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Dream About Rising In Station meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean!?

Ok so I had a dream about someone and I think he is cute...so the dream is...
I'm on a bus and the dudes walks by and feels my hair and blink so I ask him y he just smiles then I eat with friends then he just keeps following me ...
What does this mean!?!

-○§○§○- To dream that you are waiting for a bus implies that you are experiencing a minor hardship in your quest to attain objectives. To dream that you are at the bus station indicates that you are experiencing personal growth. To dream that you are riding a bus suggests that you are a follower. You don’t have the initiative or the confidence to rise up and become a leader.

-○§○§○- To dream that you are blinking, indicates that there is something you fear in seeing. You are refusing to see the obvious. A dream in which you are blinking symbolizes an aversion to viewing some person or thing. It means that you fail to recognize the conspicuous.

-○§○§○- To dream that you or others are smiling, means that you are pleased with your achievements and approve of the decisions you have made. You will be rewarded for the good things you have done for others. Alternatively, a smile indicates that you are in search of something or someone that will make you happy.

-○§○§○- To dream about friends suggests certain parts of your character that you have set aside are now ready and willing to bring them back into your persona. How you interact with people around you can be critical in understanding yourself. To dream of your friends being happy and in good health suggests that you will receive well wishes from them or they will visit or their relatives will bring you some good news.

Example: Does these dreams mean anything?

Ok normally I don't get into the dream thing, but I have had three dreams that were weird to me. one was about a toddler who was swooped up by a tornado but after the storm was ok. The next one consisted of me going back to my college and and seeing my ex. Afterward, there was a baby in my arm and I sensed by my actions it was mine. Lastly, I had a reoccuring dream of me being lost at a greyhound bus station in the middle of no where. The only thing that is near is a jail where all these robbers lurk. I remember having this dream once before with the same setting. Only the ending was different. Can anyone tell me what these dreams mean. I don't want to say anything else because I don't want someone to elaborate on my personal analogies. I know these are weird but they have stuck out to me. Help please!

Example: What does my tea dream mean?

White lies before me, in its infinite continuation bare trees, black in color show. In what, in mind, is the center of this vast expanse lays a cherry-wood table lavishly decorated with lotuses, humming bird, cranes and other animals which I recognize from their description in books I have read. Atop this table sculpted in the Japanese style there is a black of what seems to be ivory laid into the tabletop which has been sectioned into four by four diagonal wooden roads running to a scare in the center of the table. In the very center is a traditional Japanese tea pot, surrounding this beautiful brass pot, are four Japanese tea puppets, each with a tea cup on their plates. They each face a different wood opening to let them escape the wooden center in which they await to be freed by a soul in need of a cup of tea. Around the table lie four pillows in Japanese style, perfectly centered on their side awaiting a body to be sat on by. The sand that blows around them creating a white cloud dares not approach them leaving an empty space in which stands a table ready to welcome a lonely soul in need of tea.

From my vantage point atop a tree of misery I admire this table, devoid of evil cruelty or even the slightest thing other then serenity and the anxiousness of the things around it to help a human. The feeling of hate that is coming from the tree which I burden lessens as I gaze into the eyes of the tea puppets, inching to serve me tea. I stepped down from the deadwood and let my steppes pull me to the welcoming environment ahead. The sand blows onto me and under my clothing irritating my skin. I can see the tea room well threw its walls of sand. As I stepped threw the barrier to the pillow awaiting me, I feel the sand in my clothing pulling or being pushed away. When I was inside completely the sand had ripped pieces of my shirt off. I put my arm forward and opened my hand. In front of me appeared a wooden frame, inside it a blank sheet of whit washi paper displayed itself. I moved my hand about drawing a symbol which I recognized as “life”.

I let my arm fall in a state of ecstasy and serenity mixed together in a potent feeling which I can only describe as fulfillment. I let myself fall onto the pillow the remains of my shirt fell to the sandy ground and flew out of the room leaving it clean. I waited a while, then from the ground arose thread, indigo, marine, gold, and jet black. They each rapped around me one at a time forming a cylinder before collapsing into there own part of a garment. It consisted of all the components of a Japanese martial arts masters accoutrements.

One of the tea puppets came to life; it rolled down its cosway to the corner of the table and turned itself to continue to me. Once it had turned to me I removed the cup from the plate the puppet held in its diminutive hands. As I heard it leave I looked down to the tabletop from which a plate was rising, I rested my cup onto it and looked to the teapot. A silver dragon slithered up to the pots handle and rolled around it. Its head extended to me and it lifted itself with the pot above the table and came to me. It poured tea into my cup, returned the pot to its place near where the doll whom had served me had taken it place again. It left the pot and came to rest beside me on my rite where it was tied to my hip and curved, in that position it stayed.

