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Dream About Running Shoes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? i am on the highway, try to run, but shoes are too big, i take them off and decide to?

fly...So I fly and get to the point that I see a wall, and next to it alife birds: chicken and turkey. I stay away from turkey, as am afraid to get bitten, and try to get on chicken, it runs away from me. I don't peruse, and then I know I need to jump over the wall, so I take a few steps back, and then run so that I could jump it over. As I reach the top of the wall, I feel 2 hands of different people dragging me down, one by my arm, and another by my leg. Then I separate from my own body, take my hands and start dragging myself over. Then I find myself standing on the other side of the wall and looking down and seeing myself lying on the ground without any legs. I see a small community, beautiful houses, with no space between them. It's separated from the rest of the world as I see another wall ahead. I start walking and dragging half of my body with me and scream Help! Nobody opens the door, and I know there are people inside, happy families. Then I come to the end and look into the window of one of the houses, its a baby's room full of toys. I see partially a little baby and legs of the baby's mom, I stand and stare at them as they are walking away, then it gets blurry, and I wake up. The dream was lucid by the way. I knew I was dreaming, had fun flying.

ok as a dream interpreter i will start off telling you that ALL dreams mean nothing! Dreams just express you or your emotions, they express what you feel and what you do in real life. thats why they feel so real. Dreams cannot create people, places and things thats another reason why they feel so real! dreams recall past memory, -for example if you see a person you don't recognize in dreams, you probably saw him before on TV or walking in the street (you probably didn't pay attention to them). Dreams express your emotions and thoughts in a negative way

Nothing. The dream was about nothing. dreams mean nothing they just express your emotions and feelings in a symbolic way.

Dreams are simple synapses in your brain firing off all sorts of things. Your brain gathers all this random information, sights, sounds and so forth. And as you are sleeping, these sights and essentially memories are jumbled up into one big mess, just random nonsense, and your brain works and works for an hour or so trying to create a nice little story with all of these sights and sounds because it wants to make sense of it. It wants to make sense out of nonsense! So, then you end up with this dream. This happens several times in one night but when you wake up, you forget all of them, and when you do remember one of them, when you do remember at least one dream, we try to make sense of it. We tell ourselves, what is this? What could it mean. When in reality, it means nothing, it is just complete nonsense. So stop trying to make sense of it, it is nothing!

dream interpreter, took courses in dream interpretation and psychology

Example: What does a dream about a spider biting through my shoe to my foot and a fictitious boyfriend rescuing me mean?

I had a dream a few nights ago, where I ran into a spider web and was tangled in it. The spider crawled onto my foot and bit me though my sneakers. I started screaming and this man that was my boyfriend, in my dream, saved me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream I am married to a lady-friend of mine but she is a 35ft giantess.We go to the car dealership to buy a car andwhen she gets there she says she'shungryand picks up a couple of supermodels. One is a blonde in a black bikini and the other is a red head in a zebra print bikini. My giantess wife devours the blond one first, then the red head, despite my protests. Thenthe female ownerofthe dealershipthen walks out and starts yelling at my wife for eating two employees. The owner is a pretty, young, blonde woman in red high-heels anda black and white dress. My wife simply ignores the woman's yelling and picks her up and eats her alive. She spits out the owner's high-heel shoes andthen I startyelling at her for eating those people. The dream ends with my wife looking at me like she might eat me next. What mightthis dream and its symbols mean?

Example: I dreamed of having a new pair of rubber shoes (sneakers) what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream that I can't find my shoes ?

I can't remember all the details of the dream but I remember I was standing somewhere and there were lots of ppl something happened within the crowd. I remember a truck slamming into a person so the crowd was a little stirred and started to run from the scene. I ended up trying to get away from the scene because ppl were getting hurt. After that ppl started leaving to go home and going back to get their belongings and leave. I remembering thinking I hope my bag is stil there. My bag was still there however that's when I realize shoes were missing. I event went to this place they had set up near by for ppl who lost things. There were tons of shoes but I scanned every one and couldn't find mine at all... In the dream I kind of started to cry

Example: What does it mean, my boss had a dream about alot of shoes all over her foyer?

one of our employees where there walking around with his shoes and her husband came down and gave him a dirty look lol kinda weird but what do shooes mean in a dream

Example: In my dream i hav a toddler son and mud on my shoes.can anyone tell me what it means?

in my dream my son and i seem to be at a frends house and he starts feeling cold so i pick him up and we go sit outside to get some sun.while we are sitting i notice a car coming towards us and i i realise that we are sitting in the middle of a T-junction,the first 1 misses us and when another one approaches i get up and pick up something and run to the side of the road,i then realise that i picked up a bag and forgot my son..the car misses him and i run and pick him up.then people on the side of the road scold me and ask me what kind of mother i am. I then rush in2 the house with him and notice mud on my feet staining the floor..i then go back to the door and wipe my boots clean..and i go put him on the bed to sleep..it felt so real i remember evrythng in detail.. Does anyone know what my dream means? I am 24 and have no children.

