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Dream About Road Rage meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night i had a dream that was very unusual and scared me alot. I remember it started out as me and my family going to visit relatives in another town. when we got there we arrived at a hotel, but it was more like a house than a suite. we met a man named seth there who smoked alot. He looked very sick and seemed sullen and creepy. Later in the dream we went to go sightseeing in the city and brought a paper parachute? we got tired and layed down on the conrete and covered ourselves with the parachute and slept lol. but when we woke up people had thought we were homeless and left us stuff? when we got back to the hotel we found seth again, even more sick. He was consumed by it and collapsed in size and his skin was decaying. he looked more like a little demon instead of a man. he had his own room in the back of the "house", and when the door was cracked you could see him going insane and throwing things. He kept stalking my older sister and eventually attacked her. i got scared and ran into another room, but i could see everything happening on tv...things got quiet and later my sister ran out and said we had to leave. i didnt question her and she said our mom would follow right behind us in the other car. when we got outside, there were random raging fires spewing in random places all over the ground. we were speeding when we came to a back road surrounded by trees. the back road had alot of twists and there was a cliff on the left side WITH NO RAILING. i started freaking out saying we should return for our mom because i was afraid she would get hurt. my sister insisted and came up on the road. she was driving so fast and so close to the edge that i had to warn her. she said it would be okay, but she wasnt paying attention and floated of the edge. thats when time seemed to slow down. we were falling down the dark cliff , and i couldnt see anything around me expet the inside of the car and the fires and road above. my adrenaline was rushing and i was so scared. but i didnt even freak out. all i did was whisper "goodbye" and wonder what dying would feel like. thats when my mind went blank and i woke up.

. i know that was so long, but ive never had a dream like this in a long timel i just was to know what is mean. please no rude comments.

It may one of those dreams that might have meaning "down the road" in life.so stay close to God...and you'll be alright.I've had dreams like that where if you lay in bed to long...crazy stuff gets added on to your already crazy dream.it's imagination I guess.and I am a certified sleep tech, so to have a dream like that means that you were in a deep stage of sleep known as R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement).which is good to get deep sleep...it is restorative to the body...sometimes those crazy dreams can be a result of some kind of change that has happened or from a recent event...or sometimes your mind can pick-up ideas from TV that may be on in the background while you are sleeping.or maybe it is questions on your mind about dying...just stick close to God...and you'll be alright!

Example: What do your dreams mean?

I had the craziest dream that i went on a road trip with all my friends. To make a long story short, they all got killed except my best friend Brianna. The "killers" gave me the option of killing her and living or both of us getting killed. Of course, i couldn't kill her, so they killed me. I don't know if this has some secret meaning, or if it was just some weird random dream. and its not like i was watching some scary movie or anything before bed. Please decode my dream!

Example: What does it mean to see a road in your dream?

I had a dream I was skating on this long road that went downward. It was smooth but it seemed dangerous, and I was going really fast. At one point I thought to myself "You can't fall. Your going fast and if you do, you'll die." But I felt amazing. I was so happy even though I was going crazy fast. The feeling was indescribable. It was straight, but it would go up and down and at the end I saw a curve to the left. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if I had a very vivid dream involving the current presidential candidates and a raging orgy?

Like, all getting it on together? Is it some kind of anxiety thing, or is this normal?

Example: Ladies: How would you feel if your boyfriend had road rage?

The reason I ask, is because I can clearly tell in my girlfriend's facial expressions that she doesn't like my road rage at all.

My guy friends love it though, mostly because of the things I say at other drivers. I don't ever tail-gate, or drive in a manner that would threaten someone's life, I just say really mean things to other drivers from inside my car.

Like I said before, I'm just asking, because I can tell it really bothers my girlfriend whenever I get road rage, and I don't want her to feel uncomfortable around me.

Example: Very odd dream, wat does it mean?

I can only remember parts of it but il do my best to explain.

First i was in a river swimming around, and then my older sister appears on the river bank, saying how she knows i used to watch porn (i did last year but ive stopped myself now) and how she was able to figure it out even though i deleted the history and the cookies on the computer.

Then suddenly i was on the river bank and four guys were in the river, still had their clothes on, which were all black in colour. Then i said something to them but i cant remember wat it was, but they were all laughing and being mean to me.

Then i was back in the river when i heard the guys from a distance coming to the river. I got out and i didn't have a bathing suit on me. I then for some reason instead of a normal towel, i had my bath robe i used for showers and stuff and i wrapped my hair in a another towel. I then ran from the river and i realised that the place had an autumn look about it. Like i live in Ireland where everything is green and the soil is a dark brown. But there is was all the autumn colours even the grass and the soil was a yellow colour.