I drank my tea and stood, I turned to look out at the desert before me. I remove the dragon, now a katana from it home and thrust it into the ground and said “Kami No Kocha” and the sand parted in a chaos of wind and delight on my behalf. I picked up the dragon sword and let it slither home, and I walked to wherever I felt drawn, hoping to find another station of tea, with the intention to play Igo.

What does this dream mean?

Example: Very detailed dream, what does it mean?

Hehe, the "what does it mean" sound really lame in my head, but I have to make this into a question somehow, right?
This might get long!

So, I start out at a train station in some kind of Victorian era steampunk world. I come up to a (steam) locomotive, out comes one of my real life buddies, and says that we're going to drive the train.
The journey is funded by us, and it's very cheap. We are to drive passengers to some kind of very distant, cold village.

We take off, just as one of the fictional characters I have created shows up. She fails to catch us, as we speed off into the distance.
The journey is very smooth, albeit very fast. We reach our first re-fill station. My friend goes to buy water to fill up the engine. I go to the market to buy cheese (did I mention that our steam engine runs on cheese instead of coal?), and we only need a small lump, which is why it's so cheap.
At the market, where I just bought a lump of the most delicious cheese in existence, I meet Her again. She chases me through the city, and I get back to the train, having lost her.
Just as we start to move, she leaps into the cabin and tries to pull me out. By the time she does, we're at some sort of canyon, many railroads branching off and looping and rising and falling and abruptly ending. I am pushed out of the cabin, and am hesitant to jump off the train, which is going very fast.
I finally do jump, and land on some sort of wagon, it has a very small hole in it, I throw my cell phone(wtf?) in it, and the wagon starts gaining speed.
I go through the loops and turns of the weird place, all the while She is chasing me ON FOOT. (Let me remind you, I am going insanely fast in my phone-powered wagon)
She's still slower than the wagon, and I catch up to the train, climb into it. and we continue the journey (I wake up)

Example: What does this dream mean? thnks..?

Im nt going to school .. im sick .. i woke up and i had this dream:
i was at school and the bus was waiting for me and one of my guy friends.. but we went on this elevator thing with this other guy.. and i dropped my fone ...
ppl wer waiting for us on the bus .. even my bro lol ..
but when we came dowt n we realised the bus wasnt a bus it was a train and it was in teh forest. .and like 3 mins away from school the railway ended ther . :P lol ..

Example: What does it mean to dream of solving a murder ?

if you have any suggestions of what this mean,please let me know.it started off with walking home.i had turned into my street and saw a weird mascot-the mascot doesn`t mean anything to me except that i am afraid of them-i felt a weird vibe from it so i began to walk faster and so did the mascot,it began chasing me.i got to the front of my house and there was a long stem rose in the middle of my driveway where my dad is usually parked when i get home.i proceeded to run into my house and close the door quickly and lock it,when i turned around my dog was not even there and there were two more roses in my front foyer .
here is where i blank out,somehow i got to a police station and am talking to them about it,they try helping me.it turns into a big murder mystery and us trying to know who it is because they have murdered people,but the weirdest thing is that one of the people helping us is the murderer(the mascot) and we all know it :S in the end the murders are never solved .

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I dreamt that I was in a taping session of Ellen DeGeneres’ show at her studio and they called for a 15 minutes break. So I decided to stay where I was. Ellen walked around to get to know her audience but I wasn’t very interested in her. Then 2 of my friends who didn’t know each other came to find me and I was trying to introduce them to each other but I couldn’t remember one of their names. All I could remember was that her name started with A and had 3 letters. I then went in search of a toilet. Some of the toilets had the word “Hilarious” marked on the doors. I was really curious and wanted to try out one of those toilets. But they were all occupied. One of it was so tall that if I sat on it, I would be rising above the dividers and everyone outside would be able to see me. When I finally found an empty stall, the toilet bowl had a digitalized screen that said that it was out of order. So, I gave up and went outside. I found myself in a train and bus station. The train was the steam train type that carried passengers. I was waiting for a bus for some reason. I walked past a station officer calling out to some of the female “train stewardesses” to go home because the train schedule was cancelled for that day. I saw a bus ahead and boarded it without looking at what bus number it was. When I got up the bus, I was confused for a while because I didn’t recognize anybody on the bus. It was then that I realized that I was in the wrong bus and wanted to get down. But before I could do that, the same station master came up the back door of the bus to tell the bus driver that the bus service was also cancelled for the day so he doesn’t need to leave the station anymore. I thought to myself, “Ah. Just as well. I have to get off anyway.” But then instead of listening to the station officer, the bus driver closed the doors and started moving off. The officer yelled out “Hey! Hey! Did you hear what I said?” I was the closest person to the driver since I had only just got on. So I turned to look at him and to my horror, he was slumped over to one side and the bus was going faster and faster. I yelled out to the officer, “OH MY GOD I THINK HE’S DEAD!” The officer was like “WHAT?!” I walked towards the back of the bus and asked everybody “Does anyone know how to drive a bus?!?!” But nobody responded. Everyone looked deadpan. I moved towards the back of the bus because I thought that if the bus did crash, I would be less likely to die if I was near the back. I stopped at the back door, sat on the steps and clutched tightly to the pole, shut my eyes and started praying like mad for my life and for everyone else’s in the bus. Before I knew it, the bus stopped and the doors open. I didn’t look back to see how that happened but just dashed out of the door. It was drizzling. And I just ran and ran and ran to get as far as possible in case the bus blew up. And then the dream ended.

