shirt = back in black
heart + purple line + gold bars = love over gold

1980s songs
meditating woman + lizard = karma chameleon
arrow + tiger = eye of the tiger
chain + chemical formula = chain reaction
"against" + odd numbers = against all odds
clock at 9 o' clock + gear stick = 9 to 5
heartbeat + IT = beat it

Example: Which car should i buy in a range of 20 lax till 25 lax?

i like honda accord,toyata camry.pls suggest me some more and also tell me the price of audi a4 in india

Example: In the mid-80s, did a strange atmospheric weather wind deposit sand from Sahara desert all over the UK?

I seem to remember pavements and roads coated in high deposits of sand for a few days (I live in South Manchester).

My Dad told me it was sand from Sahara desert which had been brought over by a rare weather condition.

Now I don't know if this actually happened or whether I dreamt it all.

Example: Hi, I''m looking for constructive criticism for the first few paragraphs of my writer''s craft ISP.?

It was late, when I finally pulled the car into the driveway, I was surprised I had even made it home, the gasoline gauge was below empty: all the fuel had been burnt away only to get home… again. The mailwoman was just leaving; her hair was drenched from the rain and it clung to her weathered, middle-aged face in matted, melancholy strands; she looked almost repentant as she descended the stairs from my front porch. Guiltily, she cast me a sidelong glance-- pleading for forgiveness-- as she passed through the glare of my headlights. I nodded back at her, letting her believe it was alright, even though it was far from being such—it wasn’t her fault anyway, there was nothing she could do. She smiled meekly, marching onward down the darkened street, dropping flyers on the lawns of the vacant homes, eventually she disappeared into the night. I turned off my car, the headlights flickered, the engine noise faded and the world was absolutely still save for the sound of the rain on the concrete; hesitantly, for I hated the rain, I got out of the car.
I knew this day was coming for months now—the unravelling, the burnout, the supernova—but, I was in no hurry to embrace it. I was like a doomed bystander watching a train wreck, painfully, powerless to stop the forces conspiring against him; I could not run, I could not will it away; all I could do was cower, at the side of the tracks, anxiously awaiting the inevitable. Staring towards the heavens, I was begging for a miracle; but, I knew, god had long been since abandoned this side of the tracks—the tracks that divided this city, like a wall, like an archaic fortification separating the civilised from the brutes. The mailbox creaked feebly and ominously, like rusty breaks, as I opened it, with trepidation, to reveal the dreaded letter; it had taken all this time but the train cars, careening off the tracks, had finally struck me. I knew it was over, as I stared at that snow white and formal letter; its formality was masking its savage inhumanity. I lifted the letter with the reluctance that a dying man draws his last breath, not knowing whether to savour the release or fear the future. But, I did know it was all over, there was nothing left to prove here in the rubble that had once been my life.
The house didn’t belong to me anymore, the dreams that i had been chasing, so naively, were never my own, but only now did I realize that they too were burrowed—everything, including this life, was burrowed-- Burrowed to pay an irreparable debt, to an unseen creditor, and if we failed to find value in this life it too would be reclaimed. I clutched the letter of foreclosure tight to my chest, and sighed- I was cornered, the bank, where I had once worked, was going to win. What did I care, they could take this house, it was now nothing more to me than a testament to despair and failure, when once it had bared, so competently, the weight of all my hopes and aspirations. I tossed my head back and laughed, thinking about the bank reclaiming this dismal void of a building; what cold stupidity, nobody was going to buy this home; nobody lived here anymore, we were the last people on this, once idyllic, sub-urban street. Hell, the city had even turned off the street lights, citing a need to cut “frivolous spending”, because we were the frivolities—undeserving of light, but living in the shadow of the well-lit towers. They were our insatiable gods, demanding more everyday.
I looked up and down the street, the mailwoman was long gone, and I felt utterly alone as the rain fell on my head and dripped from my hair into my eyes. It’s odd isn’t it, that when one is faced with solitude they become a hopeless romantic; and the thought crossed my mind that being a letter carrier was once a noble profession, that long ago they carried gifts and love letters-- things that mattered. They were once the bridge between “star crossed” lovers. Yet, today they are a mere shadow of what they once were, they carry nothing but bills, contracts and obligations. Is there even a place in the world anymore for love, or has it been consumed by greed?

