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Dream About Second Wife meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream A:
Yesterday I had a dream I gave my friend my iPod to read something on it,. Then when we were in class and the teacher randomly disappears, he comes up next to me and picks my hand up and puts something in it, I looked up and said what is this (I read mouthing). Then I opened my hand up and two kisses were in my hand, I looked puzzled. Then he said don't I get something and taped his cheek. Then I said not here and my friend said what is he doing that for? And I wanted him to go so I gave him a fast kiss. he was my friend what does this mean?

Dream B:
My other dream, I was being chased by a crazy old white artist because I found he was a killer. I told the police and they came over his house and were questioning him and he ignored them and told me "you crazy b&$#%, your getting it" and he pulled out a gun. Then I started running, and he said don't be scared, and I ran so I ran to my neighbors house that was like 2 blocks away and ran in the house and was screaming I need help and call the police and the wife laughs and asks how I am. So I ran up to her daughters room and try to break out the window but it was to late because the door bell rang and the man was dressed like my dad. What do these two dreams mean?

teacher means there is a lesson to be taught
but u may have feeling for your friend that goes deeper than u expected but u want him to feel the same way. I don't know bout the iPod.

be careful with ur future movements towards your father u seem to be scared that he will find something out about u that was meant to be kept to urself but when an if ge finds out u will seek help but eventually become trapped and have to face the music.

That's my interpretation anyway
hope this helps

Example: What does a dream about a mother or wife sutting her finger off mean?

A friend had a dream about his mother cutting her own thumb off while doing the dishes and his father had a similar dream about her cutting her thumb off while showering. Any ideas on what this could mean?

Example: Dream meaning...?

what does it mean when ur husband/wife kisses someone else right in front of you? just curious

Example: What does it mean dreaming my wife without teeth?

I dream my wife had no teeth but she only had two teeth that looked like vimpire teeth what those it mean if any one can help me find the answer...

Example: My Wife's Dream, what does it mean?

My wife has a reoccuring dream that I have sex with her sister, what does that mean?

Example: Does my wife's dream mean anything?

my wife wrote on a piece of paper that she had this dream where her first love called and since she never picks up the phone i picked it up and gave her the phone. they started talking and he said he was waiting outside. they left with our son to go to a park and played. she mentioned that she felt good around him and that she could be herself. we've been through alot and gone through marriage counseling. im changing as a person and so is she. i just wanna know if dreams mean anything?

Example: What this two dreams mean?

surveilance on girl
jack bauer has aids
wife, lover and spy woman are shocked -this is the end of the dream below is going back chronologically really images
the cameria zooms in on the shocked women and wife who dodged a bullet, phew. May not jb just a generic spy
his lovers were hottta and polter the note says
I get some enemies and grill them for information and documents on a battleship
175 dollars
mission to kill father
cause is threats to security
I'm pretty sure this person is not jack but it could be
2nd dram
walk across raolroad track to the other side station
nareowly dodging the upcoming train
trip to rockyland
trip to state seomwhere
trains a recurring theme
other details in between are forgotten

Example: What is the meaning of my these two dreams ?

i saw extreme bad dream.. and seriously i wan to cry that why i saw all that.. .. actually me and my bf are not in same country, he is so busy now a days, so we hardly talk.. besides that our families are not agree for our relation.. im praying day and night to melt the heart of my parents and his.. and hoping that one day we'l b together.. ... ... neways, i saw a dream..that my cousin's mother choosed a girl for her son.. everybody was so excited to knowing whom she choosed, so i get to know, she selected two girls for her son.. .. i gone to my cousin and was asking to him, do u know ur mom selected which girl, his brother was also present there and they both said no we dont hav idea.. my cousin seemes depressed as he didnt know who is going to be his life partner... i was sitting on the chair, so i gripped him from back side in my arms by holding his chest and tried to make him happy and comfortable... when i hugged him (like gripped him from back side) so he was able to see my hands.. and i was wearing the Ring which my bf gave me.. (in reality its true, i love my ring which my bf gave to me,and i wear it most of the time) ... so when my cousin saw my ring, he said my mom choosed you.(that means i)...cuz my mom bought this ring for a girl who will be my wife... i was shocked and became extreme sad.. and worried that what will happen now... ... suddenly some thoughts came in my mind.. first i thought, its good that he is saying that's my mothers ring..so i can wear that after marriage so i can keep my bf's imagination always near to me...secondly i thought if i would wear this ring after marriage then everybody (my brother and sister) would thought that i always lied, my bf never gave me a ring..this ring belongs to my cousin's family... so maybe my brother and sister would thought my bf wont able to buy such an expensive ring.. ... ... ... and mainly,i didnt want to marry him... but after that my cousin who was in so much worries that whose gonna be his wife, suddenly started giving me smiles and get bit relax.. as he was happy if il be his wife... but i just completely broke from inside. ... and in that bad feelings my dream got over.

