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Dream About Ruffled Hair meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Omg, this dream can't mean... :O ! ?

I had a dream where it was the end of the school holidays and I went up to the guy I liked and he jumped and put his arms wide so I gave him a hug and said have a good summer holidays and ruffled his hair (still hugging) and he started walking. I asked when we were going and he said I'm talking this moment in my garden. We looked at each other and kissed.
I like him in real life but don't know what to do. What does this dream mean?

A dream is just your imagination.
You're just imaganing that you kissed this certain person and that you hugged him and ya ya.
This dream doesn't really mean anything, sorry :(

Example: What could be the meaning of this dream about my dead dog?

I love dogs as friends. Many years ago, I had a dog. He died in much pain and I couldn't help him as I was just a child. I still wish I could have done something for him.

At present, I have two dogs. They both are really adorable.

I had a really emotional dream which made my eyes wet.

I saw that I was walking my two dogs and I was happy. Suddenly, I feel a poke at my back. I turn and see that it is my dog who died years ago. He was poking at my back with his nose. He looked in real bad shape- dirty and with ruffled hair. He wanted that I should hold his chain and walk him too. I felt that he wasn't supposed to be here as he now belonged to some other world.

Still, I loved him. So against my better judgement, I hold his chain too and start walking all three dogs. From his eyes, it looked that he was in so much pain.

Please somebody interpret it. I am going mad thinking about this dream. What could it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I walked around the house, I think they were showing it off. Teens in the backyard. Thomas (A boy in my youth group. theres a joke among all of us that he and i are engaged. this is because we fight like an old married couple. i kind do have a crush on him tjough. and Robin says he has ligit feelings for me.) was inside, complaining about how the other boys wanted him to cut off his bangs. I said no, ruffled his hair, said I liked his hair like that, as long as he didn't let it be like Justin Bieber hair. Then this girl popped in, saying she liked Justin Bieber, and asking if we did. I was tempted to say that I liked 1D, but refrained. We walked around, then jumped from couch to couch. Later, Thomas and I were arguing, and he asked why I didn't love him back. I told him I don't wanna date a middle schooler or something. He yelled, saying he loved me. I started crying and said "I don't love you because I'm scared you'll never love me back like I love you!" I was crying, and he hugged me. He kept saying he loved me, but I wouldn't believe him. Then we walked around after we calmed down, and somehow ended up in garden of the gods. Red rocks towering over us. Then we saw Ms.Roberson and she was hiking with three of her friends. They offered us some noodle soup, making me laugh. Then she said that I had seen some movie, so it wouldn't work. I couldn't stop laughing. Mom came in, and brought us back to the house.

I'm just really frustrated with this dream. I've been having a lot of weird dreams with Thomas in them, and I need to figure this out.

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream meant?

I had a dream last night, that I was running down an endless corridor, chasing this girl I know…she just kept glancing back at me, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t say anything. I cried out her name, but she disappeared into a white light. I followed her, of course, through the light gateway…and found myself outside. We stood opposite each other, in a field of high grass and bright summer sun that glittered off her tawny hair; a faint breeze stirred around our feet, and ruffled the white, silken gown she was suddenly wearing. I tried to speak but no sound came out…she stared me down, then saying “Why?” over and over…and then the field disappeared, turned to nothingness black ocean. She vanished, and I fell. And fell. And never hit bottom…

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I normally don't recall most of my dreams or forget them as soon as I wake up only a few maybe 5 have I remembered for a long time. Who knows? I might forget this one soon. But, I want to write it down before life sweeps it away.
Things to know: I am genetically female. My parents are together. I'm not afraid of snakes, not totally fond, but I respect them. I can come up with lies on the spot. Oh, I'm not lying of this dream, but there is a part where I lie to someone in the dream.

I don't totally recall the beginning, but I remember that there was a man. His...left arm was a claw of sorts and he was laying down on a mattress, pensive. And he opened the glass door beside him to let in a squirrel so he could interact with him. Not really play, sort of enjoy someone's company without them judging his arm. The squirrel backed up a little bit and then ran away.

