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Dream About Raincoat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean anything at all?

My grandma just passed away a few days ago and my whole family is in shock. I had this strange dream and i wonder if it has any significance.

First off i do not beleive that dreams mean something, i think that's all fantasy. I told my Mom about my dream and she's going crazy thinking its a sign or something so i wanted to know what you guys think

Okay so in my dream the doorbell rings and i go downstairs to answer it. A woman with long blond hair and blue eyes with a yellow raincoat on is at the door. I regonize her admetily.
I used to take dance lessons like six years ago and that woman's daughter used to dance with me. I didn't know her daughter real well or her Mom. I talked to her a few times and she was really nice and had a deep Czechoslovakia accent. The last time i saw her was at a car dealership when we were buying a new car. She was very friendly again but none of my family remembered her name.
Okay back to the dream, the woman gave me a huge hug and i asked her where my grandma was. She just stared at me and said "She's with me now". I remember thinking to myself that she wasn't God so why is she saying that for?
I asked her if my Grandma missed me and if she still loved me.
She then repiled "It's all different now,".

Then I woke up.
My Mom says its a sign but i think my mind was playing tricks on me or something.
By the way my grandma died on Tuesday morning and i had that dream Tuesday night. I don't know that woman's name so i have no idea if she's dead or not.

Am i just cold hearted or was it really a sign?

Most dreams are all about your emotions and feelings.
For instance, a raincoat in your dream means you are shielding yourself from your emotions. The dream has nothing to do with the woman in the dream. She is just a vehicle for conveying the message.The other message she gave was "Its all different now" which is true, things will never be the same. You have yet to go through a grieving process and you may have strange dreams for a little while.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I all-ways dream that I see girls wearing raincoats in the rain. and last night I had a dream that I went on holiday to the seaside and It was raining and I was in charge of a coach trip for a week and we stayed in 4 caravans and I went to the sailing shop and saw lots of different coloured cagoules. And I got all the girls one and they had their own colours. One had red another pink another dark green another light green another olive green another light blue another royal blue and purple navy blue and black. and then I said fasten them up so you don't get wet and then it rained hard and I said don't get your hair wet so put your hoods up so they did. what do my dreams mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

My friend told me about some dreams that she had and I got interested in what they mean.
The first dream:
In the night time my friend wakes up and goes outside, it is raining. There is girl standing there, she is wearing a red raincoat and her face is covered in the shadow of the hood. She is crying. My friend walks up to her and asks her if she is OK? The girl pulls out a knife and stabs my friend in the stomach. When my friend woke up her stomach was hurting.

The second dream was:
My friend and her friend are driving in a van over the Severn bridge. The van swerves and goes into the river Severn. My friend wakes up crying and her friends body is next to her dead and white as a sheet. She then really wakes up is really crying.
I would really like to know what these dreams mean!
Thanks all :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I am walking in countryside in the rain. There is a path made of large stones, not just mud. There are other people who I vaguely recognize walking near me. I turn round and walk back, and come to the edge of a river. There is a guy on the other side of the river, standing watching in the rain, facing me with his raincoat hood up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so last night my mum had the weirdest dream ever.
Behind the whole dream there's a complicated story but i'll try my best to be clear as possible. =)
Anyways so my step dad lives in another country and the reason is that he has to first close down his company and sell all the property and then he can come live w/ us. but the problem is that he was married before and a lot of property was signed as his ex wife's property.
So my in my mums dream my step dad is in a raincoat and cleaning the street and it was wet and dark =(
she also said that there was another guy just standing in front of my step dad.She could see the face of the stranger but she said it might just have been a customer from where she worked a year ago.The creepy thing is that she couldn't see my step dads face and he was talking kinda nervously and then told her to leave =(
Does anyone know what this means ? please help !

Example: What does this dream mean?

Im not in the dream I'm just watching it happen, I am in my neighbours paddock where they buried a dead cow once, in the sky, just watching. Its black and white, nothing is moving, except the rain, its pouring rain, there is a person in a stereotypical raincoat, its yellow, very bright yellow, at the top of my driveway, everything else is black and white, all i can hear is rain. I had it for like every night, 3 months in a row.

Example: What do these scary dreams mean?

first dream: i was in my room and i looked out the window and there was a man in a bright yellow raincoat, but the hood was up so you couldn't see his face. he was standing with a shovel by our fence, inside the fence, so he was trespassing. So i ran and told my dad but he didn't believe me. Then we were downstairs and I saw the figure right up against the window, trying to break it. So my dad threw something at it and we thought it disappeared but it really didn't. We were checking the house and were in my room and the figure was right against the window again! then i woke up.

second dream: My mom and dad were leaving me and my sister home for the night. We were sitting on the couch, and then i got up to go get my phone from upstairs. When I was walking down the stairs I saw a dark shadow of a man with a cowboy hat that was very muscular. He was standing waiting at the door. So i tried to sneak past the door to get to the couch, but i wasn't very good at it and i know he saw me. But i went to my sister, but instead of just telling her about the cowboy i texted it to her. But while i was trying to text her i couldn't see the screen of what she was replying. It would become sharper but then blurry and then sharper again. We called my mom and dad and told them to come back home, and by the time they got back the cowboy was gone. We checked the house to make sure he wasn't in it. Me and my mom were in my room and were just about to leave when i saw a pair of big yellow eyes outside my window. I screamed and ran, then i woke up.

Sorry they're so long, but do you know what they mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was home alone around 6:30 pm.
I went for a walk outside and saw some men at the end of my street and i ran inside.
then i walked my dog and when i came back inside, i walked into the living room to find a man in a yellow raincoat with a beard and a gun pointed at a man a few feet away from me in almost all black.
i ran to the bathroom and i heard gunshots.

then i woke up.
what does my dream mean?

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about dead relatives, talking to you, and you are with them...and in the dr?

in the dream my grandmother had on a raincoat, and we were outside holding hands, and she urinated standing up...then another part of the dream, she defecated in a pool...and the entire dream, my brotherm sister and I were looking for her. I have been dreaming of her house for months now, ad this is the first time she has spoken and had contact with me in a dream.

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