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Dream About Road Trip meanings

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Example: L had a dream that the world only had roads that go down [not up],what mean?

I was aware while travelling along downhill, that l could never pass this way again.

This seems related to something concrete, but I am unsure of what because you left so few details. It is saying you or your environment is heading down a wrong path, are near a point of no return, and your conscious and subconscious knows it and was telling you to wake up and correct it before it is too late. It may be something like a temptation for a crime that will be on your criminal record, a sexual crime that will also be on your criminal record and be a public record, an insult or break up in a relationship, an abortion, prophetic thought of the world with disgruntled governments developing nuclear weapons, or the economy with mounting deficits in business and government, or a whole bunch of other things. In a nutshell, you had a dream like Ebeneezer Scrooge or a trip like Marty in Back to the Future. Good luck to you in figuring it out and improving your fate because while you cannot reverse past mistakes, you can avoid them in the future.

Example: What does tigers and lions mean in dreams?

I know in my culture it means that someone within the family is going to die or get killed, but I want to hear other aspects of it.

Here's my dream..

Me and two friends were going on a road trip. On the way we passed this camping site, and a lion had killed one of the campers so police were surrounding the lion making sure it didn't run off. It was strange because it looked like the officers were having a conversation with the lions. As we turned the corner and got closer they had already killed the lion (there were two lions actually, but only one got shot). Then as we drove passed them, we saw this golden buffalo on top of this rock, but when we passed it, we could see that the back of the buffalo had stripes like a tiger.

Then we were told to stop because they were searching for more lions ahead, so my friends left with the officer to help. I was alone, and right then the buffalo turned around and it wasn't a buffalo anymore. It had a huge human face. We stared at each other for a while, then my friends came back and we left.


Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

My Dream: I was in an R.V with my famaly and we were driving to check out area 51, i told my dad we will die if we go any nore, but he woudent listen, his eyes were glued to the road, then, when he crossed the yellow line. I felt pain, i felt scared, like some can see us but we cant see them. when I saw a big hut with the words: AREA 51, i get a sharp and painfull vision of a alien of some sort and then i wake up.

What does the dream mean? thanks

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so I had a really weird dream last night.
Soo me & my sisters were on a road trip to las vegas, even tho we are all under age. & on the way there we were fighting but we ended up playing a card game. The card game was that you got a picture of a person & you had to guess what they did the day before or something. Well anyways we got to the hotel and had to fly back. Well the airplane we took, took me to space with donald duck. When I was up there I turned into a guy and when I walked in a room I was trying to find & kick dead body's.
Does this dream have any meaning? haha

Example: Any idea what my dream means?

I saw my mom being pregnant and giving birth

They guy I like was with my class and we went on a road trip and he slowly held me hand then a while after kissed me

We saw cooked turkey's floating on 2 pools of water and the pools were connected

I was taking care of a baby in my dream

And that's about it... Any idea? Couldn't find anything D: thank you!

Example: What do your dreams mean?

I had the craziest dream that i went on a road trip with all my friends. To make a long story short, they all got killed except my best friend Brianna. The "killers" gave me the option of killing her and living or both of us getting killed. Of course, i couldn't kill her, so they killed me. I don't know if this has some secret meaning, or if it was just some weird random dream. and its not like i was watching some scary movie or anything before bed. Please decode my dream!

Example: What is the meaning of a dream in which I'm driving a car and the road suddenly ends in a body of water?

I have this dream every so often. Typically, I'll be driving at, say, highway speeds, when I'll come up over an incline in the road and, without any kind of warning - such as a sign - the road will end at a lake or a flooded out roadway and I'll plunge right into it. The dream usually ends at that point, but is quite disturbing, to say the least. A couple of nights ago, I had a slight variation involving the same type of dream. This time, I was driving at a slow rate of speed while looking for a garage sale . I pulled into a driveway, and when I swung around I was met by a lake, that the driveway just kind of disappeared in to. However, in this particular instance, I was moving slowly enough that I was able to come to a safe stop instead of being swallowed up by it, as has been the case in nearly all other versions of this dream. Very strange and perplexing. Can anyone help? I sure would appreciate it !

Example: What does this road trip dream mean?

I was in the care with 4 guys who are my friends (im a girl) and i was sitting in the backseat with my friends Brian and JC. Brian was in the middle. And next think you know... its a bit graphic so can you just tell me what that part meant?