Anyway i was running and i came to all lot of paths, on my right hand side i had this gravel type of path, and on my left, there was a jagged, stone steps leading downwards. So then in front of me was a gravel path that kept going up and up towards the sky.

I don't remember which path i took coz it then cut to me running into a field, and i was crouching down crawling beside a hedge that had a road on the other side. I then got to the corner of the field, and laid down while listening for those guys.

I heard what sounded like a tractor and then there voices shouting and laughing coming up the road. I was still lying there scared that they will see me but then they passed.

I was going to get up but i the heard another group of people coming, a mixture of boys and girls voices, talking shouting and laughing. I was still lying there scared that they will see me too, then a ball suddenly bounced down beside me. it was from the group and i just threw it back over the hedge and i really thought that they were gonna see who threw it over but they just kept walking. I then thought that they must have thought that it bounced off a rock back over to them or something.

Once they were gone, i got up and ran to the river. I was running past a couple of trees on the road when it suddenly cut to me running past my little sisters room and then me going into my room, and then i woke up.

So any ideas? Sorry that its so long, but it was a long dream!

Example: What did these dreams mean? if anything?

I aLways have trippy dreams but I wanna know your opinions on vwhat the meaning to them are...okay so ill put additional details which will b helpful but okay first dream: I was with 2 friends and they had weed then we stopped at a hotel and the we ran into these other people and the weed was gone like it was forgotten about completely but we met these 2 party people 1 male 1 female and one of them went crazy and started road raging everybody and I notified the police at the police station..what's weird? Well the police station was the hotel I was just at?..after caught and arrested I woke up, second dream same night: I was going to drivers ed and I met this girl and asked her out and we alrady kissed a few times(that's the real part) but in the dream I went and the place was different there was like 5 waiting rooms until class started I kdept looking for the one my girlfriend was in but that classroom was full then suddenly everything turned into us playing hockey and I was still looking for her while in the game and found her and as soon as I was fixing to kiss her I woke up...WTF lol

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, its starts out in a place called "the black box" (Its a place where i've had my artwork on display.) And i was in a group of friends. there where other groups there aswell, and we had to come up with our own we play. Of Course my group lost. Now, as I'm heading home, i get into a mans car, so he can drop me off in the main part of the city. He had really bad road rage and he would curse, scream and shout. He would speed up his car and i could feel fear strike me, like I've never felt before. (it felt real.) he then dropped me off, and i thanked him politely. As I'm running across roads to get to the other side, (it was nighttime) i would hear a voice, narrating, saying stuff like "this is the road where a boy got knocked down" or "this is the road where a boy got mugged", as if warning me. When i crossed the final road i start walking. I see there is a silhouette of a man walking behind me, and i get scared. i start to run, but i loose no distance between us. I turn around and see he his running after me. He soon caught me, and i realise that his whole body is pure pure black, and that he always has a smile which is pure white. he grabs me and starts shouting "where is my sausage, where?!" (Very weird.) and i wake up.

I'm only 15, what does this mean?

Example: What does this water dream mean?

I had this dream that my supervisor called me and told me not to worry about coming into work because of the roads being flooded. Then she calls me back and said get ready that she and the boss was coming to get me, well I went to the front door to go outside and the water level was waist deep, but the water never came in the house...My supervisor and boss came in a boat to pick me up for work..lol.. when I got in the boat, my boss said hold on girls, and he was going so fast I thought I was going to die, The feel of the boat coming off the water was so weird feeling.. we got to our company and he had our office building sitting on big floats so that we could work..lol..
This was such a crazy dream, we haven't had any floods here so I don't know why I dream so crazy like that..lol.. any idea what this dream means..

Example: What does this dream mean? ?

I don't believe in literal dream interpretation so please no silly comments, I'm just doing this for fun and to see what things in my dream may symbolize.

I had a dream last night that my dad and I were walking through the country. It seemed to be a late summer evening. As we were walking down the gravel road I spotted a black bear. I panicked for a moment and realized that they mainly eat berries wo we walked past without harm. However, a few minutes later, a very large white wolf came towards us. Scared, we stepped back towards a wooden fence and stood motionlessly. The wolf still spotted us and ran towards us in a fit of rage. He went past my dad and started attacking me, but grew tired of me because I played dead. Somehow, my now deceased grandmother entered the dream and he began to attack her. I was enraged and began to beat the wolf, he turned towards me again and tried to kill me. I felt very angry and eventually hit it enough times until it died. My grandmother was okay but hurt, and my dad wasn't attacked. I remember feeling relieved and wanted to save the wolf's pelt as a prize of victory over it, but I didn't know how to tan the hide and knew that it would be too expensive to do professionally, so we left the dead wolf, went on, and I was disappointed. That was it. What does it mean?

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