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Dream About Red Brown Beard meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream it was very sunny, and everything was very faint because it was so bright. I was in a white gazebo with two other guys, one was very tall, almost like a giant, he had red hair a mustache and a beard, he looked kind of like that Irish guy with the axe from lord of the rings but super tall. I don't remember what the other guy looked like but he had brown hair. I remember this dream being very very lucid, I remember all of it. Well the guys were telling me why grass is green, they said the pigment came from leprechauns when they hop around in the grass, you know, just a normal (in dream world) conversation. Then suddenly I had this sinking in my stomach and I looked to the right, and in a dark corner I could see my friend Mary, she wasn't fully visible because the corner was really dark, and she was jsut watching, It REALLY REALLY REALLY felt like she was there, like legit there even though it was a dream but I seriously felt her presence, then I asked her "What are you doing here?" Her mouth opened wide and suddenly everything became pitch black, and a really scary face popped up in front of me and started laughing, then I woke up and I couldn't move or open my eyes or mouth and I was trying to scream but nothing came out! And my body was vibrating for a minute then I slowly got my senses back but I was so frightened, almost petrified and I don't know why, and I still felt as if my friend was in my dream for real! Like it was really her! Now we don't have a bad relationship, in fact were not good friends just friends but nice friends, and after that I believed that people can go into other peoples dreams using witch craft or something, but I swear she was there. And maybe when she saw that I noticed her she ended the dream because she didn't want me to know she was using witch craft to spy on me? I know this sounds crazy but I swear it felt exactly like her presence. and after waking up and not being able to move or scream was really weird too.

No. There's no such thing as dream sharing. There's no conciecable way that a person can enter your dreams.

I've had those dreams before where I 'felt' someone else was in my dream but it was just that, a dream I have also woken up and cant move. Just relax it passes.

Example: Ok i had this dream about an hour ago and i cant find the meaning to it?

well first it started out as a movie that i was watching but it was like i was on the set watching it. there was some famous actress playing a deaf Japanese woman. for some reason i cant remember the actresses name now. but there was also this guy in the movie that was supposed to play her lover interest i guess. then the next thing i know this "movie" seems real and i am in it, but as myself, and its not a movie anymore. and we are all in this gigantic pet shop that their specialty is reptiles. ( there is a such pet shop called Prehistoric Pets and it is in Cali, but i live in NY, but it felt like it was this same pet shop only bigger) we are all walking around looking at the snakes and then i pass this tank and it has this bright blood red bird looking thing in it. i did a double take and looked again just to make sure i wasn't losing my mind ( yeah i know) and when i looked again there was a beautiful but sick looking phoenix. he didn't look well at all and looked as if he was about to die, but for some reason i didn't say anything to the people. i had a feeling they already knew.as we kept walking a person from the pet shop was just about to explain what was going on with the beautiful bird when some one ran to him and was saying that it died. all of a sudden i had a egg in my hands and it was like half opened.one of the guys was saying how this was an egg of the phoenix. i don't know how they got it or how it was in my hands though. then they said that they didn't know how or what to do with the phoenix to take care if it. for some reason i started opening the egg and i took out the little bird body that was inside, i knew that it needed warmth so i stuck it in my shirt near my left shoulder. it was cold at first but then it got a little warmer, at the same time the actress who was playing the Japanese lady said that it needed warmth and a Tupperware with hot brown? water to survive. the building was filled with Tupperware but they were all being used by the snakes. we all looked all around the store to look for it but we couldn't find any extras, i felt like the life of the phoenix was slipping away slowly. all of a sudden the "Japanese" woman grabbed 2 strings out of no where and 2 small Tupperware tops and tied them together. then for some reason, a new package or small Tupperware was found and opened they filled it with hot brown? water and helped me take the phoenix out of my shirt who now had climbed to the back my shoulder. we put him in and watched. he stood there at first then started "breathing" (idk) the water and swimming around. then he came up, and didn't look like a bird so much then but like a bearded dragon ( idk either) but for some reason we knew it was still the phoenix. there was some water on his head when he poked his head out and it like kind of evaporated, like when you wash a pan and put it on the stove and you watch the heat turn the water to bubbles and then evaporate, like that. he was just staring at me then and i went to touch him. he just stood there. then the "Japanese" woman said she didn't know how to feed it but only to take care of it when it hatches because that is the tradition of her people. then i woke up. when i did for 3 minutes i couldn't remember if phoenixes existed or not ( i know dumb thing to think but i just woke up)

i know its long but i would really like to know the meaning of this or at least what you guys think? thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

