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Dream About Rock Climbing meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was younger I had this recurring progressive dream at the end of the school year. i would be climbing some great mountain and everytime I'd make it a little further.
first time i get to eh foothills and a rock slide kills me, then i get further and its an avalanche, then I'm so high its the wind blowing me off the mountain. then I'm going down the other side and the path is narrower. I slip and fall on my own. Last time I follow the narrow pass and there's a bridge over a rushing river/waterfall. Then the river/fall floods and takes out the bridge with me halfway through.
What does this dream mean?... and why does answer's automatic category chooser always pick education word play for my dream questions?

My cousin actually studied dream interpretation (who knew there are schools where you can take this) and whenever I asked him about a dream, he would respond that the same dream doesn't mean the same thing for everybody. What you have to do is write down the specific images and events and decide how they are significant to you. He recommended keeping a journal of what you were going through in real life and the emotions you were feeling at that certain time and also keeping a record of your dreams. You usually can find patterns. For instance, perhaps you stress over your accomplishments or are an over-achiever. When those emotions are particularly in high gear, then you may have the dream of the mountain (i.e., failing to reach a goal when it is so close to you). He always said that what you have to do is take the time to find out what the dream represents to you. Recurring dreams may reflect an ongoing struggle with some aspect of your life. Discover what that is and then work on the issue. Good luck. I have use to have recurring dreams about a tummy ache and then next thing I know, rats are eating their way out of my stomach. GROSS, right? From doing what my cousin suggested, I realized that I had a lot of guilt built up inside of me, eating me up. Once I worked on those issues, the dreams subsided.

Example: Somebody tell me what these dreams mean? Don't you dare give me a WEBSITE to go to!?

Dream #1~ I was climbing Mount Everest, and my climbing buddy was hovering about the mountain in a helicopter with a rainbow parachute in her hand. The mountain was very tall, and near the top, my foot slipped. I panicked and got the stupid idea of grabbing onto ice, which eventually melted. My climbing buddy tossed me the parachute, which got blown away. She ran for another one, and came back wheezing. I grabbed onto a rock and pressed myself into the mountain as my buddy threw a lime green parachute towards my direction. I grabbed it, but it got caught on a sharp rock sticking out of the mountain. The rock in my hand crumbled, and my climbing buddy began to sob as I fell down the side of Mount Everest. But at the bottom, I landed in a cold but clean river. I stood up, drenched, and began to laugh out of relief.
Dream #2~ I was having a spa day, when a strange lady came in. After I paid for my foot massage, I put my shoes back on. I looked up and the lady was looking at me. I stood up and left the spa, which was ironically seven houses away from mine. I had passed a tree stump when I heard high heels tapping on the sidewalk. I didn't have to turn around to know it was the lady. I ran as fast as my body was willing to run, when I looked back. The lady was gone. I smiled and went into a nearby store to buy a drink because I was exhausted. I bought a lemon iced tea. I tucked the bottle of Nestea into my purse after I paid. As I was leaving, the cashier called me back to the counter. "You forgot your change.", she said happily. "Thanks, but you could have it.", I answered. I picked up a pack of gum and was about to lay it on the counter when I looked up and saw the lady! I screamed, dropped the gum and ran out the door when I bumped into somebody. It was the lady! I ran even faster. Suddenly the lady confronted me. I screamed. "Relax, Elma.", she said, taking off her hood. I looked at her and sighed with relief. Then I smiled while my best friend crossed the street.
Dream #3~ I was at a baseball game when the Mets scored a ball. I stood up and cheered a little too hard when my loose tooth fell out!. I put it in my cardigan pocket. After the game, I went to museum. I walked into the Native Amercan section. Suddenly the place where my tooth was began to hurt. I ignored it and walked into the dinosaur section. Then the place where my tooth was began to hurt some more. I ignored it again. Then, when I walked into the prehistoric section, the place where my tooth was began to hurt of all hell. It hurt so bad, I teared up a little. I wiped the tears away and tried to enjoy my day out, when I came across something strange. I looked closer. It was MY TOOTH! I felt in my pocket. The tooth was still there. I looked at the tooth once more, and felt in my pocket again. It was empty.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i dreamt i was lying on rocks and an eagle was pecking my organs out of my body. what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was on a vacation with my family. We walked by a beautiful creek. There were rocks all around it, so my older sister breana decided that she would climb on the rocks. She ended up falling in the water and the water seemed deep for a creek.