Then the scene changed to where there was a snake and it was sleeping on the floor coiled up. I ran around my house trying to find as many heavy books as I could find to just squash it dead, because the snake was simply huge. And when I finally got enough books the snake awoke and slithered away. The scene changed again.

This time. It was sort of an enchantment. I could feel some sort of "royal-ness" in the atmosphere This is where I want to focus on. The same snake, I don't know what color or pattern, but it was a snake. It slithered around a rock floor. Looked like an old castle to me. It was dark, but you could still see. The snake went its way around this maze of a castle and found a room. I was in that room standing, trying on clothes (I assume) that I found inside this castle. I stood in front of a oblong mirror that was either outlined in gold or bronze, i don't know. I had on a black vest with a dusty white collared shirt underneath and a wine sort of colored ruffle thing as a tie. The snake wound up around my figure and I could hear it speak to me. The way I felt, was as if I wandered into this castle and decided to mess around. The snake whispered 'Master...you've returned' See, the way I was in this dream was that I had my normal boy-cut hair and (ha) a-b cup chest. The snake said 'why do you reek of female scent, master?' I assumed that the snake's master was originally male and the snake was from 'long ago' and I'm a natural liar and can make do with that. So, I replied, "Yes, I recently mated with one." The snake hissed and seemed displeased with this answer. So, I put on my aristocrat face and tried to get myself out of this mess. "...Mother's insisting that I find someone to marry and mate with soon before our whole line dies out." I sighed, "Where is father when I need him..."

I don't know how I got away from the snake but I did. I was still in the castle though. I tried to find my way out, but ended up in some sort of dungeon. Like a pit with platforms on top. The type that kinds and queens have to watch prisoners. Only this time, there were no lions or anything. Only statues. I don't know how many, but I think around 10 to 20 statues. They looked like the king's servants turned into stones. Gypsies and sorcerers, along with a lady covered in a long cloak. I remember seeing some sort of light that went around the walls of the dungeon and brought these statues to life one by one. They all looked ready to attack me and (somehow) I tried my very best to put them back to stone. But this light kept circling this dungeon. Faster than I could put them back and run away. I got to one of the platforms, finally. And some girl. Some girl wearing earmuffs and winter clothing helped me up and tried to pull me through the exit. But, the snake from before, It just appeared out of nowhere and stroke right at my face. Then I woke up and typed this.

Sorry this is so long, but I want you guys to see this the way I saw it. Thanks for reading, if you left any sort of opinion telling me what this might mean, or if it's just a silly dream, or maybe just anything at all, about your day, that would be great. Thank you :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was sitting on a swingset at the park near my house, and all of the sudden this girl dressed in a white sundress with long, wavy blonde hair and this boy who was large with pale skin and dark features dressed in a black t - shirt and jeans came and sat with me. All of the sudden, we just started having a conversation, and although I couldn't really hear what any of us were saying, we seemed to be getting along like old friends. Then the girl asked me if I was coming to the school dance, and I said yes. Then they disappeared, like all of the sudden they just weren't there, and I got up and walked to my school, which looked essentially the same, but had a short staircase leading to it. And instead of the kids at the dance being inside the school, like usual, they were all over the front campus. Everyone was dressed in mascarade, and I somehow had managed to change clothes myself. I had looked different from myself in real life from the start, with dark, almost purple coloured, hair and gloomy grey clothes, but now I doned a beautiful reddish - purple corset over a short, ruffled black skirt, with this odd string that wrapped elaborately around my neck. As I approached the school, the girl came over and was crying that the boy I had met didn't want to dance with her, but me. Then the boy came and asked me to dance, but I refused and walked the girl home. Then I borke into the guy's house, and he turned into a girl. What does it mean?

Example: "Einstein's Dreams" by Alan Lightman: What does he mean by this quote ?

Some have stopped reading altogether. They have abandoned the past.
They have decided that it matters not if yesterday they were rich or
poor, educated or ignorant, proud or humble, in love or empty hearted
- no more than it matters how a soft wind gets into their hair. Such
people look at you directly in the eye and grip your hand firmly. Such
people walk with the limber stride of their youth. Such people have
learned how to live in a world without memory.