I really feel like there is a message that this dream is trying to tell me but I can't figure it out. Anyone has any theories/ideas? I'd really appreciate it! :)

Example: What could recurring dreams / nightmares about rising sea waters mean?

Usually, I am in a building of some sort near the ocean / sea. And the waves i see coming make me fearful. Then they keep rising. The most recent they started lapping at the building I was in and we had to leave for higher ground where it spun off into another weird dream of sorts. The recurring theme is the rising flood / sea waters. Another recent vivid dream involved a recent duty station in Kansas, where there was a rising sea (where there was a river) that came up a 50' cliff side to the road I was on. No matter where I am it comes churning towards me... even in the heart of the country! Any ideas on what this could mean? Or any way to address this? The past couple months, I have had a dream about flood waters / rising seas on a very regular basis and it is beginning to affect good sleep (the sleep I can get anyhow.) Thanks all!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Since my dreams had been accurate in telling the future since young (almost all the dreams I had came true), I started to pay more attention to my dreams now as a teenager. I thought paying more attention to it can help me.

This is what I dreamed:

I was with my father in a car, with my father in the driver's seat and me beside him. No one else was in the car other than us two. Strange enough, our vehicle is facing a police station. We seemed to be anticipating or waiting for something or someone. Then there is this convict, who came out of the police station with 6 other police officers guarding him, This convict walked calmly straight to our vehicle, went to my side of the car, pulled out his knife and tried to to slash my neck. Probably my car window was wind down. :/ I was struggling with him and the police officers were trying to stop him too. After that, the convict tried to injure my Dad too, but from the same place.

After that, my Dad and I went to a shopping mall nearby, but it seems to be refurnished. It was fairly crowded then. We were at the entrance when that convict came at us again.

But then I didn't know how we managed to get away...

The next day(in the dream), my classmates and I seemed to be having a class gathering. We were at the entrance of the same shopping mall. We seemed to be waiting for the other classmates to come. Then I related yesterday's incident to an ex-crush and his friends. Apparently, my ex-crush reassured me, comforted me and put my hair behind my ear (on the left side).

(My ex-crush had given me a rose on Valentines but he told me that he didn't like me bad so he bought it just to make me feel better. However, I got to know that he did that only because his friends paid him to do it. I got really heartbroken and sort of didn't talk to him much for 3~4 months since then. Sort of hated him. )

Then, I dreamed that I was in that shopping mall. Amazingly, it wasn't as crowded as it was at the entrance. I was in the basement level of the mall. I saw my 2 or 3-year-old self in walking towards me , eating an apple happily. She sat beside me and talked to me. I even taught her how to eat slowly. (when i was young i didn't have the habit to chew...)

Then I woke up.

What does this mean? I had dreamt of this once before! I don't think this is a recurring dream but it came again. This dream is significantly more specific than the other dreams so I need a specific interpretation. Please..? Thank You!

Example: What do dreams of running mean?

I had a dream last night that I was running, but I wasn't running from anything or anyone.. I was just running to get home. I remember running to my friends house just to go tell him "hello" (in real life I had no idea who this guy was) then my friend drove up and asked me if I wanted a ride home but I remember telling her "no, I'm just going to run home" she had insisted but I told her "no I'm just going to keep running before it gets any colder" so I continue my run home after telling them "bye" and I ended up running to some kind of bar.. I had ate a sandwich and had a drink with my sister and my cousin but afterwards my sister asked if I wanted a ride home so I get in her car and we drive about a block and stopped at the gas station. I had got out of the car and insisted on running home so I started running home again and I remember it was cold outside but I myself was not cold. that is all I remember of my dream. if anyone can tell me anything about what this might mean I would appreciate it.

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