My cousin Loren was with us for some odd reason. He dove in the water and i could see what he was doing from his view. There was a jeep underneath the water and she was trapped inside. Loren couldn't get inside so he had to hot wire the car. He finally got in and brought bre to the bank.

When i saw bre, she was very small...about the size of a new born medium sized dog. I ran over and he started cpr. He told me to press on her chest while he blows into her mouth. She ended up not making it and i started bawling in my dream, as the rest of my family did.
We went back to my house and my friend, whom i haven't spoke to in a while, came to my door and asked to live here because her mom kicked her out. She payed no attention to the fact that we were crying and grieving over losing bre.

I woke up gasping for air and crying.
I can't figure out this dream..

Example: What does my dream mean?

Yesterday night, i had a pretty weird/scary dream. It was set at school, and all i remember is i was in a bad mood sitting on the stairs at my school, and my friends came up to me and asked what is wrong. then i cant remember what i said an so all of a sudden the floor dissappeared and all it was-was mud/quicksand, and my friends began to sink in it and eventually all 3 of their heads was under the quicksand, i didnt want to die so i kept on climbing on chunks of rocks to not fall in, i did this for a while but i couldnt keep up and soon i fell under the quicksand, for about 10 seconds and i must have died althought i woke up. can you please translate this dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccurring nightmare where I'm in the car with my older sister and mom and we go up a REALLY HIGH and steep mountain. The drive up is almost 180 degrees. I tell my mom and my sister I'm afraid if highs and can't do this. So I get out of the car and watch them from the base of the mountain, go up. I watch them get 3/4th's of the way up and the car tumbles down. I see my sisters and mothers face fill with horror as I watch the car crush more and more with each impact. As I view my sell fall to my knees I see the world around me turn darker and more evil. I've had this dream 2-3 times past 10 years. Please help me find out what my dream means

Example: What does this dream mean?


I was rock climbing with my dad and my sister and step mom when my dad got arrested for falling off a rock climbing mountain and I was the only one who seemed to care. I cried alot and he didn't call or anything and my sister and step mom and the rest of my family completely forgot and I went to the jail to try to break him out but they threw me in with a zebra and we cried together and then at the end of my dream I saw a picture frame with me and the zebra

Lol what it means? Thanks

Example: Dream about someone dreaming?

I had a dream, that my roommate was dreaming, about rock climbing and/or bungee jumping. what does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I found a tiny tiger cub while I was staying at a college friend's house. While looking after him, he got away and I chased after him, because I was afraid he would wander into traffic. In order to save him, I had to climb down a huge sand berm onto a beach. As I was climbing, the berm turned into a tower of metallic garbage, and there were mean teenagers with catapults hurling rocks and trash at me, trying to knock me off. I finally defeated them by wrecking their catapult with a big rock. I got to the bottom and had to pretend to be a farm worker to "steal" the tiger cub back from a kind of factory where he was being kept in a tiny cage too small for him. What does all that mean? Serious answers only. No submoronic twaddle like "It means you're crazy."

Example: What do dreams about being high up mean?

in one, i was rock climbing in the bahamas (even though it wasn't really the bahamas..it was mountains..) and i ended up on the top of a ledge really really high up, and i had to concentrate on balancing so i wouldn't fall right off the other side.
in the other one, i was up on a very high, very small platform. i was trying to fix the clouds.

what do these dreams mean? mostly, what does being high up in a dream mean?

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