Example: Elderly lady in a rocking chair dream?

I usually dream in third person, but this time was different. In my dream, I was laying on my bed, facing the wall, but my bookshelf was missing. In it's place was an old, deep tan colored rocking chair with intricate designs sprawled across it's back piece. Rocking in it was an elderly lady glaring at me. She wore an old black dress with lots of ruffles and ribbons, and her gray, frizzy hair was pulled back into a neat bun. I felt as if she was scorning me, and the dream just continued on. It was night time in my room, and my window wasn't visible, though light was clearly coming in from a window.
Please! It reoccurs time to time, and it scares the crap out of me!

Example: Is this dream trying to tell me something?

OK. I'm 15 and last night I had the craziest dream ever. This is going to be long so brace yourself.
It started off with me and my form class in this vehicle that is a cross between a car and a train and we were going along the motorway and my form tutor was driving.
Suddenly we were in an underground train station. I got off the car/train and walked up the stairs and there was a door at the top. I went through the door and locked it behind me. I was in a school corridor which is nothing like my school and there was this tall lad who must have been 17 or 18 and he had really pale ginger hair... almost blonde and big blue eyes. He said are you (my name) and I said yes. (I have never seen him before in real life but somehow he looked familiar) There was a door just behind him and he led me through it. We were in quite a big empty room (things in my dream are often warped and very unrealistic) that had another 3 doors leading from it. I needed the toilet and I went through the door in the far corner and it was female toilets. I went in a cubicle and went to the loo and realised my period had come and I didn't have any pads or tampons. I went out of the cubicle and my mum immediately went into the cubicle I came out of. Before she closed the door I asked her if she had any pads/tampons and she said no. While I was asking her there were two lads stood by me. One was the lad I REALLY REALLY fancy in real life and the other is his best friend who is also my friend. What they were doing in the ladies' toilets I don't know. I smiled at them and walked past out of the door. The next thing I know, I'm in this room which looked like a disabled toilet and I was sat on the toilet fixing a pad to my pants and my crush's friend was stood by the sink just staring into space and then my french teacher walks in and says hey what are you doing have you got your coursework? I said yeah I'll get it now and she went out... then I was back in the room with three doors and the tall lad was leaning against the wall and his hair was all ruffled. It looked like he had been waiting a long time and it seemed like a long time. He then took me into this other room with like a waterbed or something and he goes to kiss me and I stop him and say hang on, I've never done this before... then he goes to kiss me again and I stop him again and say we aren't going to have sex are we cos I'm on my period and he just looked at me and shook his head. He then leaned in for a kiss and next thing I know I'm sat at a picnic bench with my gran and she's talking to me about this guy and there is a door in the distance and I see him and me walk out of it with his arm round me and I've changed my clothes and I look older. It was weird because I was seeing myself as if I was in the cinema. Then me and him walk into a bar and then we are both in a car park (I'm actually there this time not just watching) and he has like a camper van and one of the sides folds down on the outside into a bed. He laid me down on it and kissed me again... and then I'm in the bar watching him shag Ronnie Mitchell off Eastenders! That was the strangest part. I think I woke up after that. But I was so gutted when I woke up because it felt so real and when I was with that guy I felt really loved and I loved him back and it was so erotic but I don't even know who he is! I didn't even hear his voice or get his name or anything.
I think the dream is trying to tell me something because I asked out the lad that I really fancy that was only in my dream for 2 seconds and he said he'd think about it and never gave me an answer which is a clear no in my opinion but I still talk to him and stuff. But I've liked him so much for nearly 5 years and I'm wondering whether this is trying to say that I should just let him go and get over it... maybe the tall lad in my dream represents the person I'm meant to be with... I don't know... I just needed to get this off my chest and get someone else's opinion. Nice answers please...I think i have mental issues lol so be nice. Thanks everyone sorry it's long :)

Example: What Does it mean when you dream of a ghost that killz people but u love him and he loves u back?

