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Dream About Rib meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was on a school bus and a witch girl tricked me into letting her drill a hole into my left rib and making me bleed, and she would run around doing this to people, tricking them into giving her their blood so she could supposedly read their fortunes.

Hi, to see a witch in a dream means happy social times, but, if you are in a relationship they are a symbol of a possible break up.
To see blood in a dream: if you were bleeding in the dream try to avoid any sort of controversy with relatives and friends. If someone else was bleeding: be prepared for hard work against hostile forces.

This is how I see it: Your subconciense is telling you that you enjoy your friends and have had good times but, there will be jealousy to deal with from one of your friends...if you're in a relationship you are worried about a break up.

Hope this helps.

Example: I dreamed that a bearded old man pulled out my rib and turned it into a vile temptress. What did it mean?

Example: Dream about kicking ribs?

I had a dream last night that I kicked a blind girl in the stomach until her ribs broke for a totally irrational reason and afterwards when I knew I would be punished in a sense for doing something bad I was very unemotional and unsympathetic. Can anyone decipher what this could mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in bed like normal but there were these hands in my bed and they just starting squishing my ribs together and it really hurt, in dreams when you get stabbed or shot or something like that it doesn't actually hurt because its just a dream, but it actually really hurt then i woke up straight after, it was like a weird two second dream. I was hoping someone could tell me what it means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in the garage of my childhood home, there were people with me I dont remember and I walked in a circle through a bright light where it felt as if someone grabbed me by my ribs and picked me up and I couldnt help but arch my back, it was also very cold. I think It was a ghost, a child gohst for some reason. and then when it put me down I talked to the people in the room about what just happened and how I have always thought the house had a child ghost (true) they all seemed to agree. THEN for some reason the door out way on the cieling and everyone left but when I tried I saw two HUGE black widows "gaurding" the entrance and thousands of little black widows around them. and for some reason I was able to levatate so I wasint touching the ground where I thought more spiders would be, but I didnt see any. I was able to control my levatation... and then I woke up. Through The whole thing I wasnt scared, I knew everything was okay. It was a little scary feeling my ribs tighten being lifted up (so I thought-i know it didnt actually happen)
Does any of this being together mean something different if it were seperate dreams?

Example: What do you think my dreams mean?

i was in a place so dark i could barely see anything, and someone came up and asked me what i was doing there. i couldnt see there face but i answered with a simple,"i dont know, where am i?" then the other person said,"the wrong place!" i was shocked by his hostial change in his voice, so i started to run, but he got me. then it kinda went blurry and when everything got clear again,he was pacing back and forth in front of me as i layed dying on the floor, he kicked me in the ribs. i was in so much pain and i tried to get up but i couldnt move, i was so weak. then he looked at me and i saw his face, he had the eye of horus and he said "i'll be watching you." and he killed me. i woke up screaming and scared, and i had bruises on my ribs like the ones i got in my dream. i dont know what it means, can someone tell me what they think it means. i dont remember my dreams very often but when i do, they arent very pleasent and most of the time when i wake up i feel the pain i felt in my dream and have marks from them.

Example: Whats this weird dream mean?

I had this weird dream I rented an evil apartment the mattress and floor looked like blood on it, I threw those out and got a new carpet that didn't fit. It was cut wrong.

There were plates, cups and clothes left from the renters before. The plates and cups were cleaned with the dishwasher so I figured I don't have to buy more plates and cups.

I dreamt I had lived there before but left for an unknown reason.

The apartment turned me and a roommate (I don't have) into physically abusive people that ended up in the hospital with huge bruises and a scapel in a face.

In the end two girls and a guy got into the car, they were dressed with short zip up mini skirts and the guy got into the car that started to tick down, it blew up and the guys head was decapitated, and the girls had their ripped open with their ribs showing with no head or arms to be found. Then I woke up.

What does this mean? I am married with 4 kids living in a big house. The dream doesn't match with me.

Example: What could this dream mean?

It started out with me standing outside a hospital. I was standing at its glass doors just looking around. Suddenly this creature who was very tall around 8 feet tall. Its rib cage was showing, and it looked like some sort of demon creature. When I look at its face, all I seen was darkness, almost like it didn't want me to see its face. I forgot to mention it had this yellowish skin. Well the creature, who smoke in the voice of a man, asked me if I wanted him to show me the way. I replied "OK". I followed the creature into the hospital to were we came to a flight of stairs. One part of the stairs was going up, the other was going down. The staircase going up was filled with light. The staircase going down had this extremely dark darkness. The creature then said, Do you want me to show you the way? I replied OK, even though I was suspicious. The creature replied"OK then, follow me." He then started walking down into the darkness, I acted as if I was following, then suddenly had this weird feeling to not enter the darkness. In front of me I seen the being disappear into the darkness. I then went walking fast down the hallway. I entered this room, and seen these two nurses, who were smoking cigarettes. There were leaning over this body, which was laying on a hospital bed. I could see who the body was but I had this feeling of despair. While in there I heard this voice, that was in my head saying the word, Icy over and over again. The voice sounded like a man, but in a way had a evil sound to it. What could the voice mean by saying I am icy? What was the yellow tall creature?

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I had a very vivid nightmare the other night. All that I remember is the end as I was waking up. I was watching two of "myself" fighting, one was on the ground, and the other was standing over him kicking him. But at the same time, it felt like I was in control of both of them. The part that really scared me was the anger I felt for the "me" on the ground.
It felt so real that when I woke up, the muscles around my rib were twitching. It was really creepy, so I didn't end up going back to sleep.

I keep having really "real" nightmares like this, and it's affecting my sleep a lot.

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