Example: Dream about a road trip?

Figured I'd share this here for additional insight. This dream took place over the course of several nights.
It starts off with me waking up in the car and my mom is driving - I'm in the passenger seat. We're driving along idyllic country roads on a trip to the east coast. I've actually made the journey a couple of times, but in this dream we're taking a very northern route that I'm unfamiliar with. Anyway, my mom keeps nodding off intermittently, occasionally losing control of the car. Several times I ask her to let me take over - I'm awake, refreshed, and ready to go - but she insists that she can handle this. I grow increasingly anxious as she begins to nod off more and more frequently, then we reach a railroad crossing with an oncoming train. As the gates begin to drop, she swerves onto the tracks and somehow navigates her way across (snoring, no less), as the train barely misses that back of the rental car. For some reason, I can remember the yellow caution lights of the gate vividly, as well as a gazebo in the background.
Well, we continue on and this happens two more times before she finally gives in and allows me to take over. We pull in to a motel for the night and I try to figure out where we are exactly. The good news is that we somehow made it to Minnesota. The bad news is that we're supposed to be in Ohio and are two days behind schedule. I'm aggravated and anxious that we're so far off course, and blame her horrible driving for getting us here.
However, one night at the hotel seems to change everything. It's a quaint little place, far off the main road, and features a winery and gourmet restaurant. Fortunately for us, it's the middle of summer and it happens to be nearly vacant, so we get the VIP treatment. Feeling renewed, I'm set to drive the rest of the way to Ohio, but my mom once again diverts my attention to the restaurant. Once inside we speak to the couple that own the place, and next thing we know the sun is beginning to go down and we've lost a day. I try to be upset, but I've had such a great time (and so much more relaxed) that I decide not to fight it. We're drinking wine in the kitchen area when I become acutely aware of some type of mat on the kitchen counter. It's a greenish-aqua color, made of straw, and out of place. I set down my wine glass (remembering suddenly that I don't drink) and try to remove the mat. Every time I remove the mat, it's suddenly back on the counter. I begin to helplessly claw at it, asking about the "second burner" under the mat. I have no idea what that meant or what I might have been talking about - just that something important to me was under that mat.
There was an interlude dream about Ohio, but I can't remember any of the details. After Ohio, I made it home (back to the coast).
Now, I'm in my apartment and my mom is visiting with me. She's telling me all about her adventures with a friend, how this friend showed her around the city, and she wanted to give me a garden tour (my mom is a landscaper, not unusual). I resisted at first, debating that she new very little about the city I live in and I knew better places if she was interested in sight-seeing. She replies that the park is boring, and that the maze (a non-existent hedge maze in my dream) is poorly maintained and too easy to navigate. Instead she asks me to visit D.C. with her and see a special rose garden. I explain that it's mid-winter and too cold for roses, and I don't have the resources to go down to D.C. just to look at a rose bush.
Eventually she agrees and we compromise by going somewhere else. This imaginary place is considerably farther north, but suddenly it's as warm as Arizona in July - keeping with the original theme of summer. Now my fiance is with me, along with two other young female friends (non-existent in the waking realm, but best friends in the dream). We're lounging around a pool in a luxury hotel after midnight. Everything is illuminated by string-lights, and I vividly remember looking at their reflection in the water and thinking...something. I get up, pull up a bunch of towels, and wander into the lobby. Two bellhops are behind a counter and there's a movie trailer playing on a TV. They're watching it, discussing the movie, and in front of them is a silver plate with various items on it. While I'm unable to recognize these items (some look like electronics) I do know that they are quite expensive and hard to come by. In addition to that, there are several luxury towels and immediately I feel a need for towels.

Example: Dreams about dangerous roads and trips in the past 2 nights?

1.I had a dream last night that I went on a trip with my grandpa, my mom, and my big sister. We were going to some village . On the way there, there was these road constuction signs. We were driving over the road construction and we survived. Then we were at the village and it was cloudy. We had lunch at some point of the dream. And my grandma who was dead as having lunch with us.
We left and experienced more cliffs and we eventually died

2.My mom was taking our whole family to work and we were going on the freeway. We went on the train rail and there was no sides to hold it. We were driving at a fast rate on the rail and I eventually fainted. We came out of the van and we died.
Can someone please tell me what it means?

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