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Dream About Scarce meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream of Judgement day what does it mean? :P?

ok please read this bit before responding.. knowing what the dream was about. I was in my room.. probably on my computer(years ago like 2007 or so) maybe abit later or earlier... I was just either sleeping or on my computer then I feel like waking up or going to my window which is pretty huge.. it was sunny outside and beautiful weather but big white fluffy clouds in the blue sky NOT the kind that cause storms but fluffy and nice looking ones.. then I noticed it started to do something I don't know if it spiralled (not like a tornado but towards my general direction) from the south side of my house cause well I am on that side, it either opened or spiraled and then something came out like a big tree branch huge one with maybe a few scarce leaves on it .. or it was teh cloud itself that turned into a bridge but the rest I remember in perfect detail. a very large(tall) wise looking male being comes through with a long beard but not super duper long just long... white hair I believe or maybe it was grey lol ok he had a big book in his hand looked old but in great condition.. then two other male beings came out through this portal like thing behind them and stopped behind the first male being my impression was God sorry but think what you want. or a head messenger, not an expert on the subject, ok the two other males were younger looking like not so grey and shorter beards and they all had cloaks or robes long robes could hardly even see feet. but I felt I knew them like is that...? omg... hrmmmmm then he looked into his book very seriously looking not a smile or frown on his face like he meant ok time to get to business kind of expression.. not a single word came out of his mouth or the other follower's mouthes.. btw peopel were gathering in the streets gasping in awe and fear and confusion but they oddly stayed still and iddn't run around like they knew what was going to happen.. O.o: then as I was at my window sil he seemed to be telepathically telling me he was aware of my presence there althrough he barely looked in my direction while looking in his book with his peripheral.. then I just thought oh god what did I do wrong .. I don't know why I thought that I just felt tremendous worry and unsuredness. anyway I woke up as he seemed to be about to look at me. ps no I'm not a preacher or a church goer(I have my own reasons) but I have my own beliefs.
I rarely watch tv. or even movies or at least at the time both were RARE activities.

It seems to be a reminder from above about purpose of life. Many
people have seen such dreams in past two decades. We are here
with a purpose and should not lead a meaningless life.

M J Iqbal

Example: Is there a meaning to this dream?

In my dream ,I was a bear(female) with a husband and son(we were all bears). We were traveling and came across a village(all human). The main source of money was cinnamon rolls. The village grew the ingredients for cinnamon rolls but the ingredients were scarce and only the king knew how to make cinnamon rolls the right way.But then I came along, and I knew how to make cinnamon rolls, but no one believed me so I had a showdown with the the king. The people of the village didnt like this because this involved using the ingredients. To make the cinnamon rolls i made this paper-like dough and wrapped it around my hand. After a few minutes I took it of my hand and put it in the sink where it turned into a sponge and it would take 6 months to turn into a cinnamon roll. If my cinnamon roll turned out better than the kings cinnamon roll then I would have to become the new ruler of the village and the kings advisor(a short man/rabbit) didnt like that. So he turned the village against me and said that I was a phony who couldnt make cinnamon rolls and had wasted their supplies and they all came at me with guns. The king was in love with me, so he helped me survive while the villagers shot at me, but if I was shot 11 times I would die. After 5 months and the villagers were still shooting at me, I had been shot 10 times and started dying. While I died I said, "Dont destroy the cinnamon roll. Wait for it to bloom then eat it." As soon as I died(probaly from blood loss) the sponge turned into a cinnamon roll, and everyone ate it and it was the greatest cinnamon roll in history.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I recently saw a dream there was a dead squirrel beside on a narrow road (but on the road somewhat) and its body parts were everywhere but no blood some people collected his body parts and put it on a single place and then some animals were trying to consume the body parts but people were trying to shove them away nevertheless some managed to eat it somewhat. then after that I saw there was a dead fox beside on the road and after a couple of meters away there was another one but in this time no blood either and i didn't see any people and their bodies were in single piece and no one even tried to eat their dead bodies then a random fox came from nowhere and started peeing on one of foxes (first fox) instead of eating and then moved away.

this seems quite weird so I am wondering what does this mean.