Example: Owl city song with figurative language?

I have a song by owl city called rainbow veins and i am in love with it. I have heard that it has figurative language. Metaphor, allusions and such things like that. I'm kind of struggling.. so can anyone please tell me the figurative languages from the lyrics? here are the lyrics!
High rise, veins of the avenue
Bright eyes and subtle variations of blue
Everywhere is balanced there like a rainbow above you
Street lights glisten on the boulevard
And cold nights make staying alert so hard
For heaven's sake, keep me awake so I won't be caught off guard
Clearly I am a passerby but I'll find a place to stay
Dear pacific day, won't you take me away?
Small town hearts of the New Year
Brought down by gravity, crystal clear
City fog and brave dialogue converge on the frontier
Make haste, I feel your heartbeat
With new taste for speed, out on the street
Find a road to a humble abode where both of our routes meet
The silver sound is all around and the colors fall like snow
The feeling of letting go, I guess we'll never know
Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
And I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins
Cause your heart has a lack of color and we should've known
That we'd grow up sooner or later cause we wasted all our free time alone
Your nerves gather with the altitude
Exhale the stress so you don't come unglued
Somewhere there is a happy affair, a ghost of a good mood
Wide eyed, panic on the getaway
The high tide could take me so far away
VCR's and motorcars unite on the Seventh Day
A popular gauge will measure the rage of the new Post-Modern Age
Cause somewhere along the line all the decades align
We were the crashing whitecaps
On the ocean
And what lovely seaside holiday, away
A palm tree in Christmas lights
My emotion
Struck a sparkling tone like a xylophone
As we spent the day alone

Example: Can you read and edit my story please?

Her brain demanded an answer, with every ounce of energy it miraculously had the strength to conjure, but her broken heart wanted nothing more than to be to told something she knew wasn’t true. She desperately wanted these past few moments to have never existed.
Her eyes were blood shot from the pain of disaster and like fountains they were filled with tears, mascara bled from them as her cheeks poured the truth. She was inconsolably wracked with the pain of unanswered questions and tormented memories, she hid her face in the crook of her arm whimpering softly. Desperately wishing that the darkness she knew would soon swallow her would do so before dawn.

That same night she dreamt of that day, the day he betrayed her.
There was a cool yet refreshing breeze in the autumn air, and even though she was only dreaming it felt good to remember what that felt like. And from a first glance everything seemed so perfect. Her eyes were lost in his; as she gazed longingly into them she could almost see her reflection as they glistened. She knotted her fingers into his thick raven hair and melted against his body, she would have fallen had he not been there to catch her. She reached up onto her tip toes and kissed him, his lips were like a frozen rose, dangerous but beautiful. It was a gentle lingering touch of the lips, she was taking time to memorize the moment, little did she know it was about to become a moment she would never forget.
A bitter gust of cold wind picked up, circling the pair as grey cloud closed in on them beginning to pour with rain, it was as if the weather had change instantly. He grabbed her sharply by the wrists and dragged her through the rain that was beating down on her defenceless body, soaking them both to the skin. And for some reason the next series of events was almost completely blank it was almost as if the moments has been completely erased from her memory everything was black.

