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Dream About Rebellious Child meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i met up with my mom & dad at this "chinese restaraunt" except it was a log cabin in the woods. i eneded up making a huge mess with the sweet & sour sauce i brought. it was all over the floor so the owner demanded i stay& help clean it. he looked like a child predator. before my parents drove off my mom told me "do whatever you have to do to protect yourself". those words stood out the most. i helped clean the mess while he watched.i could tell he liked me. i just remember thinking something wasn't right about him. i was about to escape but i got a flashback in my head of him killling this girl that tried to run so i couldn't.
teh next thing i know there's a bunch of people at the house & he's hosting a party. a girl outfront was screaming because her head was on fire on the inside & he touched his forehead to hers & cured it. i go back inside his house when the doorbell rings & it's him. he tells me i'm his green light&that he loves me. i later escape by flying away when he's asleep

It seems like you have a passive or subtle desire to be stronger than you are. This desire also includes your inclination to anomalous/eccentric/(perhaps rebellious) things (like a Chinese restaurant in a log cabin).

However, you seem to get ahead of yourself sometimes and "spill the sauce." Nonetheless, you've inherited your mother's intuition in that you can judge something that produces adversity to your emotional and physical well being (e.g., in noticing the "predatory" nature of the owner).

This intuition is actually very important for you because you have some charm, some sense of attractiveness (emotional and/or physical) that may draw harm to you.
The "flashback" further evinces your keen intuition. You know when you can't "run."

However, there is always something in danger. The girl whose head is on fire is you. You are your own gift and curse. The very danger that threatens you is the very danger that saves you. This is how one danger (the fire on your head) is put out with another danger (the man putting his forehead on yours to extinguish the flames).

When he says you are his green light, he is affirming that you invited him (i.e., that you gave him the "go"). This is your gift/curse: your charm. You cannot control your charm, but your intuition will protect you; this is how you escape in the end.

The puzzle that this dream may suggest of your psychology is that you may incur great difficulty in your love life; that is, in balancing your intuitive protection (of your heart) with the presentment of possible danger. What makes this a problem is that you must NECESSARILY put yourself in harms way in order to potentially experience a love. This is precisely what may cause trouble for you.

My suggestion, trust in yourself that you will make the right decision- you will know in your own heart when something goes amiss. Be cautious of the people you attract in your circle. The person that has the most friends has the least friends, if any at all.

good luck

Example: What did this dream mean?

I dreamed last night of riding a horse, I loved the horse a lot. It was a light-brown horse with a white forehead/nose/face.

We rode inside buildings made by some sort of a rebellious people and children. When I left the horse in a stone house, and I came back from a growing garden, it was gone. I looked for it everywhere in the house but it was gone. I went to a staircase that lead me into an underground subway station and a big fat man (who acted like Uncle Vernon from Harry Potter) was pulling my legs while I was holding on to the stair rails. I threatened I would murder him which made him angry and frustrated, but he lost and let go of me and I ran away from him.

When I went back to the stone house to find my horse, a woman (who looked liked a lady I knew from Church) was helping me but to no avail. I thought my horse was dead. But I didn't fully believed it and still searched.

That was the end of my dream, my dad woke me up before I could continue. Today is my birthday and I'm 23 years old now, but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with it, does it?

Example: What did this strange dream mean?

I was being made fun of by children because of my black nails, They were saying it was for girls and i was saying it can be for guys too. I then found myself on my knees, I could not move. I heard a girl say "Livia likes you, Go on Livia and tell him". She walked near me even though a man was throwing soda at me. The girl said "stop!", put her arms around me and shielded me, I thought i had found the right person for me. She then said to me "Where is your armor?", After a long pause i replied "...you are my armor" She was surprised and put her hands on my face, put my hair out of my face and she was about to kiss me but everything disappeared.

Example: A Horrible Dream! What Does it mean?

My adorable 2 and a half year old dog is sooo good and innocent. He always listens, never ever bit, growled, or intentionally sctatched. In my dream, I was walking him on a busy road. He has one of those retractable leashes and In my dream he was geting too far ahead of me, so I pushed the button on the leash. Well he started yelping, growling, and running faster. I sternly shouted at him for doing that and tried to pick him up, and then he bit me! After he bit me, he ran out into the road. I saw a car coming and that was the end of my dream. Now, honestly I am kind of hesitant around him. I know he will never do anything like that..but Im scared...Please help me! Thank you Sooo Much!

