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Dream About Rock Slide meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? (it's long but I'd really appreciate it if you took the time to read and answer)?

Okay so I've heard that your dreams like have a meaning or about something you know? So I'm just wondering what this dream means or watever. I have this dream every once in a while where I live in in a house that's not mine and across the street is this really old, big, kind of scary looking wood house but it looks interesting so I want to go in and look around. So I go in and theres like a really scary blind like witch lady that lives there and I just try to be really quite so I don't get caught and she doesn't kill me or something. And so I'm in there looking around and I open a door to another room and the lady is standing there and that's when I wake up.

I have that dream alot but it's a little different sometimes like sometimes I wake up in my dream and I'm in that house but I'm in the attic and its huge. The ceiling is like slanted like the roof you know? and theres a real big hole in the ceiling and the room is all made out of wood like the floors and ceiling. so i wake up and my bed i was sleeping in is in the fireplace and so i try to walk down the stairs to the door and I fall through and that's when i wake up.

but the most recent times i had the dream it was like this. I was in that house again and me and my cousin Ethan were going to watch a movie and it was really cold so i was going to get some blankets and so to get to the room the blankets were in I had to open a door that went to a really narro hall that got smaller and smaller as you went through it and it had tons of creepy things in it like porcelin dolls and like old clothes but once i get through there i open a door that goes to stairs that were outside and it was really high up in the air and at the top of the stairs is the room and the room is on stilts and its really windy out side. so i walk up the stairs and I open the door to the room and i Get in there and my grandma is in there (my grandma died when i was 7 so she has been dead for a little over 7 years now) and i try to talk to her but she won't talk to me. since its all windy and the house is on stilts the room is rocking back and forth and there is a big hole in the wall and my grandma's sitting in a chair and it slides out the window. and i look out the window and i dont see her. so i turn aroun and the room is completely empty it had been filled with a whole bunch of junk. then the floor starts to fall through so i run out the door back onto the stairs and go back into the hall way. then i go back into the room where ethan is and the witch lady is in there and she killed him and thats where i wake up. I have these dreams alot and i was just curious to know what you guys think its about or its meaning any answer would be great. thanks

I have dreams that are sort of similar. Well a house simply represents your mind. To dream of a haunted house, signifies unfinished emotional business, related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings. So being that Ethan is in this dream, could you possibly have some feelings or emotions that you have ignored directed towards him? There are a lot of ways to look at this dream. But do remember that a house represents your own self, soul, or mind. Just look at the objects and your own actions in this dream that are in the house and carefully consider what they mean to you and you'll have your answer!

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was younger I had this recurring progressive dream at the end of the school year. i would be climbing some great mountain and everytime I'd make it a little further.
first time i get to eh foothills and a rock slide kills me, then i get further and its an avalanche, then I'm so high its the wind blowing me off the mountain. then I'm going down the other side and the path is narrower. I slip and fall on my own. Last time I follow the narrow pass and there's a bridge over a rushing river/waterfall. Then the river/fall floods and takes out the bridge with me halfway through.
What does this dream mean?... and why does answer's automatic category chooser always pick education word play for my dream questions?

Example: I don't know what my dream means, can u help explain?