Example: A guy running after me-- what does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night. At first it seemed like I was frantically looking for something. I was running around a huge house ( and later on I will find out that it was a building, like a condo), I went up the stairs and found a living room and first thing I noticed is it was all made of wood. Like a place where you would usually spend your christmas eve. The other side of the wall was made of glass that's why the light of the sun streams in.

I didn't stay there, I continued running in the opposite narrow hallway and found myself in a much bigger hallway. No one was around and I noticed that it was decorated differently than the living room. It looked more modern and classy with peach-colored walls. Then I found an ajar door and went inside. My periphery caught a person and I began apologizing for accidentally going inside a room. He was a bald man wearing white dress shirt and slacks. His back was on me when I came in then I bolted right away after apologizing.

I was running in the hall again when I noticed someone was running after me. He's a good looking guy, and my age (not bald). I feel like he was in my previous dream in the same night I dreamt of this and I always ended up entering whichever room he was in that was why I was apologizing profusely at the other guy... because I entered a man's room again.

The me in the dream started to run faster and her heart started to beat like she was nervous. The guy wasn't evil or anything. But he was also desperate to catch up to me like he was going to say something very important, but I quickly rode an elevator. When I get off the elevator, I wasn't in a lobby or a room. The only way out was a window so I used it to go out of the building. I looked to the right and found people swarming in a building entrance which relieved me. I run again and I went inside only to find myself in my old high school.

Now I remember what I was looking for-- my mom. I frantically searched for her and found her sitting with some people. I think she was having a meeting-- with teenagers. We went out of the building, walking briskly with my mom. I was still trying to runaway from that place asap but at the same time I didn't want my mom to notice any difference in my actions.

The entire sequence of the dream, it seemed like I was watching myself in a tv screen. It was like I was the camera. That was why I know there was something hovering above dream-me and my mom, like a very small billboard that would fall any second now... and it did. I don't remember being pushed aside but that heavy thing didn't hit me or my mom. On the pavement, everybody saw the thing that fell down, a huge bag pack facing down and a running shoe. No one wanted to claim responsibility for it (or for saving my life, the dream-me could have been seriously hurt).

That was when I started to see things in the dream-me's eyes. Positioned at my north-west, were a group of youth around my age but what caught my attention was a guy who's back was facing the thing that fell down and the shoe. I felt like he was the same guy who was chasing me earlier even though I never really get to look at his face. He was also looking down at the shoe, like he was also waiting for someone to get it. But the I know that he was the one who saved me and my mom (I don't know where she went but I know she was safe).

I was alternately looking at him and the shoe. I wanted to ask him why he wasn't moving but I noticed that there was something wrong with his feet. True enough, he was limping as their group walks away even though he tried not to show it. Maybe I felt sorry for him and grateful at the same time that was why I walked after him, put his left arm around my shoulder and helped him to walk...

And then I woke up. Sorry for being long and detailed. I just want to know what it means.

Example: Meaning of my dream? I tried to run away?

Last night I had this really weird dream that I tried to run away from home. My name was Ned, even though I'm a girl. I might have been a guy in my dream? I was a prince or something, I was really popular. But I didn't live in a fancy house or anything. It was still my house that I've lived in for 14 years (all my life). For some reason my dad didn't exist and my sister wasn't home either. My mom was at work. Even though nobody else was home every light in he while house was on. It was really late at night and I was tired of all the popularity, so I started packing a bag. I don't know what I put in it but The bag was really full. I packed a lunch too. Then I grabbed this really weird big plastic marker, kinda like the flags they use in holes in gold, with the number 7 on it. I stuck it iin between my backpack and my back and went outthe back door. But then I remembered that I forgot shoes, so I tried to go back for them. I went into the kitchen for shoes (we keep some by the front door.) but my mom pulled into the driveway. I cussed even though I don't in real life, and grabbed a pair of my sisters shoes and ran out he back door again. My mom never came inside. She just sat in her car. So I was trying to be all sneaky and not get found, but there was this big light in our porch window that detected the marker I had. And if it found it, it would shine a flood light in my direction. I somehow managed to make it to the neighbors house without getting found. There were a bunch of cops looking for me, but nobody knew I was gone yet. I got past two of them but had to go out of my way to get past the third one. Then I woke up. Does this mean anything?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are running home in the rain and you loose a shoe.?

When you get home all the floors are covered in water. Then the water disappears. I find my grandma in a tub asleep. She says i fell asleep waiting for the storm to stop. Then she asks me to give her a bathe. I look up and my whole family is there including one of my best friends and she is calling my grandma grandma too. She helps me bathe grandma

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