Example: This dream is worrying me. Please help. the question is lond but please help me?

In the dream i was lying in my bed,thn all of a sudden the moon came down in my roof and a loud voice said i was to marry it. the moon came closer to me and i literally couldnt move! i woke up screaming and y mom burst in asking what happened. please help. a year later my mom went out and so i was alone at home so i dropped to sleep on the couch.in the dream,the moon came straight to me again,but only i got up and ran literally through the house.i called my mom and when she came home i kept saying that i killed my sister! please help explain what i have said i am very serious!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here's the dream:

My brother was hanging around a bad crowd. They threatened to "turn him into a man" if he doesn't run over a child in his car. Later, he disappeared. I concluded that his "friends" murdered him. I called the police and was verbally filling out a missing persons report. During the whole time, I was very angry at everyone around me. I was pacing about outside on the phone. I yelled at a stranger to shut the f%^& up" so I could hear the cop on the phone. No one understood the urgency of the situation. Then, my brother showed up with bruises on his back.

I barely ever remember my dreams... what could this one signify?

Example: Recurring dreams that I have a brother. What could this mean?

I have been dreaming about this for almost 2 years now. Its like this that I have a younger brother whose age ranges between 3 or 4-8 years in each dream. But I DONT HAVE ANY BROTHERS, not even in extended family. Its just me and my 12 year old sister.
These dreams I have-they are not same, they have different storylines each time. But yes, the boy loves me more than my sister and he is really adorable.

Thanks x

Example: What does my dream mean?

i have had dreams about me and my boy, and he will yell at me or be a jerk, i don't really understand wht it meas..please help

Example: I had the strangest dream last night, does anybody think it could mean anything?

Ok so, when I toke a long nap today, I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that I was with my neighbours 8 year-old daughter and I remember I being with her in her bedroom. She had just bought new packages of candy in plastic containers that those "candy necklaces" come in, but I'm not sure if the candy was of that sort. (I remember she had lots of packages full of candy.) I told her it would be fine if we snuck out of her house with the candy without her mom knowing. So we did so and then somehow we ended up in this random room that had a big flat-screen TV and a couch. The room wasn't very big, it was rectangle shaped, and I think it had a closet next to a the door on the left. In that room, we decided to secretly eat the candy and hang out. I remember we only toke out a couple packages of candy and we left the rest hidden in a small pink birthday bag lying on the right side of a coffee table. Then this is where is gets weird; my Moms friends adult son came in and caught us eating the candy. He almost got made at us for it and he warned us that it was a bad idea, but he let us off the hook because he only saw the very few that were out of the bag. I kept my eye on the pink birthday bag with the rest of the candy packages in it because he was standing right next to it and I thought I could've gotten in trouble any second if he looked inside the bag because I remember him glancing at it at least 3 times and looking around the room. I was so worried of getting caught because I knew the blame would be put on me if we got caught with ALL the candy packages. After he left the room, then her mom came in and caught us eating the candy. I remember her giving me a dirty look and was mad at me for teaching her daughter to be rebellious. I felt so guilty that I felt like I had to escape the room, so I went back to my house. When I arrived at my house, my Mom, my Dad, his friend, my brother, and my sister were all there. (Which is weird because my Mom and Dad are divorced.) I remember my dad, his friend, my brother, and my sister where all downstairs in my brothers bedroom (which is located in my basement) doing something on their laptops while my mom was upstairs. I felt left out, so I asked if I could borrow a laptop to go on. They handed me a laptop, and I used it. I remember while using it I pressing a key on the keyboard for too long and it popped off. Then I was just adjusting the computer on my lap and when I held the screen to the laptop it bent and cracked. (yes, it bent and cracked.) I was confused because I didn't do it out of anger or anything. It just happened. So I got nervous, and I was afraid that my dad, Dave (my dads close friend) would see what I did and get mad at me and think I did it out of anger or carelessness so I ran upstairs where my mom was. This is when I woke up. Does anybody know what this dream could mean? Could it possibly relate to real life events, feelings, or issues? I tried to figure out what this dream meant all day, I'm not so sure.

Example: Does it seem like teenager and children are portrayed as ungrateful, spoiled rebellious brats?

is this what adult will expect worse?

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