The dream continued with her opening her dazed eyes dizzily looking up at him, trying to come to terms with her surroundings, she had never been to this part of the forest before it looked some what sinister but she didn’t have much time to gauge what was going on. “Take her there quickly” he said “I’ll see to her later” There was a sense of regret and fear in his voice however the expression on his face remained entirely blank. There was another man; But Lucy couldn’t see his face as he was standing behind her holding her arms firmly behind her back. She’d felt a chill the second he touched her all she could see of him was his thick leather boots that he kicked into her back as he hissed “you try and escape, and I swear that’ll be the last thing you ever do” She whimpered with pain as she was being dragged away, she tilted her head slightly and she could still see Ricardo, the man she thought she loved in the corner of her eye standing so boldly. Hot torrents of grief coursed down her face mingling with the rain, her excruciating sobs were lost in the high winds that tore at their hair and clothes, Her heart felt like it was about to explode as she watched him mouth the words ‘I’m sorry’.
She awoke from her dream, Back to the harsh reality of what was her make shift prison. For a moment she thought she was blind, but she soon realized that it was just dark. The only way that Lucy could tell it was morning was from the faint singing of birds that were chirping carelessly miles beyond the walls of her chamber. Her other senses slowly returned to her one by one, Touch, which in her case was far more like pain. The chains that were tightly fastened round her ankles cut deeply into her skin if she moved to violently, She could feel the cold concrete slabs on her legs, even with the lack of light she was pretty certain that that was what she was laying on. A chill crept down her spine she attempted to shuffle towards the candle trying to absorb some of its heat but with her sighs of pain it flickered out. She could smell the rot and the dampness of the room, but yet worst of all was the warm metallic taste in her mouth. This took her a little while to recognise, blood, which lingered in her mouth and in the air around her.

Example: How do I make my paintball gun shoot further?

I have a Spyder TL-X with a custom 16" barrell and a custom adjustable stock on the back. I had problems with my guns stock barrell because of the poor accuracy so I bought a barrell 4" longer and its been working a little bit better. I may get a new gun soon because I play woods ball. What can I do to my gun to make it have more ball velocity and range? Also which is better Compresses Air or CO2? What are some good paintballs I can buy to use for my gun? What type of gun do you have (along with any custom parts)? Basically I have just started playing paintball and I'm looking to be a sniper so I know I don't have to best gun for sniping, but I would like to know how do I stop my paintballs from sometimes dropping out and curving and how do I improve the range?

Example: Critique my rap lyrics ill give you points?

We store more combinations in one box than lunchables
Heaters that'll keep you warm stay in doors
Youve been warned, were a swarm of killa bees
My stinger will make anybody dance like happy feet
You wont make it home tonight dinner will be cold tonight
You can't see me like your dealing with a poltergeist
Bust a rhyme after rhyme where's the hook I got the lines
Your one step close to Blowing away your mind
Step inside the city of angels where it takes 2 to tango
Everyone desires respect but are
fruitier than mangos I'm the giving tree
If more comes to me Come tell me what you need
And if its war you bring I never face defeat
I've been on my knees before asking the lord please
Lead me to the pot of greed
the storm is vicious and never ending out here
One day your there the next day you might disappear
wear your rain coat Lay low
Or get clapped like encore and I ain't talking eminem
I'm talking about you feminine men I been sick ever since
dwelling in my mommas womb
Im death in the flesh ill you bitches to an early tomb
You fake story telling rappers is doomed
Sonic boom and guile I'm a street fighter too
I wish muthafuckas would step up like Tyler gage
then its off with your heads like Johnny cage
12 gauge under my bed I got dreams
And I'm not letting anybody kill me in my sleep
life's a long *** movie except you can't react events
learned so many lesson to find my self repeat again
Never trusted friends instead I kept my nine close in hand
Im always strapped up ready for war like a veteran
Your light weight I'm heavy weight theres no comparison
You're a peanut getting eaten by an elephant
your balrog and might bite like tyson
Im main boss no Rick Ross Im Bison
I go raw playing with your life a game I like to call jig saw
One call & my dawgs will rush quicker than the pizza man at your front porch with a Torch in hand
And rob you off your muthafuckin banks

Example: What''s the song title and singer of ..?

it has these parts:

raining down here.. love is blind.. you were just another day in the road.. i sure hate to break down here.. god help me keep movin, same old fear..

please? thanks

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