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Dream About Ribbon meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was in an orange room with eight blurred faced individuals. Apparently, a special holiday was going on and everyone was excited. Including myself. Fast forward and in my dream I am holding a pink ribbon and tying it on a book I created. Fast forward to my house and found out by my mom that my dad had thrown away everything my siblings and I had ever made for him. And I flash back to the string I had and suddenly start ripping it apart. I become furious and leave the house. I was so angry that I woke up in tears and in complete outrage. :/

Well dreams could mean what your feeling before you went to sleep or dreams can have the oppisite emotion such as sad the dream could mean something happy.
I had 5 dreams about water..
2 dreams were about Tsunami's everyone died and when i woke up i felt myself choking on water.

2 dreams were about my baby sister drowning in a pool, and i was in tears and i have saved my sister from drowning before

and the other dream was again about my baby sister that got an allergic reaction to chlorine water at Wet 'N' Wild waterpark.

I looked up water and water can mean lucky.. so i was quite suprised :)

maybey look up the main symbol in your dream and look it up and see what it means :)

Example: What does my dream mean? inc: ribbon,preg test and baby bumb?

Hi guys thanks for taking time to read this and help me out.

Last night I dreamt I was out clubbing with my bf and our friends as usual, then I went to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. Then I went outside and I had a huge baby bump! At the end of the night my boyfriend rapped a big red ribbon around my bump and mentioned christmas crackers I am soo confused.

Example: Whats does it mean if you dream about a person that gives you a Bird with a red ribbon around its neck? ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I never had a dream like this before. A couple of nights ago I had a dream I was on top of a rocky mountain. I was looking up to the sky and all of a sudden the sky was filled with dark gray clouds as if there was going to be a bad storm. I could sense there was evil in the air like something bad was going to happen. Before I could cry out for help a huge eagle flew towards me and for some strange reason both of its legs were tied up with a blue ribbon. The ribbon was tied in a bow with the right side of the ribbon was long it was sticking out moving with the wind. The eagle looked at me and moves towards me as if it already knew I was there and it was going to help me. Without even thinking I reached out for the long side of the ribbon and grabbed its legs. All of sudden the sky was filled with a bright light and the dark clouds vanished. There were even clouds had shapes of demons and they shrived up and disappeared in pain. I never had a dream like this before it feels surreal because I felt as though I was half awake and when I woke up I felt the dreams I've been believing for will come true. I am a believer of Christ and I feel as though this is a message I am just confused about the eagle legs were tied with a blue ribbon. If anyone have an idea of knows what it means please feel free to give me insight. I've been through a lot this past couple of years and I think this is some kind of foreshadowing of a breakthrough I've been believing for.

Example: I need to know what my dreams mean...?

I have been having some reoccuring dreams and I would really like to know what they mean.
Dream #1. I'm in my uncles truck having a nice conversation when he pulls off the road and we crash into the lake. The water is really clear. I'm terrified of drowning however so I start to panic trying to get out. The doors are locked and so are the windows and I have to shatter the windshield to get out, but once I'm out everything is fine.

Dream #2. I'm on a deserted beach by myself. I have on a flowing white cotton dress, barefoot, and my hair is long and curly with ribbons throughout it. I'm holding something in my hand tightly and I'm screaming for my boyfriend. I can hear him answer me, but I can't see him. I sit down on the beach and begin to cry, I never let go of whatever is in my hand, and I can feel him wrap his arms around me from behind and he tells me that everything is okay and he loves me (which he has never told me in real life) and I'm shocked to hear him say this so I turn around to look at him and he's gone.

I'm going nuts!

Example: Need Help! What does My Dream Mean?

OK so I was like under arrest or something I was basically locked in this room with like 5 other people and it was kinda like a conference room we were all warning black and the room was just...bland...like navy blue carpet so nothing of consequence. Some how I got out and I was talking with someone on the outside, i was dressed in all black haha ski mask and all, except I had 3 balloons tied to me. they were all like a greenish color with white ribbons coming down.

all of a sudden i had like a flash back or something and I was following a guy with a green back pack walking in the middle of the woods next to a road. then I was back to the conversation.

I noticed that while we were talking, this guy was in a ski mask (the color kept on changing from red to green both were very vibrant) and he had a balloon too (it too was switching from red to green, but if the mask was green the balloon would be red and vice versa) but this guy was starring at me. I noticed that a guard had noticed i was out and he chased me, caught me and escorted me back to the holding place. by this time there were a TON of people in the room, and they all kept coming up to me and saying stuff like, " are you THE Megan?!" it was like I was really important or something i don't know...but the guard came in and popped my balloons taking the ties away too.

As he was popping my balloons, more people were coming in one of them looked like one of my old time friends so I tapped him and as he turned around he changed to another one of my guy friends who i go to school with. more people came up to me trying to see if I was "that" Megan and I guess I was, I stood up on this chair and started to tell everyone that the guard had popped our balloons so we were going to have to find another way out but the guard was listening in so I stopped and told them I'd tell them later. I went to the door and it was unlocked. then i woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

- everyone hanging out in my dad's room. The guy that I like appears to be there? The TV is on & a (buddist) prayer from India comes on & we all started praying turn the end we all grab a ribbon all different color and go around in circle smiling and laughing then the guy I like comes in and join. We stop the ribbon broke and fell it was a color purple ribbon and his was too. Then we tied it in a knot and kiss?

Example: Is there a meaning to a Red Bow/Ribbon?

im just curious to see if there is any meaning to dreaming or having a vision that includes a red bow tie

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamt that i was inside this little bookstore because im buying blue ribbons and wrappers for a gift and then when i was about to pay, there is this old chinese lady in front of the line end then moved away and stood some inches away from me just enough for the cashier to see me and then the chinese cashier asked where am i and then i said i was there inside in front of her. and then she told me i am a ghost already but i am really not aware of it. what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where these witches came to my school and were selling things like clothing and then mini skeletons or little notebooks with grave stones on them. i picked something up that cost £5 then i put it down because it was way too much. then i started thinking of some 'other world' and i ended up in a dark forest with the same shopping stall still their i was there with friends and i felt something was bad so i ran out of the forest into broad day light and i saw my friends running as well they were catching up with me. then from the distance a boy on his own went over and then the witches shouted some spell with a 5 in it and i don't know the boy disappeared. then in my dream i searched 'spells with 5's' and it came up with like a game and there was a ribbon that said game over on it and two 5's on either side and it was said that if you cross those 5's you will die? i woke up after that and i can't really remember anymore. what does it mean? it really has creeped me out?

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