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Dream About Sable meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Would a vegetarian use these?

I'm a professional artist, and the brushes I use are made with actual animal hair (sable; boar's bristle; badger, to name a few).

Natural hair brushes are superior to man-made (which is why every artist wants them, & therefore why they are so costly). My sister asked me if a vegetarian would use them, and I had to confess that I had no idea.

So, I'm asking: can vegetarian artists use high-quality (i.e., natural) brushes, or do they have to make do with synthetics?

Technically, vegetarianism applies only to what a person eats. However, when a person is a vegetarian because they do not want to be a part of animal cruelty, they often stop using animal products as well (why kill/torture for fashion etc. if I do not do so for food?- being the logic.)

But as I said, you can technically be a vegetarian and use animal products. It is vegans who cannot use any animal products at all.

P.S. Many wouldn't dream of sacrificing their morals for an intangible artistic ideal.

EDIT- That last commeant was meant to be amusing and ironic, not mean or rude. I tried to convey that through the smiley face... but you never can tell around here.

Example: What d'you make of this dream then?

ok...lots of people posting their dreams on here (naturlich, it being a dream interpretation section...) just wondering if anyone would be able to make anything out of one of my many weird dreams. here goes:

standing in the middle of a field, two middle-ages-style armies (1scottish 1english) lined up on either side of me. armies run at each other, chaos ensues. i run, get as far as edge of field before i trip. scottish soldier behind me, i call out 'don't kill me, i'm scottish' but he stabs me in the head (39times) while shouting that i killed his sheep. then most of the soldiers run away, and i lie in the long grass, not dead.
tall dark-haired man, 'Sable', helps me to my feet and takes me to Queen Elizabeth I.

then in room of tall tower with little girl (sister) telling QEI and Sable about my home in the future (i have time-travelled somehow). we discover Sable is from the future. a nursemaid takes the little girl away. QEI announces that we shall go to the harbour.

Example: Dream Wrestlemania* rate&decide?

The following is a Dream PPV
Like fantasy football meets Wrestlemania haha

rate the match and then tell who would win
((some of the names repeat, some of the wrestlers have retired or passed, but just go with it))
1. Goldberg vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

2. Sting vs. The Rock

3. DX (Triple H, New Age Outlaws, & X-pac vs. Nash, Scott Hall, Hogan, & Sting)
Elimination Chamber Match

4. APA vs. Beer Money Inc
Bar Room Brawl

5. Abyss vs. Kane
Thumbtack/Inferno Match

6. Sable vs. Trish
Evening Gown Pool Match

7. Viscera & Rakishi vs. Rey Mysterio & Hornswoggle
Tables Ladders and Chairs Match

8. Socko vs. Head vs. Moppy
(just thought ide throw that in haha)

9. The Blue Blazer vs. Hurricane Helms
Triple Cage Match

10. 3 Count vs. 2Cool
Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias vs. Scotty2Hotty & Grand Master Sexay

11. Kevin Thorn vs. Gangrel
Bloodbath Match

12. LWO vs. LAX
Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis, Machete vs. Konnan, Homicide, Hernandez,

13. Goldust vs. Rico
Hollywood Backlot Brawl

14. Gangrel, Viscera, Mideon, Edge vs. Havok, Kaz, Martyr, Raven
The Ministry of Darkness vs. Raven's Flock
Raven's House of Fun/Clockwork Orange House of Fun match

15. The Straightedge Society vs. Right To Censor
CM Punk, Luke Gallows, & Serena vs. Steven Richards, Bull Buchanan, and Ivory

16. Gilberg vs. Sharkboy

17. Jimmy Hart vs. Theodore Long

18. The Big Show vs. the Great Khali
3 Stages of Hell - 1)First Blood Match, 2)Punjabi Prison Match, 3)Burried Alive Match

19. Vampiro vs. Jeff Hardy
Ladder Match

20. Mean Street Posse vs. The Stooges
Pete Gas & Rodney vs. Gerald Brisco & Patt Patterson

21. Festus vs. Eugene
Bramma Bull Rope Match

22. Pappa Shango vs. The Boogeyman
Boiler Room Brawl Match

23. Sabu & Sandman vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Nasty Boyz vs. Cactus Jack & Terry Funk
Japanese Death Match

24. Jesse Neal vs. Batista
Last Man Standing

Example: Character Trouble? Please help?

Im writing a story, and i cant figure out a name for this one character.

She's really mean and quiet and she's kind of a loner. She doesn't like others talking negative about her and she's really mysterious and dark. She likes to see blood and is very violent. She will kill you if you get onto her nerve...

