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Dream About Ruler meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about bats?

I had a dream that bats were in my ceiling. What does this mean? Please and thanks:)

I normally don't just come out and say this but I have a strong feeling that the bats represent demons. You probably have a fear of being taken over by evil forces. This is interesting because the Bible says that "we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." (Ephesians 6:12) This means that whatever we struggle with in this world has a spiritual component to it in another dimension that is more powerful than the issue itself.

None of us has the ability, without God's help, to win this battle. I gave my life to Christ about 30 years ago and have overcome sexual addiction, alcohol addiction and internally, at the age of 58, I still have the heart of a child. Life has not gotten any easier since becoming a Christian, but my ability to resist the evil behind the evil has increased dramatically.

I am praying for you. But there is a warning as well. In the battle for souls on this planet, those who do not surrender to Christ will be taken captive by the devil.

2 Timothy 2:26 "...so that they may know the truth, 26 and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him [the devil] to do his will.

Example: Is there a meaning to this dream?

In my dream ,I was a bear(female) with a husband and son(we were all bears). We were traveling and came across a village(all human). The main source of money was cinnamon rolls. The village grew the ingredients for cinnamon rolls but the ingredients were scarce and only the king knew how to make cinnamon rolls the right way.But then I came along, and I knew how to make cinnamon rolls, but no one believed me so I had a showdown with the the king. The people of the village didnt like this because this involved using the ingredients. To make the cinnamon rolls i made this paper-like dough and wrapped it around my hand. After a few minutes I took it of my hand and put it in the sink where it turned into a sponge and it would take 6 months to turn into a cinnamon roll. If my cinnamon roll turned out better than the kings cinnamon roll then I would have to become the new ruler of the village and the kings advisor(a short man/rabbit) didnt like that. So he turned the village against me and said that I was a phony who couldnt make cinnamon rolls and had wasted their supplies and they all came at me with guns. The king was in love with me, so he helped me survive while the villagers shot at me, but if I was shot 11 times I would die. After 5 months and the villagers were still shooting at me, I had been shot 10 times and started dying. While I died I said, "Dont destroy the cinnamon roll. Wait for it to bloom then eat it." As soon as I died(probaly from blood loss) the sponge turned into a cinnamon roll, and everyone ate it and it was the greatest cinnamon roll in history.

Example: What Does this Dream Mean?

Ok, at night I told Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit, I loved them, and i was laying in my bed, just with the most love i could give, and I felt it in my heart to. So then I asked God for a dream, a strong dream, something I can't forget, and this is what I dreamt...
(This is the part of my dream that I can remember)
Ok, I was in this Dark house, it had some sun light in, but almost none, it actually seemed like it was moon light, but it was the light of the sun coming in faint, then i heard myself say EMF reading, then I pointed this flashlight thing at the wall, (i know it's not real, but it's what I Dreamt) and I saw spirits in the form of shadow plant. Then I climbed up the stairs, and I shined this EMF flashlight thing at the wall and I saw some kind of scorpion shadow, then it turned into a visible black shadow which came toward me a little fast, then I forced myself to wake up, it was like the dream was pulling me back into it, I had to force myself real hard to wake up... What does my Dream Mean?

Example: Muslims , what does it mean to dream about heavy rain in ramadan?

I never has doubts about islam but last year I had many doubts and I even reached a point when I was an agnostic BUT I have been studying quran and making duaa to Allah to guide me and increase my faith and serenity for the past few months , but last night I almost lost patience and asked Allah to make it faster as I am weak and starting to get depressed and asked him to forgive me for my many sins . Larstnight I had a dream that there was heavy rain , what does that mean ? if it does mean anything

Example: What doesit mean to dream of a goddess?

Yesterday afternoon, I laid down in my bed, because for some reason i felt really drained of energy and thats usually not like me, anyway. Once, I driffited into my sleep, I was accquainted by a girl, that looked about my age and had black hair, a apron on, a cleaning cap on, and the most wonderful aspect of her was her glossy grey eyes. We met in the kitchen some how and it seems as if she was cleaning my house. My brother was making fun of her in a way, so i stoped him so he wouldn't continue doing it. When she started walking away into the next room i said sorry Pheobe. And then she replied back "its ok". Once she said that she walked passed me into the bathroom and started cleaning again. I have read online that, the name Pheobe the Greek Goddess of the moon &sun (mostly moon), is something that i see in myself as a human. So, my question is, what does it mean to dream about her in such a way.

Educated answers would be nice, and for all of you people who come and say "Dreams aren't real" and blah blah. If you don't have anything to help answer my question and posting nonsense your just waisting your time. Thank you for the help if you answer my question! 10pts!

Example: What does falling dreams mean?

I've been having strange falling dreams. Like I was upset about something and I just jump off a cliff.
As I'm falling and getting closer to the ground, I feel like I'm losing my soul and I'm becoming empty. Like I'm going to die. I was getting ready to hit the ground and I woke up. I was getting ready to scream when I woke up but I just gasped..It was so wierd and scary. Can someone please tell me what this dream means? Please!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that Charley's(my exgirlfriend's) boyfriend(well exboyfriend, so I've been told by Steph(Charley's and my bestfriend)) was about to commit suicide by jumping of the school roof and me and Charley(me and Charley even though we're exgirlfriend and exboyfriend we're still bestfriends) were trying to stop him and the roof was icey and slippy and Charley slipped and almost fell off the roof and me and her boyfriend had to save when we saw her almost fall.
After that we went to the OLC(this building at school) and oddly started to sing and it sounded like one of them songs disney make where they're singing a conversation. After we finished singing the headteacher wanted to see me and this guy called Sam over writing a school newspaper or sommat and then he started saying that we were three very different people but are friendship was sealed, which seamed odd because I hate the headteacher. As we left the headteachers office a riot had broke out outside some how and I found...

Example: What does it mean to dream about a white tiger?

how the dream went:i was in an audience and the white tiger was being introduced.Then, he jumped off stage chasing everyone and went wild.But i just satyed in the same spot watching as he did that.what do you suppose this means?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night, and am curious as to what it could mean. In the dream I was looking out a window to the east, it was 8:47 in the dream, in the morning but I think the sky was dark so it may have been night. In the sky I saw a blue glowing ankh, then I heard words, “he is cast down to earth” from the ankh there appeared a blue ring that show from the sky and landed on earth. In the dream I was very distressed and knew that Lucifer had been born or cast down if you will to earth. Then I was at a bar and trying to warn people, but I couldn’t. I bought a phone or something for 280 dollars it was supposed to be 480 but for some reason there was much commotion and I got it for less. Also there was a girl in a red car, I correlated her with evil and helping the devil. That’s about the gist of it. What do you think it means. Please not the 280 and 8:47 add up to the number 10 whereas 480 ads to 12 or 3.

Example: Bizzare dream. What does it mean?

In my dream i see my self sleeping, at the foot of my bed. sits what looks to be a 6ft. tall character facing away from me. looking at my wall while i sleep. this character is covered head to toe in an ashy soot like skin. black dust spews from his mouth when it breathes. the dream is very life like. i can see the knife my uncle steve gave me. that knife is always at my side. even though im still dreaming, i tell my self get BUCK. buck is my knife. i see my self reach for the knife, and that's when i wake up. im awake but i feel the pressure from the foot of my bed lift, as if someone stood off my bed.. im not a religious person. nor was i shaken by it. but i have been wanting to find out what does this mean. any help is much appreciated. thank you.

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