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Dream About Roll Up meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok. My dream always starts with me and my partner investigatining a murder that had happened 15 years after we entered the room. So I go over to the dresser and start looking through it while my partner goes over to the closet and starts looking through it. then we both hear a little girls voice scream "stop u r messing up my stuff!" I turn around and look @ the closet. he stops looking though it for a while and then after a few minutes he starts looking in it again. This time the voice was more denomic "I SAID STOP!" My partner and I looked @ eachother and both ran outside into the car. The house we were @ had a drive way that would circle the house and then spiral downwards b/c they lived on a hill and as we circled the house leaving, I looked over and in a window I saw a small girl that had a peeled off face and her eyes were rolled back in her head. Once again. what does this dream mean?I have had this dream 4 or 5 times and it has been a little diffrent eachtime.help!

first of all, have you watched any scary or horror movies for the last 6 months? try to remember, I'm being serious here

if not, then the dream means you are in big trouble spiritually. the house represents your subconscious. you represent your conscious. something in you has died or been buried and your conscious is trying to find out why. it could be something you couldn't remember or your brain didn't alow you to remember.
Brains do that automatically, something traumatic or something that just shocked you so much when it happened, will be covered and you will find it hard to remember again. This is what your conscious is trying to do and your subconscious is against.
Take some time off and read your old diaries or newspapers anything that will make you remember. Good luck!

Example: Dream meaning?

ive been having alot of bad dreams lately, what can they mean, the other night in one l was driving my car with my mom in the front passenger seat, anyway l couldnt get the revs and kept rolling back, eventually l was sliding back, went over a verge, the car flipped over and was heading for water, my mom cannot swim so in the dream she was screaming frantically cause of heading for the water.
ive had others to about crashing, then a couple of nights ago i was driving a bus, i am actually a bus driver, it was raining and somehow l lost control and was sliding on the road, the corner of the cab end was heading straight towards a 38 tonner, i was just about to crash into it when l shot up in my bed, this one has really got to me because of the fact that l do drive a bus, any ideas and thanks in advance.

Example: Meaning of "Rock N Roll Dream" (AC/DC) lyrics ?

I love AC/DC, and most of their songs are very simple to understand, however i found myself pondering these lines...

"Deep water all around me,
Circle sharks all about,
Deep in trouble, had me turned around,
Man up and one man down,
You pretty women gather 'round,
You can't pick up not a single sound,
You feel you're winning,
That's what it's all about,
Knowing you are winning, oooh,
And it could be the very last time,

I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,

Circle sharks all about you,
You come up and you don't know why,
Where goes a woman with a warm embrace,
Does a man walk in the hard rain?
I'm amazed at the mess you found,
Coming up and I'm standing next in line,
Give into none and that one comes,
Here me hollerin' I get the most,

I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,

Circle sharks down and around,
Deep water all around, 'round, 'round,
Deep water all around, 'round, 'round
Round 'round, 'round
Round 'round, 'round

I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream,
I could be in a rock 'n' roll dream"

you guys have any thoughts on the "theme" or moral of what it is trying to say ?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where i was going home from work. I realized i forgot something. When i turned around my car started rolling backwards into the water. I knew it wasn't going to stop so i got my keys, purse, and phone and started to get out. I then thought about something i needed in the backseat. I reached back and got a white plastic walmart sack and turned around to get out. By that time the car was completely engulfed with water and i began to drown. That is when i woke up in a sweat and in tears. ( drowning is my biggest fear) Does anybody know what this dream could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Husband dreamed that he rolled over and put his arm around me but I was pregnant round instead of my tiny figure. What does that mean?

And he don't dream often

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok..I had a dream that i was at school and the day was going as normal as any day. until all of a sudden i noticed that i wasnt wearing any pants...somehow i knew where they would be and i told my teacher that i would be back and i was going to get my pants...for some reason everyone thought it to be normal as if i were wearing pants...i went to the class i knew they would be and i got them but didnt put them on and continued the dream as if i were wearing them until i woke up...what does this dream mean? why am i having this dream? will it portray a roll in my life?

Example: Meaning of a dream, of rolls of bread turning to sand?

In the dream I was holding a plate with warm rolls,and when the man Im with went to take one,it turned to sand.Could there be a meaning to this?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in a church setting filled with people who are young like me (I am 22) and I was rolling around naked in the church. What does it mean?

Example: Dream about message on rolled up white dental floss. What does it mean?

I really need your help. Serious answers only please...

Last night I had a dream that the man I am dating (who was previously married) received a note from his ex-wife which said:

" I am so glad you are hear. I really want us to spend more time together. And we talked about Ms. Monique Jr. while you were gone."

Firstly my name is Monique. Secondly, his repsonse to her was "me too". She was flossing her teeth and then passed him the package of floss to get a peice. When he pulled it out and cut it, he noticed it was thick and unrolled it. Then the message was revealed in blue ink.

What on earth does this mean? I woke up in the middle of the night and told him the dream, he said that he doesn't wanna be with her but feels as if I am pushing him away. I don't get that b/c i am constantly pulling towards him.

Example: What does my dream mean?

For the past 3 nights ive had the same dream. Im in the car and I cant tell whos driving. But we go up this really steep hill and just before we get to the top, the car flips over and we roll down the hill. I wake up just before stopping at the bottom. Im not sure if this is more of a loss of control dream or a fear of failure. Any ideas?

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