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Dream About Rouge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this strange, strange dream mean?

i dreamed a corydora was sitting on a flotable chair in a swimming pool drinking OJ. he then jumped up and ripped his chest and emitted a ray if pure energy and the pool exploded. i then turned into deku link and blew bubbles and got beaten up by a dog. a dog boxing. I then dreamed of the christmas kangaroo where he brings a bag of gifts and your father has to box him and k.o him so you can steal his gifts. I was a goron and said theo blast and threw a strawberry at him and he melted and changed itno count olaf and said come with me for free hot dogs and a stampede of corydoras ran after him and ate all the hot dogs and said HYPER BEAM and played the ocarina of time and played the prelude of light and warped to the temple of time but then they brought a rouge hermit crab and it said hep hep hep and mater came and started spitting on everyone...

My friend, your profile name explains your dream. There is no specific meaning, but only a random mash-up of ideas and images pulled from different video games, cartoons and movies.

Not all dreams have significant messages or meaning. Many, perhaps most dreams reflect the activity of the subconscious mind as it sifts through the thoughts and images of the past day. If you fill your mind with strange superheros, warriors, and fighting, that is what will be sorted during your sleep.

Example: What does it mean if I'm killed or seriously injured in a dream?

In 4 of my dreams I'm injured or killed...

The most recent im shot at close range with a rifle four times, but for some reason I still live (also the asian dude from "Mythbusters" is in that same dream..WHY!?). I was raobbing a bank with 3 others(one being the asian dude), however i tipped off the cops. When they came they thanked me as they surronded us. My allie automaticly knew what I did and shot me four times from 2 ft. away. I walked away like it was nothing...

2nd most recent=
Setting; time:1899 Paris, kind of like the movie Moulin Rouge...
Job; Mob member
C.O.A; Shot point blank, straight to the heart.
I refused to kill a woman who I had an affair w/ so my boss (who was one of my real life best friends) killed the woman and the me...
I woke up instantly...

3rd most recent=
Setting; Indoor pool at The Y...2005
Job; student (still am =p)
C.O.A; Drowning...3 bullies where picking on me, continuosly dunking me and pushing me deeper and deeper. I felt the pressure

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well, now I'm in college and I just had a dream about my high school crush last night and that she supposedly died because it was my fault or I accidentally killed her, or killed her and thought it was someone else but it turned out to be her, or something like that...wierd dream huh? Yeah but I was crying in my dream because of her death and when I woke up, I felt sad. The thing is though, this crush was five years ago. I'm a sophmore in college now and I liked her throughout highschool (freshman year-junior year) although she was a grade ahead of me. She was friends with my friend and I never had the balls to approach her. I added her on facebook freshman year and college and seen how much she's changed (personality-wise). She's still that beautiful girl, but not that artsy, quiet, mysterious, moulin rouge, type of girl anymore. She looks like she's a lot more expressive...in the sense that she knows she's hot and she's going to live up to her expectations such as partying, etc.

Example: What does my dream mean?

this girl said to me take as many stuff as you want were going to the future so me obviously I took everything and as soon as I walked out my front door we were in the future which was 2030. I started talking to the guy upstairs of my house who updated me on my life. My mom was miley cyrus's mom, I had two twin brothers named rouge and renee, I had two older sisters whom apparently I never talk to anymore. Then I turned my head..i saw my bf house. So I dumped all my stuff and ran to his house...rang the doorbell and asked for him.Then he came to the door and pretend i was his gf. And im like you just met me then he says pretend u are bc they think I have one. So then I ask him to go sit outside and we talked about how I was from the past and how we were bf and gf in 2009.

is this suppose to be telling me something about my future?

Example: I had a dream that I was a prostitute, 2 nights in a row. What does it mean?

For the last two days I've been having the strangest dream that I lost my job, became a prostitute and lived in some kind of brothel where everything was super fake and cheesy. the walls were covered in fake red and pink silks, sort of Moulin Rouge style. (I'm really an architect, so this cheesy decorating in my dream has left an impression on me). I remember I had sex with a "client" once in my dream, only the first night and the rest of the time I was trying to avoid having sex with people who would come in that place.

I remember feeling very ashamed of myself, trying to think how i let it get that far, and thinking of how I could get out of there, but I was almost trapped. This was so extreme, that I even remember of waking up in my dream (while I was sleeping), turning to another prostitute in my dream and telling her "I just had the strangest dream, that I was a hooker" and she laughed and said that it wasn't a dream. Everything seemed so realistic and the fact that I dreamed of it two nights in a row, and the images are still very vivid in my head, make me think that there is some sort of meaning to this.