I was thinking about naming her Crimson, but then that would be too, I dont know, weird...? I dont want any names like Cassandra or anything girly because this character is tomboyish and hates girls who act girly. Exclude Devin because im naming another character that...

Please give me a list of dark girl names that would fit this character's personality. Thanks!

Example: Do you like this story outline?

Me and my friend are writing a story. The genre is Fantasy/Adventure and we want comments and feedback on our outline. Please provide us with ideas for a name for the main character and critique. Here it is:
A 14 year old girl lives alone in a log cabin near a forest and lake. She is brave, curious, strong hearted, and the story is in 1st Person.
The girl has dreams every night about two young adults about 25 years of age. She doesn't know who they are and has never seen them in her life. As the days go on, the dreams turn from joyful and romantic to scary and violent.
Looking through her clothing drawer one day, she finds a photograph of the adults in her dreams. On the back of the photograph, there is a riddle leading her to her parents who were thought to have abandoned her. The two people in her dreams turn out to be her parents, however, she doesn't know that.
Eventually, she discovers the meaning of the riddle. It leads her to a secret area under her house in which her parents graves lie. She then realizes that her parents didn't abandon her, they died. Thinking all her life that her parents didn't love her, the realization brought her into depression. After days of gloomy thought and sorrow, she kills herself, thinking that it would bring her closer to the parents that did love her after all.
We would like a creative, unusual name for the girl. Please critique the outline but also tell us what you like. Thanks!

Example: Can anyone interpret this dream that I can't stop thinking about?

I keep thinking about it in hopes to find the answer, but I can't find anything...

Last night I had an extremely vivid dream. It went from a feeling of happiness (regular happiness x 1,000,000) that I've never felt before which was so amazing that I just stood still and didn't even react to a feeling of being unwanted and the fear of death.

Details of the dream:
It started with my whole family and I in our car (mercury sable) and my dad was driving us on a one-way dirt road (I was in the back left seat) through an infinite field of sunflowers that were waving in the calm breeze as you could see tiny debris in the air. When we were driving through I had no idea where we were, but as I looked out at all of the flowers I felt that unbelievable happiness that I described in the paragraph above and I was in so much awe that I could not move. Shortly after, we stopped at a wooden sign which was rectangular on a wooden stick and had slim red lettering that read "danger." And when I looked ahead in the road, I saw an enormous apple tree with bright red apples. And the tree was so large and thick that it casted a pitch black shadow underneath it (I could barely see the base and roots of this gigantic tree). But then a dark feeling of fear came over me and I felt that if I were to get out of the car and walk past the danger sign then I would die. I didn't see anything, but I was completely scared. Then my dad slowly backed up and drove backwards out of that area. What does this dream mean? Please, if anyone can interpret this dream correctly, it would really be a huge help. I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you for your time.

P.S.: The flowers and the apples on apple tree looked like amazingly clear computed-generated imagery.

Example: WWE Attitude Era PPV Dream match?

This is Strictly Kayfabe and This is a Dream match too. Who would win these dream match card? All these WWE Wrestlers from the Attitude Era in there Primes. This is going to be one night only.

Pre Match: 10 Women Battle Royal
Sunny (Late 90's), Chyna (Late 90's), Molly Holly (Early 2000's), Tori (Late 90's), Jacqueline (Late 90's), Terri (Late 90's), Debra (Late 90's), Sable (Late 90's), Luna Vachon (Late 90's) and Ivory (Late 90's)

Match 1: Single match
Trish Stratus (Early 2000's) (w/The Fabulous Moolah) vs. Lita (Early 2000's) (w/Mae Young) (w/Special Guest Referee: Stephanie McMahon)

Match 2: 8 Men Tag Team match
Dudley Boyz (Early 2000's) and Hardy Boyz (Late 90's) vs. Road Warriors (Late 90's) and Edge and Christian (Late 90's)

Match 3: Submission match
Bret "Hitman" Hart (Late 90's) vs. Kurt Angle (Early 2000's)

Match 4: 20 Men Battle Royal
British Bulldog (Late 90's), Steve Blackman (Late 90's), Gangrel (Late 90), Al Snow (Late 90's), Hardcore Holly (Late 90's), Goldust (Late 90's), Crash Holly (Early 2000's), Test (Late 90's), D'Lo Brown (Late 90's), Godfather (Late 90's), Ken Shamrock (Late 90's), Big Boss Man (Late 90's), Eddie Guerrero (Early 2000's), Val Venis (Late 90's), Rikishi (Early 2000's), Scotty 2 Hotty (Early 2000's), Grandmaster Sexay (Early 2000's), Taka Michinoku (Late 90's), Chainsaw Charlie (Late 90's) and Ahmed Johnson (Late 90's)