This dream is a reoccuring dream. I find myself sitting inside of a car watching the moon. It first turns red and then goes up in flames and crashes to earth. There is fire everywhere and then a man's face appears. He has long, brown hair and a beard. Then a voice whispers "you are our future protector". End of dream. The dream first came to me in 1992 when I was five. The face I saw turned out to be my own in it's current look. I realized this when I had grown my hair and beard out and then had the dream again in 2004. I usually have the dream every one to two years. It really disturbs me so I hope somebody can help.

Example: I saw jesus in my dream...?

i'm a little disturbed because i saw the end of the world..people were just collapsing dying, it was pitch black all the time & my cat was some sort of savior & he choose me to live is what i was tld in my dream by other survivors. (one of the things was many clone like figures of jesus were walking past my window looking inside with fog all around..i was scared! i dont know really much else its kinda blurry but please help me figure out what this means i'm really kinda flipping out lol

Example: Someone want to interpret my dream(s)?

I can research the meaning of individual objects, but the way they come together might have a different meaning.

(This is kind of rambling and long. If you want to try interpreting, then you don't have to do both dreams or even a whole dream, you can just pick a scene from one. Thanks for reading.)

In one dream, I was with a team of decorators preparing a room for the king's birthday. In my opinion, it didn't look good enough. The room was too small and boring with little embellishment. The decorations were royal blue and clashed horribly with the bright red curtains and carpet. There wasn't a single chair, much less a throne for the king. Two female decorators were goofing off and giggling while playing with a pile of boards in the corner, sitting and holding one above their heads. The room got a little more organized and cleaned up, but it still didn't look good to me. However, I didn't say anything about it to the decorators. Finally, guests started arriving. Two men came, both with brown eyes, tan skin and ginger beards. One was fat and one was regular-sized. I knew that one of them was the king, but I didn't know which. I woke up.

In the next dream, I was in a beach setting with a troupe of anime girls. (Shut up.) I was explaining the importance of choosing the right bikini to the shy one of the group, who didn't like the idea at all. However, I was pretty adamant about getting her into one. I don't remember what the result was.
Later, I was at a place with water sculptures with my brothers. One went over to a sculpture and it collapsed and splashed over him, then reset itself. We were relieved that it wasn't ruined.
Later, I was tending to a leopard gecko that I had won from a fair. If I put it in water, it would turn into a tadpole-like creature with no limbs. I liked seeing it in water and wanted to take it swimming, but knew I shouldn't keep it in water too long. I asked my mom to put it in a water tank, and she agreed, but seemed a little worried. I found the "gecko-tadpole" in a tiny, cramped tank filled with water. I moved him to a bigger tank. I started peeling away some sort of material in the center of the tank to reveal some sort of island of leaves. I was excited because this would mean the gecko could choose to be in the water or on the island. I kept peeling off the fabric, then woke up to myself peeling off my sheets.

Example: What the heck did puberty do to my hair?

When I was younger, long, straight, black hair was my dream. I had super straight black hair (100% Chinese) and loved it, when I was younger. The only problem was that it was short, so yeah, I grew it out, and now it's below my waist. And when I was around 11 or so, I was so ridiculously happy because it was halfway down my back.

And then BAM. Puberty came. And fked me over. Not only did it give me extremely painful cramps each month, but it ruined. my. hair.

