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Dream About Satan meanings

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Example: I dreamed about Satan! What does it mean? ?

I recently started reading the bible for the first time (genesis). Last night I had a vivid dream that I was in the public restroom of a hospital. In the window I saw a reflection of Jesus and he was talking (not sure what he was talking about). Then his eyes slanted and turned black. But what really stood out was when he put two small tridents together which sent a powerful bolt of energy through him. He seemed obsessed with power and relished the power generated by the small tridents. When I woke up, I realized that maybe the dream was Satan disguising himself as Jesus? I'm not very religious but feel this dream really meant something. Any thoughts or interpretations would be appreciated. Thank you!

sorry for all the negative answers:( now I'm not gonna be like telling you what to do or what religion to be, but I guess I'm religious. and just dreaming of Jesus, to me, would be an honor. but like I kinda think your theory is true, maybe it was Satan disguising himself and Jesus...? Also maybe beause you just now starte reading the bible it could be like some sort of evil thing like Satan sending you a dream to try and scare you from reading the bible. i would suggest praying or thinking to god to let him show you what e meant. in like another dream... btw praying isn't exactly get on your knees type thing and gettin out the cross... you can just think to god, and he will listen. also maybe this dream possibly doubltfly slim chancy be nothing. like maybe you just read too much about the bible, and your subconscious is making you dream like this beause subconsciously you wanted to find out if god and stuff was real due to the fact your not really religious yet::

Example: What does it mean to dream about the Spawn Of Satan?

I had this weird dream last night that this child (who had vivid green eyes and long black hair) who was following me around around was the child of Satan.
My overly religious Aunty burdened me with the task of getting rid of this kids seeing as the child had taken a liking to me.
I remember trying various way to get rid of this kid (Make him get hit by a truck, etc). Even telling it that we could go visit Hilter in Germany (who apparently was alive and well- in exchange for not killing my mum (It was jealous of my love for my mother)- hoping I could just dump it on a plane and then run away.
But instead, for some reason, I began to like this kid and ended up getting him a job at an Orange Juice factory lol.

There's more to my dream that this but it was way to long to describe every detail.

Example: What do dreams with Satan usually mean?

I believe I had a dream earlier that involved Satan. He/She/It wasn't the cliche "red skin, horns, hooves, claws" deal. Satan took on the form of this very bizarre looking woman - very tall, skinny... not sure how to describe the face. It was just strange-looking.

Anyway, the woman asked me in this very strange, ominous voice, "Can you see inside me?" I said "no". Then she said something about it raining inside of her. It was really strange and I woke up very confused.

If it helps anything, this all took place in a hellish-looking version of my school.

I'm well aware that the dream is bizarre, but I'm hoping someone knows enough about dreams out there to interpret this one. What did the dream and the things said in it mean?

Example: What do these satan dreams mean?

About 2 days ago, I had a weird dream about selling my soul to the devil. It started out as a group of us laying down in a place that looked like hell and falling asleep. I didn't know what was going so I just followed what everyone else was doing. After everyone woke up, a demon told everybody 'good job, you have completed 1 initiation of all of the three hundred and something sleeps to selling your soul' When I found out that I was selling my soul I quickly snuck out with other people that didn't know what the heck was going on either. Then the dream continued of me finally escaping in a junkyard. It had passed about one year and the people that sold their souls were wondering down the streets trying to kill me. They had already wiped out all of the human race.

Another dream I had was last night, it had to do with the same in initiation, but in a different room. It was after a party and many of my friends walked into a room so I followed them so I would not be left alone. It the dream, I woke up unconcious in a room that the devil was preparing the other people in their to sell their souls. Everyone was in the stadium and I was on the floor next to Satan like if I was unable to move. I believe they were sacraficing me because everytime I tried to get up, the hit my head with some rocks in my head. Finally, they hit me in the back of the head with a rock and I could actually feel it happening. They thought I died, but I got up and their guard dog helped me escape. Then the rest of the dream was just me running away in them jumping in diferent dimensions.