Match 5: I Quit match
Chris Benoit (Early 2000's) vs. Owen Hart (Late 90's)

Match 6: Ladder match
Chris Jericho (Late 90's) vs. Brian Pillman (Late 90's)

Match 7: Street Fight
Big Show (Late 90's) vs. Vader (Late 90's)

Match 8: 8 man Tag Team match
Shawn Michaels (Late 90's) New Age Outlaws (Late 90's) and X-Pac (Late 90's) vs. APA (Late 90's) Mideon (Late 90's) and Viscera (Late 2000's)

Match 9: Tag Team match
Droz (Late 90's) and Albert (Late 90's) vs. The Headbangers (Late 90's)

Match 10: Handicap match
Mike Tyson (Late 90's) vs. Shane McMahon (Late 90's) and Vince McMahon (Late 90's)

Main Event: 6 Man Hell in a Cell match
Stone Cold Steve Austin (Late 90's) vs. The Rock (Late 90's) vs. Triple H (Late 90's) vs. Undertaker (Late 90's) vs. Kane (Late 90's) vs. Mick Foley (Late 90's)

What do you think about WWE Attitude Era Dream match card? Rate if you like to 0/5.
I Meant Who would/will win this match?

Example: Please help with english poetry & dreams!?

Three Poems,

Poem #1 - "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow."

Poem #2 - "We shall not always plant while others reap the golden increment of bursting fruit, not always countenance, abject and mute that lesser men should hold their brothers cheap; not everlastingly while others sleep shall we beguile their limbs with mellow flute, not always bend to some more subtle brute; we were not made eternally to weep."

Poem #3 - "The night whose sable breast relieves the stark white stars is no less lovely being dark, and there are buds that cannot bloom at all in light, but crumple, piteous, and fall; so in the dark we hide the heart that bleeds, and wait, and tend our agonizing seeds."

A. What emotions are being expressed in the poems?
B. Point out language that brings the emotion across to the reader.
C. Have you ever felt a similar emotion? Describe the situation in a few words.
D. Why is it important for a person to have dreams?
E. What do you think happens to the dreamer when his dreams do not work out?

Example: I Really Need To Know What This Dream Means HELP! (10 points best answer)?

I don't know who he is and i have never seen him before in real life.I had a dream that I got into an argument with this guy at school in the hallway and everybody was looking at us.later on that day he came and apologized to me for saying the things he said and I had forgiven him. Then He asked me could he take me out to dinner. I said yea because I thought he was cute. He took me to a really Fancy restaurant. But the twist was...my mom was there! so I sat at the sable with him. I just happen to look up and see my mother sitting at the bar talking to some of her GUY FRIENDS. and she saw me sittin at the table with him and i believe she got mad. she started yelling, telling me to come here. I was like oh my gosh really..and the guy i was on a date with said, "is that your mom"? and he started to laugh. It was so embaressing. what does this mean?

Example: I have a lot of dreams involving water?

So, in the past year or so I have had so many dreams about bodies of water it's ridiculous. Most of them involve rivers. Some rivers are wide with fast flowing water, others are deep and slow. I had one a long time ago where I was flying over a hilly valley and there was a rocky, shallow, clear river flowing. It was a sunny day. The other dream, the river was very narrow, like a foot wide and there were trees perfectly aligned on either side with grass growing all the way to the river's edge. The most recent one involved walking along a river with gigantic waterfalls and cliffs. And I was following a beautiful sable rough collie. The collie was sad because his owner ignored him and I was going to take him home. I was on the ledge of a 1,000 foot high waterfall so heavy with mist I couldn't even see my own feet.

Dreams not involving rivers. I had one recently where I was in a very deep indoor pool. It was probably 30 feet or so. A very dark shade of blue, and there was a network of lighted underwater tunnels that had windows in them. I was the only person swimming in the pool, and there was a very handsome man about my age watching me swim. I remember being blissfully happy in the dream. One I had years ago, I was at a beach with some friends but it was at night and the edge of the beach dropped about a foot to the water instead of a gentle slope. I remember looking for seashells. But, it was dark out. Another dream, I was at a festival that was held at the edge of a lake, and I wanted to swim across the lake. So, I did. Then I swam back but I had a hard time getting back to shore because of jagged driftwood poking out of the water. When I finally did get back out, I had no top on. Eek!

Every time I dream about flying I'm always above water. Either a pool, or a river. Never a lake or ocean. But, I dream about rivers a lot! What is this all about? I have had more dreams about bodies of water in the past couple years, than I can count.

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