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Dream About Sanitation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream that a guy friend was excessively smelling me?

He grabbed me by the arms and quickly started to smell me a lot in like search for some scent, and then after awhile when he stopped, his expression was not very pleasant, almost like 'hmmm I don't like it' like pouting his lips with his eyebrows slouched down in dislike or like suspicious disappointment idk.. Anyways I loved while he would smell me so I was like 'omg! XD' Anyways after he stopped he continued again and the dream ended

In all other species than man, the male discovers that the female is
ready to be impregnated by his sense of smell. Some people think
that humans had this ability at one time but modern sanitation
procedures have diminished it.
But while he was smelling and handling you, it provided you with
affectionate attention.

Example: How will i know if my penis has a fungus infection?

i had dry semen in my penis 4 days ago after a wet dream. i asked a question similar to this 4 days ago and a person said to clean my urethra and i'll be fine, if i don't clean it, i'll have a fungus infection. my penis hurts a little bit once in a while now, but not so extreme.maybe i didn't clean it right. i don't know, how will i know?i'm age 14 if you need to know.

Example: Is my research paper good?

Sry in advance its so long but please read it and give me feed back

Has Martin Luther king Jr.’s Dream Come True?

Martin Luther King was an important figure in the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther Jr. thought that African Americans and other disadvantaged Americans should be compensated for what happened in the past. King’s speeches, marches and protests moved the nation and inspired people who were treated unfairly.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. His dad was Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr., his mom was Alberta Williams King, his brother was Reverend Alfred Daniel Williams King, and his sister was Christine King Farris. His father and him changed their names from Michael to Martin in honor of a German protestant. His father was a pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church and Martin Jr. sometimes served as co-pastor. His grandfather started the family’s long line of pastors.

When King was young he attended public schools in Georgia. He skipped the 9th and 12th grades and graduated high school when he was fifteen. After high school he went to Morehouse College. Then he went to Crozer and was awarded his B.D. in 1951. He then did graduate studies at Boston University, he received the degree in 1955. In Boston he met Coretta Scott and married her. They had two daughters, Yolanda and Bernice, and two sons, Dexter and Martin III.

In 1954, Martin Luther King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. King was always a strong civil rights advocate. He was a member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. King was a very important person in the Civil Rights Movement. He accepted the leadership of the first great ***** nonviolent demonstration in the U.S., the bus boycott described by Gunnar Jahn. The protest lasted 382 days but worked and white and colored people from then on rode equally.

In 1957, because of the expanding Civil Rights Movement, King was elected president of the Sothern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization made to provide leadership for the movement. This gave King a base to pursue more civil right activities throughout the United States. The thoughts of this organization are based on Christianity and techniques from Gandhi. His way of nonviolent resistance got him arrested many times in the 50s and 60s.

In the eleven year period King was president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference he traveled over six million miles and spoke over twenty five hundred times. He went where there was injustice, protest or action. He wrote five books as well as many articles. Most of his books were about American race relation and collections of his sermons and lectures. King was the first African American to be named Time Magazines Man of the year. King was also the youngest person to get a Nobel Peace Prize

Two of King’s most famous protests were in Birmingham, Alabama and Washington, D.C. He led a protest in Birmingham Alabama and was arrested. The attention from the world inspired his “Letter from Birmingham Jail.” His most famous protest was a peaceful march of 250,000 people on Washington D.C. He delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” address when he led this protest. King also talked with John F. Kennedy and campaigned with Lyndon B. Johnson.

Martin Luther King Jr. was shot April 4th, 1968 by James Earl Ray. He was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel on in Memphis, Tennessee. Ray was arrested and then sentenced to 99 years in the Tennessee Penitentiary. King had been in Memphis to help lead a protest for sanitation workers against low wages and bad conditions.

Martin Luther King Jr. gave African American and poor people a sense of worth and dignity. His nonviolent ways shocked the country and made people rethink their priorities. His wisdom, words, actions, commitment and dreams for the nation mixed with the American experience. To many millions of African American, Martin Luther King Jr. would help them bring racial equality. He was their voice and their cry for human dignity.

Example: Would you choose your religion over your career?

A talented young Muslim boxer from the UK was recently banned from the sport he loves and dreams of pursuing... because of his beard.
25-year-old Mohammed Patel grows his beard as part of his faith but the 'experts' insist that he shaves it off for 'hygiene reasons', but Patel isn't convinced; he believes he is a victim of prejudice and religious discrimination. He was then presented with an ultimatum: Islam or a future career in the sport he loves. Patel chose Islam.
Would you choose your religion over your career, or your career over your religion? Why? How would it impact your life? What would those around you think of it?
Peace unto all and ps. I am not Muslim.

Example: What does my dream mean? Are there symbols in it?