ahuh.. you hav no idea when i woke up how bad feeligs i had, but the interesting part is, i woke up with a phone call of my bf... i talked to him, this time our conversation gone bit long ... like for 10 minutes.. he was little drunk.. and very upset.. he didnt say but i knew that he was missing me so much... i didnt wan to hangup as usual, but he had to go.. so we ended the phone. ... ... my mood get bit good, his voice makes me happy always.. so i wanted to relax, i lay down again on my bed... ... and then another dream came... ... well, this time is saw, i wanted to go in a bathroom, i was closing a very beautiful wooden door...by calling my servant in, to show me the way of bathroom... but instead of showing me, she (my servant) gone in the bathroom and said to me please wait for a while...in very bad feelings like i jus wanted to do pee..i saw a big rope from one end its attached with a wall... i picked it up from other end and started flying in the air... my God, i just flew too high like almost i reached the sky...my uncle and some other people was watching me from the ground and forcing me to come down, and take anyone with me,that not flew alone.. but i was enjoying and when i reached on too hight..no doubt i got bit scared...like i had the feelings when somebody sit on too dangerous ride,scared and happy... ...thats it, my dream got over.

well, i know i wrote a long story.. but hope you'l help me out and please let me know what is the meaning of all that... is it all related to my love life.. i shall be very thankful to you.

Example: Dream meaning: House invaders, Ex-wife, Child crucifixion & Time travel?

I had a vivid dream that my ex-wife wanted to offer me a purely sexual relationship (I divorced her in real life). I wasn't in my house, I was living in a top-floor apartment overseas. I called in sick at work so I could stay in my apartment. Then somebody rang the doorbell... I didn't answer it because I thought it was my current girlfriend and I didn't want there to be any trouble between her and my ex-wife. I looked out the window and I could tell from the top of their heads that it was a pair of repair workers, but I didn't want to let them in. They saw me and started very rapidly climbing up the drainpipe. I couldn't close the window quickly enough, so they burst in and said it was important they complete the plastering work. One guy was very aggressive, saying that I was only lazing around playing X-Box anyway and I would never amount to anything in my career (in real life, I have never even owned an X-Box!), so I lost my cool and said, "It's better than being a plasterer!" and shoved him against the wall. The repairmen quickly turned their attention to my apartment and started ransacking the place. When I walked into the main living room, there were about 100 students in there having a disco party and ruining the place?! But wait, it gets even weirder...

In the next scene, my ex-wife and I travelled back in time in my van. We revisited a Buddhist temple we went once on holiday where she said she had either lost something important or needed to see it to remind herself of an important event that she had forgotten. While this was happening, there was a small wooden stage erected in front of us and they started bringing out very young children on crosses and crucifying them! The worst thing about this was, I didn't really think it was that horrific in the dream, I was just casually observing. Then my ex-wife went bezerk, her eyes were glowing red and she started scratching all the children who were observing in the crowd. I had to jump on her back and get her in a Jiu Jitsu hold to stop her from hurting any more children.

What in the world does all this mean?

Example: What does dreaming that your ex wife is pregnant by the new partner mean?

Last night I dreamed my ex wife pregnant by her new partner.
She is now living with another man. I for some reason got furious when she told me that, cos I had hard times thinking of some guy spending 95% of the time with my two child's. I am almost over it now. Does this dream mean anything significant or is this just thoughts I take with me in my sleep?
Thanks, Gisli

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