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Dream About Rooming House meanings

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What does it mean to dream of your house except in the dream, there are an extra three or four rooms that are there?

According to my dream dictionary, to see a house in your dream, represents your own soul and self. Specific rooms in the house indicate a specific aspect of your psyche. In general, the attic represents your intellect, the basement represents the unconscious, etc. If the house is empty, then it indicates feelings of insecurity. If the house is shifting, then it suggests that you are going through some personal changes and changing your belief system. To dream that you are cleaning your house, signifies your need to clear out your thoughts and getting rid of old ways. You are seeking self-improvement. To dream that your house is broken into, suggests that you are feeling violated. It may refer to a particular relationship or current situation in your life. Alternatively, it indicates that some unconscious material is attempting to make itself known. There are some aspects of yourself that you have denied. To dream of a haunted house, signifies unfinished emotional business, related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings.

It would make sense that the extra rooms in your house represent new aspects of your life that you have yet to discover. Each room represents something different, so it really depends on what rooms they were in your dream, i.e, the kitchen or attic or garage...

Hope this helps.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a house with many rooms?

I dream of this often, the same house, but... l have Never to my Knowledge visited this house. Yet in my dream, l always live there.

Example: What does my haunted house dream mean?

I have had a recurring dream for well over ten years that the upstairs of my childhood house is haunted. The light switches do not work properly - often it is dark and I can't turn them on, but sometimes I can't turn them off either. I have never seen anything in these dreams but the feeling of 'bad' is omnipresent and...thick, heavy. Just outright terrifying. My old bedroom, my mother's bedroom, and the bathroom are the only rooms upstairs.

I have never had anything bad happen in the upstairs of my house. This addition was added when I was about 7. My mother still lives there and the house is quite unchanged.

Any ideas about what this could be inferring?

Example: Dream house?

in my math class we are designing our dream house. what are some really cool rooms i could put in it?

Example: Dream meaning about your house?

What is mean when you dream that your house has all these extra rooms you never knew about (and it's a recurring dream)

Example: What does it mean to dream about a weird house?

I had a dream that my hockey team came over for a party and at the start the outside of my house was normal. Then we went inside and the house turned into a maze. I had a gym in my house like the one in my school and then in certain places a river would run through the wood floor. I felt dizzy and I couldn't see as well as i should have been able to. Then celeberties were there. Like the cast off of degrassi and 90210. They had a fight and then i fell into a river but got back out. I walked into the gym and my crush was in there playing games. He cheated in the game.

Sorry it's so long and weird. Please answer. It's been on my mind and I've had the dream more than 4 times.

Example: What does this dream mean? New house?

Basically me and my parents had just moved into a new house, but my mom wasn't there yet at first. It was a huge, beautifu house, but it took me a while to find some of the staircases because they were quite hidden and secretive, and there wasn't just one upstairs landing, it was split into little sections which just had a bedroom with an en suite bathroom. There were three bedrooms, two with an en suite and one without, but it was near to a shower room. I got to choose my room and I loved this house. Then I went downstairs and both my parents were there looking happy.
We have no intention of moving house and could never afford a house like that. Does this dream have a deeper meaning than simple wishful thinking?

Please answer,if I dont find out the meaning of a dream it tends to repeat itself a lot.

Oh also one time I had a dream of being in a friend's house which was even bigger and had loads of staircases but no doors, and beds just randomly everywhere.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a house fire ?

Okay, so last night I had a dream that me, two of my friends, and their mom was sitting in the living room of a house that I didn't recognize. Then all of a sudden we smelled something and I got up and opened the door to the closest bedroom. There was a fire, but it was just a little one, so we started grabbing some valuable things. We had forgot something in the bedroom right beside of the fire so I opened the door. The flames in the room were so bad, that I had to just shut the door. Then, everything just disappeared. I looked around, and then it was my OWN home that was on fire. Me and my Dad rushed to get everyone out safely. The flames were huge, and coming out of every window. Then, all of a sudden, the fire just went out. Every little bit of it. And the funny thing is, everything in the house didn't burn. Because right after it went out, me and my dad went in and started getting the things that were okay. It was crazy and very realistic. So what does this mean ? If it even means anything at all. Please help me !

Example: What do dreams about houses mean?

Or more rather a room in a house.

So when I was around 10 years old, I had this dream about me playing/living in this room that was part of a house I never got to see the rest of. When I was 12, I had this dream again, but we were moving out (still only showing this room) and now i'm 15, - just a couple of months ago I had this dream again but teenage me was going back and walking through the large empty room.

I've never seen this place before in my life. Anyone know what it means?

Example: What does this house moving dream mean?

I dreamt I moved to a new home the inside was beautiful and the size I wanted it was spacious yet cosy and the rooms where decorated to the way I liked, But when I looked out the window I already saw it was a crime area and in a ghetto area and realised it was a maisonette meaning it was a house but in a flat compartment so I realised I liked my old home better as there was no crime and it was in an a apartment complex and it was just better so I started making plans to move back to my old home...while I was at them new house I did start taking control and pushing out what was causing negativity I realised I was putting my foot down more in this new house...What does all this mean?

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