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Dream About Right Hand meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean hand stabbing with bones showing?

last night i had a dream i got stabbed in the hand by a guy and it didnt bleed but my bones in my knuckles were visable.(It was my right hand) I also remember trying to seek medical help and the doctor rrefussed to see me, and my hand just started healing on it's own even though it defintly would of needed stitches.

when you have a bad dream like this one, dont pay attention to it, and dont tell others... because it just makes you concentrate on whatever bad things could happen to you...
and believe it or not when you concentrate on that, you are waiting for something happen.

its a saying in my country that you should never talk about a bad dream.
there are so many books you can look in, i have a book which interprets dream by the sayings of prophets and other famous people who were known for having the ability but to be honest i cannot trust in what i read, how could i know that publishers are not just making these up to sell books...

so dont worry yourself,in the end if something is supposed to happen, it will and if its not then its not...
(my guess about your dream would be that youve been hurt by someone, and you're strong enough to heal on your own)

Example: I dreamt I cut off my right hand, what does this mean?

I was looking at my right arm. All of a sudden I thought about what it would be with out my right hand. Next thing, I saw my right hand cut off, and I panic, I can see the white of the bone, and it was cut in a slanted cut. no blood coming out of it, as if it had been cut for a while and my skin was pale. I thought about just sticking it back together and see if it would start healing, for some odd reason in the dream it was normal for people to stick it together. I tried that but it would hold for a couple seconds and then it would come off again. I tried holding it until I got to the hospital, I couldn't get a good running car to take me. First the only car I was able to get was like a golf car and second the road to the hospital was full of obstacles like no pavement, rocks and mud everywhere. When I finally got to the hospital, it was like a research facility, it was dark already and the doctors where doing research on the outside.

Example: What does my hand holding dream mean?

i've been having this one dream lately, it's always pretty much the same but i see different parts sometimes. so i'm in my science class and i'm doing some experiment with the guy who i happen to like. the experiment has something to do with throwing a ball of clay, between us. and then i throw but not far enough and we both run to catch it. and when we do, we're just holding hands and we just stay like that, holding both hands. but then it's like i can hear a conversation between him and his sister. and he's like 'she won't let go of my hand, but i don't want her to. she likes me right?' and his sister answers with like yes. and i'm just all warm and fuzzy inside and smiling. and that's pretty much when i always wake up.

what does this mean, if it means anything?

Example: What does hand holding in a dream mean?

Theres this guy that use to be my best friend. He was also my boyfriends best friend. My boyfriend didnt want me talking to him because he's lier and I will get hurt if I get to attatched. I didnt believe him because I like to see the best in people. I ended up likeing him. My friend threatend to stab his mom with a knife and trashed his room because he was throwing a fit about something. He ended up trying to blame it all on my boyfriends brothers and he went to juvie for about 6 months. When he got out, he texted me and I made him tell me the story of what happen. His story didnt match up to what I heard though. After awhile, I eventually got the truth out of him. Turns out my boyfriend was right and that he pretty much has lied about everything. I havent talked to him in a month. A couple nights ago I had a dream that it was dark and I got scared and I held his hand to feel better and didnt care that i had a boyfriend. What does this mean? I love my boyfriend very much but after that dream I've been kind of missing my friend.

Example: What does it mean to dream that my hands don't work?

I frequently have dreams where my hands don't work right. As in, they can't make gestures, they screw up, like with carpal tunnel or something. It's very frustrating, and a lot of situations come up where it would be appropriate to make some gesture and I can't do it. Does this have any significance?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of getting your hands bitten off by giant rats?

Had a dream about getting one of my hands bitten off by a bunch of giant rats attacking me in the sewers. What does my dream mean?

Example: A weird dream with hands cut up and bleeding like crazy what does it mean?

my mom had a dream that her hands were all cut up and bleeding and her nails were falling off then she went to go ask for help and no one would help her but her brother and then she said he nails were all dirty and pieces of corn and dust came out

Example: I had a dream of kittens bitting my right hand. what does it mean?

ok i had this REALLY weird dream, i wish i wrote it down because i remembered everything this morning but now after work, 12 hrs later i cant remember much but this:
Me and my friend where driving and got lost, we ended up at this abandoned camp place/town. there was a guy about our age, 20ish. he came up to us saying everyone was just somewhere else for the time being and out of no where i hear crying so i told them i would brb. Sooo i go to a different room following this sound, i ended up climbing up a tree out the window becasue it was coming from the roof. When i get the roof...*i look at all the other roofs from there and see cats either dead or meowing dying on the other roofs* i look around on the one im at and see 1 dead kitten and 2 others dying, i bring those in and i go back to my friend and the guy shoeing them the kittens ...*the kittens staarted meowing creepy and started to bit my right hand like peircing though my skin on the top part llike trying to rip it off* i yanked them off me and decided to feed them so i went to the kitchen again leaving my friend with the guy, while im in the kitched looking for something for the kittens they ...*start attacking me again and more creepy cats come trying to bite me, i slapped them off me and well.. ended up killing them all by accident* i go to where my friend is and i was scared to tell her what happened because she loves cats. she left me there, like she droooove off! but it ended up being was that because she heard me call her and she went to the room i called her in and i was dead on the floor but it was an illusion, not rlly me.
but yeah i wanted to know more about what the parts in * * ment, can anyone tell me?

Example: What does my dream mean?


Example: Had a dream last night it had two dogs in it one bite my right hand what does this mean.?

Hi looking for serious answers please. I had a dream of two dogs one white one black the white dog attacked me had my hole right hand in its mouth and wouldn't let go until I break free and then the white dog jaw broke and the dog was left laying there seem to be died the black dog was just sitting there the whole time not barking or moving. What could this mean it really scared me. I am not afraid of dogs I am a dog lover and I wouldn't pet random dogs. So what does this mean?

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