Now for some reason my hair suddenly grows curly (damn hormones) and it's just frizz and poof everywhere! The ringlets that are near my bangs are extremely annoying. It makes me MAD. Every day I'm pulling at it and trying to press it down, until I finally got a straight perm (cause all the other relaxers/straighteners wore out after the first wash, money wasted.) So I was happy for about... 3 months. And now there's the stupid ringlets again. And it's pissing me off, because it occurs right where my bangs are and a little at the back of my head, but no where else! (Thank goodness, at least the rest of my hair is okay) but @#$#@$@ I'm back to clawing at my bangs again.

Don't you dare say something liek 'be happy with curly/wavy hair, I'd love that' F YOU. I absolutely HATE curly hair. Others look great with it, awesome, cool, NOT ME. I'M EFFINK 100 PERCENT CHINESE. HOW THE HECK IS THIS POSSIBLE.

Is there ANY way that it'll change back to straight? I don't want to spend the rest of my life destroying my hair with straight perms and hot irons, but I'd rather do that than have curly/wavy hair.

Sorry for the cussing guys, just snapped and wrote this rant up in spur of the moment.

Example: How To Re -Dream A Dream?

Well last night, I had this dream. It was amazing! (It sounds stupid but it was amazing). As I'v had many girlfriends, but never actually experience love. I mean.. I'v felt love before. But in this dream. Me and this girl got married. We got along so well. She was so beautiful. I had butterfly's in my stomach. I would do anything to redream this moment. It made me so happy. I felt so fresh and confident after it. The girl in my dream was this girl who I met on this train on the way back from the beach with my friends. She had white/blonde hair with light blue eyes. I never felt anything like it before. I felt amazing! It was like masturbating, but 1000000times better. I would actually probably kill myself, just to re live this dream. I'd do anything. If you die and could re live a dream. I would honestly commit suicide somehow or another. This girl was AMAZING! I mean, all the girls in my school are bitchy and hate on every flaw you got. While this girl agreed and held my hand. We kissed, I beat the sh*t out this guy because he looked at her wrong. haha. I have butterflys in my stomach event thinking about this girl. If I can re dream this dream. My life will be so much happier. If i could re dream it everynight. I'd get home from school and just pure dream.
If your wondering what happend in the dream, read on from here- (strangley enough, this happend in the mw2 map derail)
I got asked to get married to this late teenage girl with white/blonde hair, yellow eyes. She had this chain that linked with two other chains. They where fairly small. About 6cm long and about as thick as a straw. She walked up to me, and asked ''marry me''. So I agreed while smiling at her, not knowing who she was. She said to me, I will live forever and become stronger than anyone you'v ever seen before! She took out this chain, I had to hold one end, she held the other end. Then little lights in the chain lit up, and I turned cold instantly. I felt so strong, and full of power. I felt fresh and ready to do anything. Full of energy. My feelings where hard to explain. Her father somehow or another, appeard right next to me. He was whereing a big black robe, with symbals covered all over them. He had a small white beard with dark red eyes and scars over his face. He said ''follow Me!''. So me and this mysteriose girl followed him and we walked to this chapel. This girls hole family where sitting in these wedding chairs that where light brown. There was about 18 of them there. We got married and I had to hold the chain. After we got married, we went to this light house and vistited some people. Who I had no idea was, + I could somehow or another, in this dream read other peoples mind. And this man had an idea that we was vampires. + We was vampires. We had to feed for blood. On the way out of the light house, this ice troll (it looked like the thing off skyrim) came and smashed up the bridge that was connected to the lighthouse to derial (the island we was on). and as I was a vampire. I sorta speed run into the ice troll killing it. Then we went and drank blood off this guy on a basket ball court + his friends chased us. I remember flying away with my wife and we flew to my old school (MaesYBryn) we got to this grassy banks and I killed another person.
That was all I can remember from my dream at this moment of time.
Please get back ASAP(;

Example: For all teenagers and children out there. do u like this?

Chapter 1

I stood in the middle of the living room. My heart was throbbing harder with every passing moment. I wished that everything would end soon. My mother was sitting beside me on the sofa, her head arching to her left shoulder. The TV was flashing on the wooden table. Mother has been watching this show since last Ramadan and still she can’t get enough of these screaming characters who fight for husbands.