Is the devil trying to contact me or is God trying to prepare me? Help!

Example: What does it mean to dream about Satan?

I had such a horrible dream (nightmare) that everywhere I went Satan was there. He kept changing into the people I knew or loved and sometimes people I didn't know or a dragon or cat. Always, he would turn back into his true form,(a redheaded man that has appeared in a few of my other dreams) and reveal himself with a smile and without fear. In all the other dreams he's been in, he's always said he was Satan as well, the same redheaded man.

But this time he seemed to be very angry with me! It scared me to the point I had to wake up! What does it mean!?

Example: What does it mean to dream of Satan (devil) ?

I've had the same dream recently were I'm sleeping and everything is dark and I'm thinking oh god Satan or the bad evil is here so I put my fingers in forms of a cross and start saying cross cross for Satan to dissappear and god to appear (something learned from church) and the next times ive dreamed it I tell myself it's a dream wake up breath and I wake up scared

Does anybody know the meaning of this ?

Example: What does it mean to dream with satan?

Okay so in my dream i was sleeping in my bed normally. Everything looked and was the same. Until i woke up and went to the living rooom. As soon as i open the door i see someone laying down in my couch very comfortably. When i got the full loook, the person laying down in my couch was a friend of mine (who i talk to from time to time, he is not of any importance to me but we hang out when ever. He is a dark skinned guy). So i see him and he is smiling at me very fiercely with dark red eyes. I wondered what he was doing here until i saw him quickly get up and start laughing and growing in size. I quickly knew that this was something evil that it was satan. I ran to my moms bedroom and he was runing after me. I woke up my mom telling her thatthe devil was after me. She woke up and saw him. A HUGE Black skinned figure with ugly eyes ( the eyes that no one could stare). My mom started yelling at him to go away that he wanst wanted here. HE couldnt get through me so he got mad and ran to the kitchen. My mom and i can see him and he is cutting himself because of anger while also speaking a weird launguage. We could see that he had a napkin with blood in it. He came back to my moms room very mad and we started telling him to leave , (i started doing a cross with my fingers, he micmicd me and was very furious screaming at us. I kept hiding under the covers by my moms side. Then i saw him go through a door where there was a painting of someone, he was hiding behind the door but we could still see his mouth and eyes. We asked him who had sent him and why was he here, demanding him to tell us but he was just yelling at me because he couldnt get to me. i stared straight into his eyes and demanded him to tell me who had sent him, he just stood there looking straight back at me without doing anything.

that was all, it was a very freaky dream and well in my country if you dream of satan that means he wants to come after you. I am freaking out at this point.

Example: What does this mean, DREAMING of SATAN?

Last night i dreamt that satan rose to earth (im not religious) and began killing people from a list. when he began to look for me. i tricked him into believing that he killed me, with the help of my friend. but the next person on the list was that friend.

Somehow i got satan to like me (for my friend). rest of the dream was, me lying to Satan while hiding her.

The dream ended with me and my friend hiding under white sheets on a bed. satan came in the room and killed my friend. i thought "im next" , but instead satan wasn't angry that i lied and he somewhat became obsessed with me

i know i have really weird dreams

Example: Meaning of dreaming of Satan?

I had a pretty weird dream I just woke up to...
So for some reason, Satan was my friend, best friend to be specific, and he took me to the gate of "The Garden of God" or "The Garden of Eden" I was about to open the gate when i was woken up... /.\
What does dreaming that Satan is your best friend, would be the real questuion...

Example: What does it mean when you dream about Satan?

Last night I had a dream that I met Satan. My friend and I where in a small room, almost looked like a boys bedroom. I saw Satan laying on the bed but I couldn't see his face. He started spraying something at my face but I didn't know what it was. He looked like a normal guy but his presence was very uncomforting, made me feel on edge, and scared to death. I tried to get out of the room but it was locked. He told he i would come back to see him, and then my dream ended. What does this mean?

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