Anyone has an idea of what this could mean? Thank you very much!

Example: What could my dreams about Heath Ledger possibly mean?

I, along with a lot of other people were shocked to hear about the death of Heath Ledger. But I'm having weird dreams about him and it's started to freak me out b/c a lot of them are recurring dreams & I've never, to my knowledge had a recurring dream. I would type up everything I remembered of the dreams the morning after I had them. I have 15+ dreams saved & in most of the dreams, there is a phone, a little kid, my dad who died almost 5 yrs ago & people I've never seen in my life, & in a lot of them, Heath doesn’t talk to me at all. IDK why I’m having these dreams. I had met Heath once in 2000, way before he was famous, but I had seen him in 10 Things I Hate About You. He was in Baton Rouge, LA. I was there for a softball tournament & he'd been shooting the movie Monster’s Ball not far from Baton Rouge. I met him for maybe 30 min. I thought he was 1 of the best actors, but other than that, I don’t see why these dreams keep happening. They’re getting to be quite disturbing.

Example: Ok my dreams too long so its all in the details... can someone PLEASE help me!?

I had a dream that there were two dogs... they were brothers. but one went rouge and attacked the other one and like messed up its spine so the good dog was laying on the ground in pain and stuff and the other one came at me.. some kid tossed me two knives and told me to kill it.. i didn't want too i was crying the whole time cause there was nothing i could do for the one dog in pain and the other dog was still coming at me.. he lunged and i stuck the knife out and killed him... i ran over and cut the other dogs spine so it would put him out of his misery... :'/..poor doggies. what does all this mean!?

Example: I had a really scary and realistic dream what does it mean.?

I had a dream that I am having my calculus class outside and the class ends and we are about to head inside when we get distracted by the noise of a helicopter we all look up at the sky to see a white helicopter(maybe a rouge drone) being cased by md state police helicopters( not the air national guard) and then it lands near where we are and starts to move closer to us we all run for the school's classroom trailer( where we normally have class) and I make it it to one door and get in I run across the room to the other door to let my classmates in and then I see blood splatter on the window and I'm scared I hear sound stop I look out the window then see my girlfriend my teacher and some of my other class mates dead. Then a sad song begins to play and I wake up.

Example: I need to figure out what this dream means, and am I psychic? Help!?

I had this dream. Well, like a series of dreams in one night. I know it might sound weird, and confusing, but dreams are suppose to be that way, right? Anyways..

First, I was in this building. This girl and I were crawling through halls and trying to be sneaky and quiet. I remember her having dirty blond hair, and she was wearing a pink shirt, and a long skirt. I've never seen her before in my whole life. But somehow, I picked up her name being "Madison".
We crawled, and sneaked up to room with no door, but just opened, ya know? And there were cops sitting on chairs with a table. We crawled passed them, and that's all I remember.

The second dream had Madison and I in this place that looked similar to Baton Rouge, LA. There were tiled sidewalks, and a giant water fountain. This is where I met Madison's brother. I hugged him, and it skipped to a scene where we were sitting on a bench and talking to each other. Madison's brother had brown hair, and electric hazel-blue eyes. It felt like I've known him all my life. He instantly became my best friend in the dream.

The third part of the dream was set in the future. Madison's brother, me, and our children were driving in a car. We stopped at a red light. On the left were woods.. trees and stuff. And on the right was a green meadow with beautiful houses. And we were singing to the radio. I have never heard this song before, but it goes like this.. "It's three, now it's four AM, and I'm drowning in your voice."
And that was the end of the dream.

So.. that was 2 years ago.

A few months after the dream, I met two people. A girl named Madison, and her brother. Is this a coincidence, or am I a psychic of some sort? What does this dream mean?

I've had other dreams that have predicted the future in some way.

Madison's brother and I are dating, and have been dating for a year, and a few months now. He is my best friend, and I can always count on him, and talk to him about anything.

Example: I get really weird dreams?

I get these really strange dreams and they carry on each time i go back to sleep. Once when i was younger i dreamt i got shot by a gagstar, and i actually felt emptiness, i don't know how to explain it but i felt like i was dying and all my body felt like it had gone numb. I daren't go to sleep the next day because it felt so real. I never understood what it meant so does anyone have any ideas? And does anyone else get dreams like this?

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