ok so i had a crush on this guy, and I was starting to get over him. But then one night I had this dream i'm in 8th grade going to high school but this school isn't the high school i'm going to be going to. it's by a forest and in gym i think we'd go out but to get out we'd have to take this maze of corridors and then go down this slide to get out.
so we are out there and this guy i used to have a crush on and i fight everyday apparently and today it was because we were going to have races down this hill and i was saying that we should just do girls against girls and boys against boys. he thought that was stupid. so i turned around and kept walking and he threw something and it hit the middle of my back. i looked down and it was a baby bunny. the bunny was fine and it hopped off. i saw my gym teacher and i was like mrs murphy he threw something at me. and i don't remember if she said anything to him. but then i was turning around to look at him and he threw a rock and it hit the middle of my forehead.
i started crying and ran to the top of the hill and he was running to catch up to me. he caught up to me and grabbed me around my waist and pulled me so my back was against his chest. and he was like i'm sorry i didn't mean to hit you. and i was like just leave me alone! and i got out of his arms but then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me so i was hugging him. and i was still crying and he held me and kept saying don't cry, i didn't mean to. so once i calmed down he picked me up and twirled me around until i was laughing and like the rest of class i'd see him staring and at me or i'd stare at him and i was so happy.
i woke up and i figured out it was a dream and i wanted to cry. ever since i think i still liked him the whole time. but i can't seem to forget this dream and i keep wondering what it means. so please if you could please help me!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well last night I had the oddest dream here goes
Ethan (My youngest who is 11 months now) and Rebekah (My little sister) and I we in the woods to look for alligators (why unsure) but we were on the hunt. oddly we were not dressed for the occasion. Ethan who was now 5 was in a red t-shirt and blue jeans and tennis shoes. Rebekah was oddly enough wearing a pink pair of shorts and a white t-shirt and sandals. I was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt and tennis shoes. Well here we all are walking through the woods looking for alligators. when out of now where comes a huge wolf. I yell Ethan climb the tree. I got Ethan to the top and there I am holding him up in the tree when it started to bob up and down like a bobber does when you have a fish. I was starting to feel little sick but I look down and see Rebekah scared to death and not moving I tell Ethan hold on the tree I love you I'm going to get Aunt Rebekah stay here don’t get down no matter what. I slide down the tree. And yell REBEKAH she looks at me and says "Save me please" the wolf was getting closer to her so I threw a rock and hit him square in the face. he looked at me and his eyes felt like ice. he did a growl followed by a howl. I yell rebekah climb the tree and protect Ethan. I saw her run and climb the tree. There I stood face to face with this wolf. He howled again it scared me little and before I knew it there were two wolves. I yelled stay in that tree ill protect you both. I looked around to see what I could use to protect myself when I saw Anthony (my oldest who is 5) (he appears to me to be about 10) coming up towards me yelling mommy, mommy save daddy. I yelled where is he. Where is daddy? Anthony yelled look out mommy a wolf. I was freaked out I couldn’t figure out where Anthony came from so I yelled climb the tree and Aunt Rebekah will protect you. I helped Anthony up the tee never looking back once. I got Anthony up the tree and I watched rebekah and Ethan hug him. The two wolves kept coming closer and I ran around a few trees and they followed me around than out of the corner of my eye I saw this shack so I ran into it and the wolves followed me in there. I saw this crowbar and hit the first wolf on the head he whimpered and leapt towards me I managed to stab him with the crowbar killing him. The other wolf grabbed my leg and pulled it hard I watched it break and I screamed in pain. I spun the crowbar around and hit the wolf right between the shoulder blades killing him. I crawled out of the shack and said come on get down we have to find Michael. I was dragging my leg behind me and said Anthony where did you see daddy last. Anthony said he is near the water. Than it hit me we were looking for alligators. I got to the water line and there I saw Michael sitting there looking at the water in amazement like he just made peace with someone. I went up to him and he jumped up and said what happened and I said two wolves attacked us. Than Ethan yelled mommy saved us all. Michael just looked at me and said did Anthony find you. I said yes he said that you needed help what’s the matter. He said I needed your help to look for something but its okay I found it. than he said what about theses wolves are you okay. He looked down and saw my leg and said ill carry you home. he picked me up we all got back to the house than I woke up

Example: What do you think these dreams of dragons mean?

1. A black dragon attacking a mountain with a stone house carved into it. It is causing rock to fall down the mountain. I run inside the stone house, and then wake up.
2. I am barefoot. A white, ice dragon chases me through a tundra. I slip or slide into a narrow canyon of ice. The dragon tries to pursue and knocks into the wall, cutting its belly. It falls into the cavern. Green guts come out and steam against the ground. My foot slips into its blood. It's acid. Another dragon roars, circling above my location. I wake up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i was in a cemetery like island.it was a island in the middle of a river and there were tombstones and long cobble paved roads.i saw myself and went running toward me but it just stood there and as i ran i merged with myself.then i slipped off of the edge and fell into the water.and the river carried me away.does this mean anything?and on one of the tombstones i saw a name and then i heard someone say taht this man was killed in a mountain slide?And i looked up his name on the internet and he was real.(i forgot the name)what does this mean?and btw he was a rock star.

Example: Can somebody tell me what this crazy dream means?

I dont remember dreams ever. Every morning I wake up and feel like I didnt dream at all, but throughout my life Ive remembered like maybe 10 dreams total. This one sticks with me since childhood.

I am riding to my old friend Caitlin's house in a carriage pulled by a big brown horse. My parents are with me, but it starts to snow. We live in cold weather so this normally wouldnt bother me, but in the dream we all freak out. When we pick up Caitlin, I look back down the road and the snow is piling up fast. When I look back forward again, there is a big drift in the middle of the road. Although I dont know where we are going next, we must get there so we go off the road and into the woods. In the next thing I remember, suddenly we are in a canoe sliding down the hill thro the woods. The canoe hits a rock and stops next to a porcupine. Then I wake up.

