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Dream About Scooter (Foot Powered) meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Would it be stupid idea to buy and ride a motorcycle, being only 5'0", 100 lbs. Please be honest!?

Obviously I don't plan on buying a bike until I can ride one. I've sat on the back of one so many f***ing times I feel like I can just jump on one and drive it, but I know I can't and I know I need to learn properly before I make a big investment in something like that.

But my question is: Should I even bother with the motorcycle lessons/thinking about what bike I eventually want etc., when I'm only 5'0", 100 lbs. ? I am very strong for my size, but still I realize I am very small and have no idea how I can pick up a 300 or 400 lb. bike if I need to.

Please tell me the truth! This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and my uncle and dad (not to mention tons of ex-boyfriends!) have had bikes and I just want that same amazing experience that they had- but, be honest, will my size stand in the way?

I want to know, so I can just forget about it now, if I need to.


Height and weight don't dictate whether or not you can operate a bike of any weight. Height of the bike will make a difference and for obvious reasons you need one you can lift if it goes down. But YOUR size is fine for riding. Buy a bike you can put your feet down on the ground when the bike is upright (not on the kickstand) and you can balance without a big struggle. Many bikes these days have extra low seats to accomodate shorter people. They still have all the power you need. A 300 or 400 pound bike is easy to lift, even for a small person. You have to back up to it and lift it with your knees. Hopefully it would be on the right side so you can put the stand down in case it goes all the way over before you can turn around and catch it. Just stay away from the speed bikes as they serve no purpose except to rush you to the inevitable crash you're going to have.

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