Example: Wat is d meaning of dreaming of riding a black horse?

Example: What does it mean to dream you swallowed coins?

I had a dream I swallowed three coins. I stuck my fingers down my throat, and up came the 50p coin, it got jammed in my throat, so I poked it out with my tongue. It had the number 12 on one side, and 50 on the other.

What does this mean?

Example: Calm amaggedon type dream whats it mean?

I had a dream that things in the world where becomming strange. Everyone was acting calm. But things were becoming scarce such as food and clothes. Although I had family they arn't my real life family and everyone in the dream was fictious. in the dream everyone was aware that the world was ending. Towards the end of the dream I went to a church I used ti gi to when I was younger. I tell the people there I saw two crosses made out of fire in the sky as if they where marking something. It was time to board the truck to get to the airport and board ships. that I could see coming down the ships where aliens from another planet. I noticed a lot of mess and the dream was vivid.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in the subway and at the entrance where you were about to get out and within a very short period of time Wilson joined me. In the dream wilson was relatively fat and had scars on his arm. In real life he is extremely thin and very healthy and smart. We were waiting for the rest of the gang to join us and it took forever and then forever after that for them to reach us and after what seemed like an eternity and then more than an eternity I saw monia and the rest though I couldn't remember the others and we were about to head to a museum. there were two paths that you can take to get the museum. The path on the right was quanitifible, rational and easy. The path on the left was scarce and difficult and deprived you of many goods and pleasures and we chose to take the path on the left because the path that our predecessors chose to take (the group that we waited almost forever for)

In real life wilson and monia are similar in character though monia seems to be a little nicer and friendly than wilson so somehow I think this dream is about income differences and status differences and not about character or moral status because monia is more righteous than wislon in real life. It might be saying that wilson and I will make way more money than monia later on.

the subway probably means that we are serving and offering sacrifices to the Lord in secret.

the two paths represent two types of social wisdom. One path leads you to the general population. The other path leads you to the outcast and wilson and I chose to join the outcasts because that's the path that the jews (predecessors) before us chose.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of God destroying the Earth?

Example: What does this dream mean? Easy 10!?

I had a dream about my ex boyfriend, (from 6 years ago) my first love. Though I have not seen, heard from or talked to or about him for a LONG time, for some reason he keeps appearing every 6 months to a year in my dreams. Always telling me he loves me. I am in a relationship now with someone who I love very much and am very happy with. But these dreams get to me. Just to give you a little history about it, my first love done me very dirty. He was a saint while we dated and i loved him like i never loved anyone. (hey i was 15, come on now) but after we broke up, he took drastic measures out of being hurt more than anything else that drastically hurt me. I forgave him then, and hold nothing over his head now about the situation. It took me 2 years to get over him. My family always made me feel and influenced me to hate him, that he was such a terrible person and so all these years, whenever he comes up, i just pretend to hate him. I actually would like to catch up to see what he has been up to and whatnot... but i cant find him. These dreams however, tend to weigh heavy on my mind, because for some reason, when i wake up from them, i feel like i just had an affair on my current boyfriend, though i would never, it feels that way, because the scarce times i do dream of my ex, its always either sexual or romantic, always ending in him telling me he loves me and always will. what in the HECK does this mean!?!?! i have already looked at dream moods and it doesnt tell me exactly what im lookin for...

Example: What does it mean when you keep seeing the same person in a dream?

So I had this science teacher last year, he was a creeper. He hit on some of the girls in our school and he was weird. I saw him in a few of the dreams I had, they were all of my first day of freshman year. But then last night I saw him in a dream that wasn't about my first day of high school, but it was in the auditorium of my old school. What does this mean? How can I get myself to stop dreaming about him. I hate seeing him it just makes my dreams nightmares.

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