when i was dreaming... i saw myself in some kind of camping place.. there were like 3 little house a little across from each other...all i remember was that my group which are my friends.. i remember this one girl kenya in my group which used to be in my track team, but i quit track to join p.e. kenya would always sing weird..and tell me if i like it..or wait for my complement. Anyways..yeah. we were in a group telling each other storys sitting on some kind of ..log..but it was like a chair looking way...hard to explain.and the story we were talking about was a joke about some ghost saying that he eats people and the people have never come bak and such. i thought it was scary but lame at the same time because how does a ghost eat people? ..so when we heard the trees ruffle and the wind sounding like a ghost we all got scared and said time for bed..so we turned off the fire and head into our hut looking house..so when it was still night i heard some giggle and laughing..so i woke up all tierd..i peeked outside...and i heard a party in hut 2. then kenya came out with a vodka glass bottle that was green. and she looked dizzy like crazy..shes all like. HAHAHAA...sooo who wants to PARTY with kenyyaaaa she wobbled and jumped to hutt 1, the first hutt which i heard a ghost lives in there. she opended the door and spread out her arms going BONZAIII gahahaha! then she opended her eyes put her arms down and saw only a guy that had gray torn skin...looked very human just that he looked like a mummy...in some clothes ..which was a brown jack, white t-shirt and some regular blue navy jeans. his hair was well..none just a little white.. but i can tell he was a young mummy, from how his appearance looked like. So kenya she glanced at him all seriouse and said If No ones here, and your here then lets party BABE! you wanna do it! ok lets do it lets strip, i strip! gahaha!. then i walked outside...sneaking and looked inside the hutt window..and saw that all i saw was no1 and kenya was there by herself..acting nuts. she started to strip off her shirt until the ghost pushed her around the room mad. i didnt want to look...when i looked back up i heard a thump and kenya wasnt there.. i got scared O.o so i ran back into my hutt...in hut 2 the party people said go find kenya so this woman was like ok! jeezus crise why do i gotta do it.. the woman who went to go find her had orange or blonde hair.. wore a regular straight red skirt.. 3/4, a white shirt, and a jacket that was blue. she went otuside going kenyaaaa ? where r u!? she walked to hut 1 and knocked...shes like eh no ones there...then she turned around ..saw a ghost way far.. shes like kenyaa hey! but then realized it wasnt her cause kenya is too sexy to look like that. she got scared and start to run...she went around to go to hut 2 but then the ghost was like right there next to her. she made to hut 2 ..tried to open it but it was locked. she went around and screamed. i got scared and brave so i went outside and try to run to her..she was like help meee!. i saw no one..only her.. then i tried my very best to see the ghost...i told the ghost very calmly .. i cant see you where r u? can you stop? then for some reason..something carryed me and brought me to hut 1.my dream ignored the girl that was screaming for help.i wasnt scared at all for some reason when it brought me to hut 1. it locked the door.. and it told me.. you cant see me? i said yes...then it told me to drink some alcohol ..im like no then it said please try it. i said fine so when i drunk alot of it..i said i can see you and smiled. the ghost told me. so your not frightened how i look? i said nope. And so on me and the ghost chat..then the ghost started to like me cuz me and him laugh and say jokes. he said i like you...no it doesnt explain my feelings for you because i want you to be mine so i should say i love you do u want me? and i stood quiet going wtf.. but then i felt sad for him..and maybe if i should tell him yes so i can get him to stop hurting my friends so i said sure :D he smiled and he like hugged me. i hugged back hoping hes not gonna kiss me with those horrid gray lips which i cant even see cuz he looks like a dang corpse is all...so when my friendz knocked on hut 1 telling me to get out ..hut 2 opened and the ghost was standing next to me... my friends didnt see him because there not drunk.. the ghost was about to get ready to attack them until i said dont hurt them O.o i grabbed his arm saying u want friends? you can be friends with mines and follow us around like a guardian. so he got warm hearted and accepted on not attacking people. But if the drunk people go crazy on him he gets mad and might do it when im not there. So thats all i remembered..it was morning.. i moved my stuff to hut 1 and my friends slept with me.. when its night..my ghost lover disapeared, when it turned morning..i can tell he was staring at me sleeping throught knight and day. and that he smiled his last.

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