I had a dream that an animorph lion kept chasing his completely human sister around trying to eat her because she refused to marry him. He would turn into a huge lion right before he was about to eat her but change back when they were outside. They ran through peoples houses, she sacrificed people, children, prostitutes and others to distract him but it only gave her a few second head start each time... It wasn't me, but at times, I saw through the sisters point of view and then third person... never his or anyone elses though. Also when he was human, the lion guy would always carry a package of diapers and a hat... what does this mean?

Example: I need help with this dream.?

Hi, i have been having these crazy dreams and i have no clue what they mean? This one dream that i had was about my grandmother she died first the dream started in thanksgiving and the hole family was there and i looked to the left my grandma was at the head of the table i look away than i saw my grandpa(he was all ready dead) and he had his had on my grandma shoulder than we went to the hospital from there we went to the grave sit she past away nov, 11th 2002 and in that same week my mom all most died and she was in the dream also in the hospital these dreams are really scaring me. I also had a dream that my best friend and his cousin was going to get in to a fight and in that fight they was going to get jumped in a ally by a school and than my friend the next day called me and told me he was going to get in to a fight in a ally by north high school and i told him to get out of there they were going to get jump and they both were going to die by getting shoot to death. fortunately they ran from the fight. i also had another dream that me, mom dad and sister was going to my dads bosses house for a bbq and swimming in that dream we all went in to the house and my lil sister that went out side and went in to pool and was drowning i woke up right away with the sanitation on drowning and that week it happen. what dose these dreams mean? and these dreams are so detailed and real!

Example: Toilets: Would this buy votes in the U.S.?

Example: Didn''t Natives around the World live in peace, because they killed anyone that might be a threat to ...?

... their way of Life?
Why do you insist on living your Utopian "pipe" dreams? There never was and never will be a perfect material world.
When there is Real peace on a material world. That eventually leads to material problems. Populations grow. Cities become glutted, people having to compete for jobs, since not everyone can trade for goods among 100s of 1000s of people. There are problems with sanitation, trash control.
Pull your self-righteous heads out of your arrses!
And stop promoting your hatred, like everything is alright with the world, except for those who you personally choose to hate, under the pretenses that you care.
Thank you very much.

Example: If America is such a great country to live in, why are there no Norwegians trying to get Green Cards?

I was talking to a Haitian cabby and he was telling me how disappointed he was in coming to America. Then it hit me, I never meet anyone from first world countries trying to live here.

Example: How do I choose the right master''s degree?

I currently have a bachelor's degree in communication (double major with performing arts / theatre), and have been working as a journalist for a year. It was through my studies and work that i discover that my true passion is the advancement of culture, which I currently am working on in the media, but will want to branch out from later.

Being an ethnic minority from a remote rural area in a developing country, my real dream is to someday return to my original homeland and start businesses that provide jobs that are based in traditional skills but apply them in the production of modern commercial commodities that appeal to urban international markets. I want the company to make a lot of profit, than channel it to provide great quality education and health care for the employees' children and families.

I especially long to engage the young generation to preserve traditional wisdom, life skills, folklore and philosohies through education, art, film, and modern technology. So what I really want to do is to put my writing and performing art skills to use through education. I also intend to keep my profession as a freelance journalist and branch out to write books and films based on this exotic area. However, given that this is a poverty stricken area, that's not gonna happen unless the community has the means to sustainably meet its basic needs (food security, clean water, nutrition, sanitation, and decent housing) and make the money to provide these. I think eco-friendly, sustainable businesses that make use of the community's traditional skills and hybrid them with modern technology, styles, and marketing is the answer, so people have jobs and also balanced, high quality lives.

Someone once told me that in order to eventually do what I want to do, I must first start by doing what I can do, and do it well. I'm a writer, a researcher, a showgirl, and learning to be an educator. But there isn't much space for writers in my homeland, unless my writing has a way of putting food on people's tables, roofs over their heads, clean water in their homes, and jobs that not only provide them money but also help them keep up with the modern world while keeping in touch with their traditional sense of identity and balance.

I feel that no matter what I study it'll never be enough for this dream, but I don't know where to start. Not journalism, because I don't want to be "just another journalist". Maybe education, but deep down I know that conventional Western education is not the model that suites the community in my homeland. Agriculture or engineering would be great, except that I don't meet the prerequisites and they're not my passions anyway. Other majors I've considered include marketing/advertising, brand development, fashion design (my homeland is well known for exotic textiles), and green entrepreneurship, but i fear that taking one will mean missing out on the others and falling short.

A program I have considered for years in University of Oslo's "culture, environment and sustainability". While it's tuition free, living costs in Norway are extremely high and I don't qualify for a grant because I don't attend an affiliated university in my home country. It costs 6 months of my salary in my country to live one month in Norway.

I'd be happy to consider English language master programs throughout North America, Europe, East Asia and Singapore that are likely to help me reach my dream. Although I currently have the equivalent of USD $1500 in savings, I'll most likely need financial aid and part-time working arrangments to support myself. If you have suggestions on student societies, research bodies, or work placements that I should look into, they are welcome as well.

Thank you :)

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