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Dream About Relish meanings

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Example: Dream meaning:?

This is the third night in a row that I dream of an old love I used to have. We ended up in bad terms recently; I told him not to contact me whatsoever about 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure what his reaction was towards that.
In my dreams, he acts really cool & nice towards me. He makes me laugh & I feel love for him.
It can mean the complete opposite, in real life though.
So please help me because I'm sure these dreams have meaning, since I've had them constantly.

You undoubtedly desire for him to ease the pain of making a mistake and I can't accept that you are having these same dreams constantly. Back to the issue at hand. Then dump him! or is the self-esteem problem surfacing because you didn't get your slice of the pie! The problem with getting mad is that we relish the thrill of the excitement at the moment and sometimes the grudges which I may add is a bit immature! Get back in the game and stop throwing your heart around for everybody to examine, "what the heck" some people wear these on their sleeves! Give yourself some time to heal and toss out the old tensions! Its a new beginning if you only look!

Example: I dreamed about Satan! What does it mean? ?

I recently started reading the bible for the first time (genesis). Last night I had a vivid dream that I was in the public restroom of a hospital. In the window I saw a reflection of Jesus and he was talking (not sure what he was talking about). Then his eyes slanted and turned black. But what really stood out was when he put two small tridents together which sent a powerful bolt of energy through him. He seemed obsessed with power and relished the power generated by the small tridents. When I woke up, I realized that maybe the dream was Satan disguising himself as Jesus? I'm not very religious but feel this dream really meant something. Any thoughts or interpretations would be appreciated. Thank you!

Example: What does this dream mean? Help?

I've liked this guy, and I know he likes me back cuz he stares at me and used to play with my hair a lot... Well we haven't spoken to each other for a year, but for some reason i keep getting the same exact dream where he comes to my house and brings me a bouquet of red roses, and right when our lips touch, I wake up... What does it mean? I've had this dream plenty of times..

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at what looked like a meet and greet and there was this guy, this really beautiful guy, and he was the person i was going to meet. He was sitting down in a chair and I was the last person he was going to meet he looked tired and kind of sad, but then when he saw me he stood up quickly and just looked into my eyes with a little smile on his face and we just stared at each other for some time and then he finally said 'hi my name is nick" and then i said "hi my name is ebony" and then we just stared at each other for the rest of my dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that my boyfriend and i were in my old house from a very long time ago in the basement and i opened the door and a bunch of moths flew in and we tried to run away from it and we then we ran onto the bed that was near and a bunch of white roses where near and he wiped me with a white cloth thats all that i really remember

Example: Weird dream do not understand at alllllll. Helpppp!?

I am known to have pretty weird dreams. I just have a really hard time understanding what they mean. Me and my fiance broke up about 2 weeks ago. ive been having a really hard time dealing with it. Ive been actually pretty misrable. I know so many things that he dusent know and he wont listen to me. One of his girl-friends put some stupid stuff in his head about me, all lies. and he bascially hates me now. wont even talk to me. But ive been having happy dreams about him? its like wtf...a lil bit ago i had a dream about us getting married, is was in the forest and really pretty, but i woke up while walking down the asile, i understand that because halfway through our relationship we broke up, halfway down the asile. But this dream i had last night, just weird. i had two and were both about water. The first one was a big lake. and it was a competition. There was teams of 2 people each. My ex was with his bestfriend and i was with some girl i had in one of my clases one time. The game was that the teams had to stand in this line, make a sandwhich and then get in a boat and rush to the other side. It was kinda like musical chairs, there was always less boats then there was people. It got down to my ex and my team. I helped his team get his boat for him cuz they were tangled. And then i woke up. In the dream i remember feeling really happy. Although it was kind adark outside, gloomy, not daytime. But i remember feeling happy that i was winning. But in real life i lost. So i dont get it. In the next dream, i dont remember my ex being in this one, but i remember thinking about him. Me and a bunch of people were in this submarine type thing and there was 2 boats. the people in this small boat could only take a person at a time to the other side to be saved and then coming back. It was weird because i remember wanting to get on the boat and be saved everytime it came back, but once it left i wasent scared anymore. thats not the case really in my life. All i think about is my ex coming back to 'save' me. I think about when and how all the time. Please help me figure out what these dreams mean!?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

Recently i dream about 2 girls (different dream). However, i don't really know about these girls personally. The first dream is about meeting this girl and I started to know about her (let's say girl A). The second dream is about I'm conffessing my feeling to a girl B, and my feeling get accepted? Is there any meaning behind these dream..?

Example: What does this romantic dream mean?

So there's a guy in my class. He's cute, tall, and we have a lot in common. He flirts with me sometimes, but when I talk to him he freezes up. I think he's attractive but I'm not really crushing on him. Well I keep having these dreams about him. The first dream was that he died and I cried, and cried then carried his shirt around with me so it would feel like he's always there. The second dream was that we were both vampires (sorry for the twilight theme, I'm really not onto it that much. I've read the books a long time ago but I'm not obsessed) and we were running through a dark city happy and as a couple. The another dream that we were a couple in New York. Why do i keep having these dreams about this guy? They are so romantic and pleasant, but why with him If if barely know him?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So in the dream I was a warrior kind of person who never got properly trained. In the dream I was girl,13 like I am now. Then a big battle tore the building I was staying apart and these two woman took us and we tried to escape but they wouldn't let us. Then they told us that they were actually here to help and bring us to other people's houses so they can be our gsurdians cuz our parents were dead. Anyway, on the way we stopped at a field for some food and then we all had to say why we missed our families. Lots of people started crying here.and I woke and relished that I was crying in real life. I never woke up crying for years. Is this strange?

Example: I dreamed I was a lesbian, what does this mean ?

Okay.. so I had this dream where I was a lesbian, with this girl I know. There was no sex or anything, it was like we were.. in love. And I'm really, really insecure about being tall but I remember in the dream that she made me like my height. We kissed, too..
And I remember the moment I woke up I was like, sad because it wasn't real..
Does this mean I might be bisexual ?

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