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Dream About Scarab meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do beetles mean in a dream?

they were longish not round and fat. and they were black golden yellow. they were on my floor and i was trying to kill them... 4 or 5 of them. well, thanks for your help.

Apparently, in many cultures around the world, few but the ancient Egyptians are known to use a beetle of the 'scarab' family as a very important role for their pharaohs. They're to signify hope and assurance for an everlasting eternal life in the netherworld. But unlike what you mentioned in your dreams, they could be more likely to be wasps or hornets. If that's the case, do take care!

Example: What does my dream about various insects mean?

I dreamed of four spiders spinning a webs in the 4 corners of my bedroom. Other notable things in my dreams was that I clearly killed a lone wasp. It was very elusive, but I was able to administer a fatal blow followed by several "confirmation blows" ensuring its death. Shortly after was a small group of bees that seemingly avoided me and hid in a dark corner. From that dark corner came butterflies that spread through my room and almost seem to illuminate it. Then the walls had small numbers of caterpillars climbing to the ceiling. Just before I woke up, I was the commander of an army of scarabs. They did not attack me but moved where I told them to, and formed pictures with their bodies for my enjoyment.

Example: What does it mean if I'm killed or seriously injured in a dream?

In 4 of my dreams I'm injured or killed...

The most recent im shot at close range with a rifle four times, but for some reason I still live (also the asian dude from "Mythbusters" is in that same dream..WHY!?). I was raobbing a bank with 3 others(one being the asian dude), however i tipped off the cops. When they came they thanked me as they surronded us. My allie automaticly knew what I did and shot me four times from 2 ft. away. I walked away like it was nothing...

2nd most recent=
Setting; time:1899 Paris, kind of like the movie Moulin Rouge...
Job; Mob member
C.O.A; Shot point blank, straight to the heart.
I refused to kill a woman who I had an affair w/ so my boss (who was one of my real life best friends) killed the woman and the me...
I woke up instantly...

3rd most recent=
Setting; Indoor pool at The Y...2005
Job; student (still am =p)
C.O.A; Drowning...3 bullies where picking on me, continuosly dunking me and pushing me deeper and deeper. I felt the pressure

Example: Last night I dreamt of scarab beetles overflowing out of a cup?

I know scarab beetles sometimes mean protection, and sometimes they mean rebirth… But these beetles were overflowing from a cup and they were like a metallic turquoise in color. In the context of the dream, it was like the cup was needed, and once I got close enough to the cup and the beetles started pouring out I was frightened at first, but then I realized that the beetles in the cup were what I needed and it actually ended up making me happy. I also counted the scarab beetles because for some reason, I felt like it was important to know how many there were. I can't remember how many there were, but I know it was an odd number. I am a student of philosophy, and I am aware of Carl Jung's scarab beetle and synchronicity study, and Egyptian culture is very appealing to me. I have scarab jewelry as well... But as far as dream interpretation goes, I am at a loss. Any insights into my dream to be very helpful, thank you!

Example: Meaning of this dream?

I had a dream that there were 3 beetles (scarabs in particular) in my room, and one was a HUGE black scarab, the other was a small bright blue scarab, and the other was also small black scarab. They were crawling around then the huge black scarab started crawling over me and over my face. What does this dream symbolise?

Example: Can anyone give me the meaning of these dreams?

Okay. The past four days I've had dreams which involve scarab beetles. They aren't centered around them, but they are there. The first one, it was just a beetle, sitting outside the window. I saw it and did whatever it was i was doing ((I can't recall exactly)). The second dream the beetle was in the room with me, but also just not going anything. The third dream was the same, though I was outside and the beetle had followed me, it seemed. Last nights dream was vivid. i was laying in bed with my friend ((We have recently started dating)) and he goes to move, but sits up and complains that something hurt him. We look down ant under him is the scarab beetle from before, but it's head is detached from its body and it is obviously dead.
I've checked many sites and they're all so varied. I'd just like to hear some opinions I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for. ((Also no, I have NO Egyptian ancestry)).
I actually wasn't going to post anything or even worry about ((had slipped my mind)) until this morning when my friend and I were eating breakfast and his mother mentioned a beetle in the house, and he said "Not a scarab, right? Aren't those extinct?" And it reminded me.

Example: I had a dream that i was stung by a blue & gold scorpion. & being a scorpio i was wondering what it could mean

It was a really weird and vivid dream, i was sitting on a couch of some sort then i feel a sting in my thigh and i swatted it off and on the ground was a blue and gold scorpion, my heart was pounding and i was sweating throughout the whole dream. I am a scorpio and i was wondering what it could possibly mean if anything. It might have been just a dream, but you never know. if anyone has any expertise on the subject feel free to answer because im quite curious. Toodlez!

Example: Could you tow a 30' Scarab with an Escalade ESV AWD?

My dream boat is a 30' Scarab Panther which has a listed weight of 6400 empty... Not sure how much a 30' trailer would weigh, maybe 1300-1500? Then there's lots of gas of course. The truck is an '07 Escalade ESV AWD with tow package.

Example: Last night I had a dream about a pile of lady bugs, what does it mean?

I dreamed that the mother bug (which looked like a red scarab) was laying on a pile of beetles. I walked over to look and she stood up, but seemed too weak to do much else. She was attempting to protect her babies. I tried to shoo them so they would leave and they did all fly away. I pointed to the window and opened it, but they couldn't seem to find how to leave, so they just flew in place. Then they spoke...playfully, like cartoon children. They were happy and questioned each other where the exit was. LOL it was a cute dream, but weird. Someone please just tell me it means I'm going to win the lottery! :)

Example: What is Synchronicity as explained by Carl Jung?

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