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Dream About Sanitation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these house alignments in my natal chart mean?

I read my natal chart, but it didn't say much about the planets in each of the different houses, except my ascendant and rising. Anyone who knows their astrology, know what the signs in these houses mean? What does each house represent? :-)

Taurus sun
Aquarius moon
Sagittarius rising

2nd house - Capricorn
3rd house - Aquarius
4th house- Aries
5th - Aries
6th - Taurus
7th - Gemini
8th - Cancer
9th - Leo
10th -Midheaven- Libra
11th- Libra
12th - Scorpio

Any info would be appreciated :D

First house: The house of Self
Planets here show he personality or character attributes. One’s outlook on life. Appearance, mannerisms. Identity. Early childhood.
Second House: The House of Possessions
Planets here show your sense of values and priorities. Earned income potential. How you handle monetary income. Material security needs. The physical substance of the body. The desire to accumulate personal resources.
Third House: The House of the Environment
Communication and self-expression. Day-to-day thinking. Intellectual interests. Primary education. Perceptions and speech. Your brothers and sisters, relatives and neighbors.
Fourth House: The House of Home and Parents
This is the house of things you inherit from your family. Your roots. The past. Family of origin, especially your mother. How you like your home to be.
Fifth House: The House of Love Given
This is the field of creativity and self-expression. It rules children of all kinds: physical offspring, as well as “brain children”— artistic creations or projects you love to work on. Also rules romance, love affairs, fun and amusements. Your talents, hobbies and pleasures.
Sixth House: The House of Duty and Health
People who work with you and for you. Duties, day-to-day responsibilities, and mundane tasks. Daily work. Servants and dependents. Pets and small animals. Diet. Sickness and health. Hygiene and sanitation.
Seventh House: The House of Partnership
One-on-one relationships. Duos and duels. Peace and war. Cooperation and lack thereof. Marriage and divorce. Open enemies. Joint ventures. Business partners. Legal contracts. Court trials.
Eighth House: The House of Renewal
Elimination. The extraction of essences. Expenditures. Death and legacies. Investments, other people’s possessions. Corporations. The stock market. Taxes. Sex and regeneration. Healing. Sexual attitudes and behavior. Marriage and shared resources. Inheritance. Insurance.
Ninth House: The House of Long Journeys
Sense of purpose and direction. Searches for new horizons. Distant travel. Residence in foreign lands. Philosophy and religion. Prophecy. Higher education, advanced training, teaching. Publishing, publicity. Law, the courts. Foreign travel. Organized sports.
Tenth House: The House of Public Standing
What the world remembers you for. Your public face. Positions of authority, honor and prestige. Fame. Profession or career. Long-range goals. Your father. Affairs of state. Large-scale organizations.
Eleventh House: The House of Love Received
Detached or impersonal relationships. Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises. Clubs, groups, organizations and associations. Business connections and spheres of influence. The people who share your ideals. Altruism. The rewards derived from the ambition of the tenth house.
Twelfth House: The House with Drawn Shades
The private and hidden side of life. The unconscious and subconscious mind, dreams. Behind-the-scenes maneuverings. Deceptions, secrets. Hidden enemies. Solitude or confinement: prisons, asylums and hospitals. Mysticism, meditation. Past life issues. Sacrificial service. Repression, neuroses, worry.

Example: Is it possible to erect some form of habitat (eg, home) on land without building regulations?

We have seen lots of land for sale with planning permisson but the prices are extreme, we are very DIY orientated/self build. Is it possible to buy a plot of land and put a mobile/static home on there to live in. If so what other forms of dwelling could be constructed for living purposes (eg, a home)

Example: What are some pet peeves you have about day care teachers?

I'm a daycare teacher, and I would like to know from parents who have their children in daycare or have withdrawed them, what things have bugged you about their whole daycare experience. I want to know this so I can better myself!

Example: Can you please name me some charities I can donate to from the UK?

I had a dream last night that I gave £30 to a charity (I don't know which one) and I woke up feeling really good about myself. It is my birthday at the end of this month and I have decided I am going to give half the money I get to a charity which may be about £20-£30. The thing is there are so many charities I can't decide, and I'm thinking of donating to one that helps people in poor countries such as Africa and India. I'm thinking of 'Water Aid' which builds wells in port countries and gives them proper sanitation and drinking water. Can you please name me some more with what they do and how much of the money I donate will actually go to the cause and not just advertising? Thanks in advance.

Example: Martin Luther King...?

What things did Martin luther king do to help for equal rights for African Americans? Why was he killed?

Cheers =)

Example: Spiritually Speaking: If you had unlimited resources to give money freely?

What would you give your money to (charity or otherwise) and why?

Example: Why are ghettos filthy?

When ever I go to "inner city" neighborhoods I notice theres a lot more trash and litter everywhere. Why is that? Does lack of money stop someone from using a trash can? Or why is it that you could smell urine everywhere? Whats that about? How can I sympathize over a place without sanitation? I mean thats not money ..thats just logic..be sanitary its disgusting and disease causing when your filthy. One a last note why do people drink and do drugs..your not helping out the community really your just wasting time...why cant they organize things like a community sanitation department..a community food bank...things like that..

Example: What''s wrong with today''s generation in England?

There's no doubt that the young generation in Britain today has quite different outlook from the old generation.I was sad when I heard about a group of British teenage girls who assaulted a London lady in the north part of the city,and the mayor of the city helped the lady in distress.today,England is no longer what it used to be and the English young generation are becoming increasingly morally bad.drunk teenagers out of control,fighting and vomiting the streets,England has really become disgusting in the eyes of an anglophile.Poor England!

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