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Dream About Saving meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about saving a baby?

Well today i dreamt that i saved a baby girl cus her mother left her in a garbage can to freese to death. Is there a meaning to my dream? :o

Babies in dreams represent new ideas. There's probably a way yesterday or the day before that you decided that an idea you came across or heard was worth keeping, holding onto, or working with, even if people in your immediate environment thought the idea was "trash." Like babies, all ideas seek to grow, develop, and manifest, and for that to occur, ideas need the our mind's constant attention to escape "freezing to death."

Example: What does it mean to dream of saving my girlfriend from a trantula?

Last night I had a really weird dream looked online and there is a lot about tarantulas and spiders but nothing about saving people from them? I dreamt I was at my girlfriends house and there were 2 tarantulas in her flat, now I'm not scared of tarantulas or spiders, I used to keep one as a pet so I guess I know a bit about them. The one tarantula was a blue colbalt which are really vicious an the other was a brown tarantula, the blue one was reared up on its back legs trying to bite my girlfriend and I caught it in a lunchbox (wtf right lol) and killed it with the kid of the lunchbox lol I didn't kill the brown 1 in the dream we were sat on the sofa just looking around the room for it... I have only Kat woke up and remember this dream vividly at the moment. Can anybody tell me what it means? Thanks xxx

Example: What does it mean to dream about being saved by crocodiles?

I have reoccurring dreams about alligators and crocodiles, but they are never violent or threatening and instead are calming and help me..

for instance, in one dream I am at a visitor center at the north carolina beach.. there are tourists everywhere.. it's packed and people are reading the maps and taking pictures and suddenly everything is surrounded by water and people are on the deck of the center freaking out. Then a huge crocodile appears.. maybe 18 feet long.. swimming slowly in the dark water.. everyone starts screaming and saying not to go in the water.. but the crocodile just looks at me and I know it won't hurt me, so I get in the water.. she swims to me (I know it is female) and grab her back and she swims with me gently, while everyone screams... then she takes me to safety as the building sinks

another dream, is that I am in this beautiful forest, its autumn.. red and gold leaves are falling everywhere.. and I come up on this huge clear pool.. I can see the bottom is covered in the red and gold leaves.. and it is full of big crocodiles.. and I get in the water and float with them and we all just swim slowly in all the beautiful leaves and float together.. (this is my favorite dream...ever)

most dream interpritations say crocodiles represent fear or lies.. but I don't feel like this is true in my dreams, they seem more like guardians and saviors..

could this mean they are a totem animal for me?

Example: What is the meaning of dreams about saving my son from drowning?

In the span of a week I've had two dreams in which my son either falls in or looses his ability to stay afloat in a dark body of water. In both dreams I jump in to save him and he survives. In the first dream, I dive in expertly, with no resistance from the water and find him quickly but have trouble bringing him to the dock. In the second dream I plead desperately for a man to save him (no one I know in real life) but he does nothing. After some time has passed I dive in with a flash light, not knowing where to find him, but find him eventually and quickly bring him to the surface. I'm curious about why I've had such similar dreams in such a short span of time.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of saving kittens like a superhero?

Any time I go through a period of anxiety I start dreaming of kittens. Every night. I'll be having a normal dream, running through a forest, killing zombies, fighting ninjas, whatever superhero action dream I'm having at the time, and in the midst somewhere is a tiny mewing kitten that I have to pick up and take with me. Of course, I keep fighting bad guys, but all the while with a little kitten that I just scooped up.

What on earth does it mean? I always know I'm going a bit batty when the kitten dreams start in again.

Example: What does it mean when your dreaming of saving someone?

me and my mother donat really have a good relationship.
people say she loves me but she doesn't really show it.
for example
in my first years of high school
i was going through some tough stuff
i started cutting.
but when my parents found out
my mom was the first to yell at me.
she told me that i was stupid and that i was cutting to get
attention..(well if that was the case it was pretty weird that all my friends and family barely found out a years later and i didn't even tell them).
so, yeah my mom kept going on with the yelling she even said that i was copying this from the television and all this other ridiculous stuff.
the worst thing is that she said that i only like to make people feel bad.
our relationship just got worse from then on.
i thought she didn't love me anymore
because of so much pain she has caused me.
but the point is..
that yesterday i just found out from my dad that my mom was
like having bad dreams that some one was chasing me
and that she was trying to save me
and that she would cry...
what does this mean?

Example: What does saving someone in a dream mean?

Basically i had a dream about me and my friend on a boat that capsized. Then she starts drowning and I save her. But it was hard to save her because when i was trying to push her up to the surface of the water it was pushing me down. Then I dragged her out the water and she was alive. I was wondering if there is a meaning to dream where you save someone? Thanks :)

Example: What does it mean to dream of saving your boyfriend's life?

Hi, im 15 years old and i have a boyfriend that im deeply in love with. We've been together for 5 months but have been talking to him for longer than that. I dream in sections and scenes. So my dreams are never one fluid story. Anyways, my dream...This dream felt SO real. So in my dream we were in a parking lot. We just came back from the beach and my dad drove us there. But he was no where to be found so decided to drive the car ourselves. My bf didn't know how to do stick shift, so when the car started, it went in reverse somehow and we started driving backwards really fast. We didn't know how to control it. All of a sudden the car crashed into something and we started to fall. Then the car suddenly became a small little boat. And we landed in water. In the open sea. My bf was unconcious and i remember feeling so scared. The feelings and emtions felt so real. In my dream, i put him on top of the boat while i hung on to it with one arm and used my legs and free arm to swim. I didn't know where i was going... We were alone, but soon enough i saw something weird in the distance. As i came closer it was just stacks and stacks of seaweed floating on top of the water like little trails or something. You were able to walk on it. And there was a bunch of people there too. But in my dream i knew they couldn't help me. I had to help myself and do this my way. There was a seaweed train that floated on top of the water and was going somewhere. I wanted to get on that train. (I don't know why everything was made of seaweed). So with my bf in one arm, i grabbed on to something on the train, and it flung me forward because it was moving so fast. Then i ended up on some huge island that was made of rocks. On this island, there was a lot of women working. They completely ignored me and was rather harsh. The only to civilization is if u stacked enough seaweed to reach the top of the mountain. So when i tried to stack one it just all fell apart. Then i wanted clean clothes so i asked if i can borrow something, they said yea pick something. I went in the little closet thing and there was just a whole bunch of clothes on hangers. The last part of my dream was looking through all the designs of the clothes. But i also remember a scene in my dream. I dont remember where it was supposed to be. But i remember hugging my bf and telling him i saved your life, and stroking his hair. So yea, i just woke up from my dream now. i have NO idea what this means...

Example: What does it mean if you dream of saving someones life?

well last night i dreamt my freinds went to jail for doing a crime they didnt acturly do but the guards forgot about them and they started starving and i went into the prison and got them out and saved one from being killed by a bullet wound so wat does this dream mean guys ?:)

Example: What does it mean when you dream about saving a deceased relative!?

Last night I dreamt I saved my father who passed away nearly 5 years ago. We was out for a father daughter drive 5mins away from my nans when he told me to get out the car and get take away from me and him across the road and he parked the car, when I turned around the car was rolling in the opposite direction and went into a lamppost which then dropped and hit him in his head (leaving a big cut) I ran over and he moved to the side I was on, I'm only 16 so I had no practice but I kept talking to him and wrapped my jacket around his head tightly I remember calling an ambulance and still making sure he was alive by talking to him and he kept responding sleepily, when the ambulance came he was alive and they took him to the hospital alive..but then I woke up...does anybody know what this could mean!?!?!? It is the first time I have had this type of dream about saving him


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