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Dream About Scalp meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was in a glass house on a peninsula over looking the ocean. During the day I was in school with people I didn't know and then I realized one of my good friends was there. During school we watched some sort of movie until someone noticed there were dolphins jumping and playing by the rocks in the water and everyone rushed over to see them playing. Then the sun started setting and we saw three black horses swimming trying to get away from a really old fashioni ship that had soldiers on it with metal hats, chest guards, and guns. They were shooting at the horses as they were swimming towards us. Some of the gun shots started hitting the glass hiting things inside but the Windows never shattered. One of the bullets grazed my scalp but I didn't bleed. Everyone dropped down and was screaming but we couldn't get out of the house. The door was on the side they were shooting at. Then the night fell and the moon was beautifully bright. The soldiers got on a paddle boat and came in the house. None of the soldiers had weapons at this point except the leader but everyone started fighting. The leader was this really tall huge dude! I tied to slice his arm off so he wouldn't shoot me because everyone was knocked out except me and my friend and a hand full of class mates. They watched me slice away but it would barely cut him. (It was almost like a razor cut.) He then grabbed the knife from me and cut me several times in my legs, arms, and ribs but he sliced me, no stabs. I got soo scared then I grabbed the butcher knife ran away hid it and ran out. I jumped in the water. Swam some distance and hid behind some rocks to see if he would find me. He sent his army out to catch me so I turned around thinking I was going to die now and one of the dolphins appeared and I grabbed on to his back and we swam away. I knew I would be safe and he was going to swim me to safety. He swam above the water so I could breath. I then passed out from the pain.

The seen movie is hampering ur mind confusing u in sleep, no meaning of dream

Example: What does this crazy dream mean?

The top of my head is pulled off like in the movie hannibal ( no I didn't watch it recently) and inside my brain is spaghetti. Then I see it start to swirl around inside around and around and I was afraid that my brain would be damaged from this. The next part of my dream they had sown the top of my head back on and there were stiches all around my scalp/forehead. When i walked around I could fell the top of my head moving around and I was afraid the stiches would come and the top of my head would fall off.
Aaakkk! lol

Example: What does it mean when I have a dream that I'm having my scalp removed from my skull?

I had similar dreams twice in one week. In the first one, I was calmly cutting a circle around the top of my head (about where a hat brim would be) with a knife, and then I was starting to peel my scalp off my head. It didn't seem to hurt, but I felt apprehensive about doing it. Then, two days later, I dreamt something similar, except that I hired some guy to do the same procedure for me. Again, he cut around the top of my head with a knife, but as he was about to pull the scalp off, my dad discovered this was going on and called an ambulance. Then the ambulance took me away, and they seemed to be taking me to a mental hospital.

This dream was very disturbing both times, and I can't find anything in dream dictionaries that helps. Any help you can give me would be appreciated!

Example: What does it mean to dream that my daughters go to get a haircut and?

what does it mean to dream that my daughters go to get a haircut and one of them ends up bald and the other one only gets half of her head bald?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I was dying my hair roots, I was just looking at the instructions and then as I opened the box to get the brush and went to start dying them, I saw pink on my scalp. I was confused, went to touch my head, which sort of had a comb over(?) so it looked like I had hair. But I ended up feeling scalp, finding I lost most of my hair I screamed traumatically and was thinking to myself in the dream, I hope this is a dream. Please help!

Example: What does dreaming about hair mean?

I recently had I dream that I was styling my hair, bangs specifically, and they wouldn't sit right. I then lifted up my bangs and saw that underneath they were burned. The hair was frizzed to my scalp! Yikes! I was so confused and starting trying to remember how this happened. Nothing came to mind...

Example: Strange Dream, What do you think it means?

I usually am not all about interpreting dreams - as I think it's just a mess of stuff in your head. However, I had a strange one... What do you think?

From what I remember:

I was standing in a public restroom with my sister, and we were fussing with hair and makeup for some reason. I started showing her my scalp, and how I had a couple of bald spots (which I do not have irl) and also showed her where I had a 'part' where there was a long scar across my head. As I held the hair separate, I noticed the scar looked a little funny, and I kind of pulled a little and I noticed the scar gape open in a section. I held it together and started freaking out. My sis wanted to know what was going on, I went to show her but the ENTIRE SCAR gaped open, and you could see in - and see a gap down to what I believe to be the skull. It was kind of gape-ey, and gappy... so I held it all back together and ran out of the restroom. I was in the hospital now, and Dr. House was working, and he was talking about how it wasn't really a scar, but just glue - and we'd have to glue it back together and I would be good as new.

Then I woke up.

Example: What would it mean to dream that you are itching your scalp really bad and it is bleeding?

I had a dream that I could not stop itching my scalp and then I looked in the mirror and parted my hair to see that it was bleeding a lot. Can anyone interpret that for me?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I just woke up and I had the most effed up dream. I had magnets and various shards of metal stuck to my scalp and I couldn't get them off my head. My scalp wasn't like a normal scalp... It had deep crevices and the pieces of metal and magnets were falling down the dark crevices.
So that's basically it... this went on for a really long time. Didn't matter what I did, I just could not take them off my scalp... they were stuck. Does anyone know what this could mean?

Example: Help! What Does This Dream Mean?

This dream is not scary, just weird. I like for things to make sense. I had a dream the other night that I was sitting and talking with some friends, and I scratched the top of my head. I felt what I thought was a scab on my scalp, but when I pulled at it, it was a nail! It was longer than a penny nail. I found another "scab" and when I pulled at it, it was a screw! Anybody got any ideas?

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