“Mother” I said “when will father come?”
“I don’t know boy” mother said “just wait. He might have missed the bus as usual”
“Can u just tell him” I walked to the sofa and sat at her legs ‘please mother. He loves you and he’ll accept your words”. I was lying. My father loved no one, even himself.

Mother looked regrettably at me. “Loves me ‘she smiled ironically “you tell him what you want, don’t bring me in your stupid stories with him.”

I looked away. How she says so. I wanted to take violin lessons. I love music. Music was my life, how can she ridicule me this way.
Sometimes I though that mother was the only person that understood, felt, and even loved me. But it seems that I was deceived for the second time this week.
Last Sunday that boy named Khalid at school seemed to like me. I went to him and we talked. He said that I can join him to go to the cinema, but he never came. I waited for hours after struggling to take the twenty le from mother, but my effort was spilled on the ground. No one likes me, I thought as I went back home.

‘mother please” I kissed her pale, soap smelling hand “tell father that I wish to take violin lessons.’

She glared at me, and walked to the TV, shutting it off. ‘I‘ll sleep. Make sure that you lock the door after your father comes in”.

She strolled half awake to her room, and I sat down by the door waiting for father.

I slept, and I dreamed. I found myself flying over a long building. My father and mother stood at a lower window. I flied towards them smiling, but suddenly they started thrashing me with red rocks. I screamed and fell. I kept on falling, my heart throbbed hard, but I knew I was dreaming. I know it wasn’t real.
I opened my eyes. Sweat trickled down my face. It was hot in the doorway. The grey fan at the end of the doorway was off. Father ordered mother not to open it more than three hours a day.

Sometimes when mother would go to visit nanny, I’d turn the fan on and I’d sit down in front of it , enjoying a naguib mahfouz’s book. I read his trilogy four times, and every time it seemed more beautiful. I felt like this man could simply jump in the heart of people and watch their emotions flicker, and then he’d write about it. I wished I could be like him, or you can say that I wished to find someone to jump in my heart and see my flickering feelings, but no one did.

Reading books seemed to be the only thing besides music that made me forget my life with my parents. As I walk down the hallway, trying to fond my way into my class,students would keep on pointing at me like a headless creature, they’d point at the book in my hand and holler “ the stupid nerd akram”.

I was called nerd for my brown, squared glasses. The frame was ten times larger than my eyes, that it seemed as if it was covering my whole face. My blue eyes were magnified behind the lenses like two diamonds in a scrawny, pale yellow face. I begged father that he’d change the frame for me, but after two days from buying the new frame I crashed it under my feet as I was climbing the stairs of our home. Father thrashed me that day. And he punished my by forcing me to wear this frame for the next four years.

It was three am. I was half sleeping beside the smelly shoes. Two minutes later and I heard the clinking of my father’s keys behind the door. The door flung open with a loud creak then father came in the house.

He was a tall, broad man. he wore a white galpya. His black beard sank down half way to his chest, it covered most of his plume face, that emitted a certain radiance whenever you looked at it. but that radiance was diminished with a frequent frown.

I jumped to my feet. ‘ hamdela ala el salama father” I bowed and kissed his hands. ‘ I was afraid for you . why are you late?”

“ non of your business boy’ father said ‘ go to your bed you’ve quraan recital tomorrow and you need full concentration”

“but father ‘ I walked behind him as he sauntered to the bathroom.
“Go to your bed I said “
“father I wanted to ask you for something”

“ forget about it ‘ father said opening the lights of the bathroom “ I won’t buy you new books, only if they were religious. You need to forget fiction and learn more about fact “

‘No not books but music father”. I walked two steps backward; every part of my body was trembling. I was expecting a flood of fury to drown me.
“What? “Father said as he opened the tab and began washing his hands “music. Do you want to learn music?”

‘Not exactly. But I want to learn to play the violin’

‘My boy. My only

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