Example: Meaning of this dream?

Me and my crush were standing on a cliff, sort of like the grand canyon. It was all rock and dirt no trees or plants or anything like that. There was a big drop off like thing, not really a valley it was just like a place between two jagged cliffs. (like they have in the grand canyon.) We were looking out to the horizon and we noticed something pink rising up into the sky. It was twisted and arched like a roller coaster. We pulled out binoculars and saw that it was an old broken down water slide they hauled off when they shut down splash town (a local water park). We walked up to the edge of the cliff and looked down, there we saw almost all of the broken down roller coasters and water slides they tore down when six flags astroworld shut down. It was really creepy. In the beginning it felt like it was just us, and the quite beauty of our surroundings. When we noticed the water slide, it felt like it was us surrounded by destruction. But we weren't sad about the amusement parks, we were sad because we couldn't find a place that wasnt torn apart or paved over. Ill provide a little info about the relationship i have with him. He is my best friend, we have known each other for 4 years. I started crushing on him here recently, and we flirt all the time now. Some of our friends tell me we should go out. Some people think we are going out. He doesn't know that I like him like that, and i haven't told him because he used to be involved with a friend of mine. I'm worried that if we go out, my friend will be mad at be, and that we will cease to be friends. Does anyone know what it could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? :(?

so i had this really weird dream last night. I was at a dorm in a college campus when we got a letter saying that three things were going to happen that day, One involving fire, One involving animals, and One involving water. well we didn't think anything was going to happen that day so we just ignored it. well the next thing i know, i saw a giant thing of fire heading to the dorm. I became possessed and went outside and pushed my friends off a cliff and into the fire. Next, we went out front and saw a rock slide. we ran as fast as we could but we were trampled by a herd of some sort of animal. I looked over at my friend and said "I'm scared" and she said, "dont worry, it means Jesus is coming back soon" Well, the next thing to happen involved water so we tried to stay inside to prevent it. All of a sudden it started to rain and this hand shaped cloud busted the roof and the fingers of the cloud picked up one of my guy friends and a guy appeared out of the clouds and said, "I have chosen you first, Because of your fear" and then i woke up

What does this mean?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my (1st dream) I was not conscious so I did not see anything, my mind was just blank. When I did become conscious I heard my teacher's voice she was talking about construction I think, I did not remember all the things she said but I did hear the word construction. When I realized that my teacher was talking I saw someone digging up something from a pile of dirt. There were a handful of rocks in the pile. In my (2nd dream) I was at a grocery store pushing a shopping cart. I went down a wedge it was built like a staircase in the form of a right triangle but with no steps,I went down as if it were a slide,I didn't even have to walk down it just made me slide down. I then saw a girl or lady trying to do the same up ahead me the wedge was smaller. She tried to go down with her shopping cart but fell, as she was going down she leaned back with the pushing cart doing a manual with it like a skateboard and ended up falling the things in her cart fell and I did not bother to help her. After that I think I end up seeing my sister and I think she tells me that she wants candy or I get it myself. The candy that I bought was a bag of jawbreakers and chocolate.
Now in the (4th dream) I am at the living room and I see my sister eating jawbreakers some of the pieces of candy were laid out on the floor not really messy though. I look to see if the chocolate is there but realize that it is missing. Later I see my relative going up the stairs and head to the door to my parents room at the right, strangely a friend of his is in my parents room. Both come out of the room and exit out of the place heading back downstairs. The guy was white and had orange or red hair like a ginger. I was thinking of going to my parents room or downstairs while I walked near the room which is also near the staircase, I saw that the staircase was broken half of the staircase was gone only about two steps were left. As a result I end up seeing another floor not my neighbor's this bottom floor resembles a middle class person's house. I feel like want to go to there but cant get to the bottom because of the stairs being broken so I look to the right and notice that my place changed also. I notice to my right a stairway going down
In my ( fifth dream) It is sunny and I am walking straight on a road in a suburban are, no cars are passing everything is just quiet. I keep walking straight on a road leading only to two pathways to the left or right sorta like a form of a T. I see a row of a couple of houses next to each other straight ahead and to my left and right of course there is grass and sidewalks. I am not really that close yet. I look to my left and see two butterflies pass by me heading to the right of me diagonally northeast. The wings of the butterflies look light green, light yellow, or white. When I got closer to the houses I saw a couple of girls standing by a porch I think there were about 3 of them. I ignore them and head to the left road and now I see one house that is black and white. The house is mostly white with the rooftop and two wooden window frames being black. Straight ahead of the left road I see a pathway ahead, the place is mostly grassland.

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