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Dream About Sedate meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What can this dream mean?

i have had this dream multiple times throughout my life so far and it has become more frequent.

it starts out with me in a large marble/pearl staircase like a grand ballroom. and i am with my parents and one other person who always is different. then we buy a movie ticket from one of those automatic fortune teller boxes. we go up the staircase that turns blue as we ascend. it then leads to a red hallway with a door at each end. we enter the door on the right, and crawl through a small orange tunnel that gets smaller and smaller as we travel father into it. the we come to a small beat up metal hatch, when we open it we are thrown out the side of the wall into a large bowl. but to fall into the bwl we have to fall of the hatch through a giant blender and not be sliced to death. then the bowl carries us to a lake made of what looks to be blood. it gets deeper and deeper as we swim across, and dark jungle trees surround the lake so we cannot see what lurks around us. once we make it across the eerie lake, we must run down a rickity old dock made of several layers including salty ladders waiting to snap. then a creature with the skeleton of a human and the skull of a bull holding a long staff like dagger begins to chase us. if we make it to a safe golden dock, at the very bottom of the rickity dock layers, he cannot get us. but as we run i am behind everyone else and as they descend the last ladder to the safe dock, as i am climbing down that last ladder, it snaps and i am almost dropped to my death but i stay alive and drop down to the safe dock. then the bull skeleton guy looks at me for a while then turns and leaves. the safe dock connects to a small sandy shoal ad we walk across it to the other end of it where we exit out a large ornate gray door.

This dream, to me, speaks to life as an obstacle course. It is an intense and deeply symbolic dream.

It starts out great, almost as if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth or privileged, as you start out on the marble/pearl staircase. That speaks to wealth and "grand" nature. However, you buy a movie ticket (life can be a like a movie sometimes - is yours a romance? adventure? scary movie?) from a "fortune teller" box, indicating that your intuition knows you are in for a rough ride.

Now, the dream is still good as you "ascend" the staircase - going up indicates higher aspirations and gains. It is blue which indicates good communication and healing. It is when you go down the red hallway (red is the sign of earthly emotions, such as anger and passion) and you enter the door to the right and "crawl." That is a regressive action, as babies crawl. That's when things get very hazardous and arduous. I don't have to go into all the symbols, although I will say life is often like a jungle, and water is the symbol for emotions, and both are "dark" and "eerie." So things get turbulent in your life.

Like any good carny ride, you get to exit. A sandy shoal is like a oasis of safety. You exit out a large ornate gray door. Gray is a very benign color, almost as if you are now more objective in life, more peaceful, more sedate because of all the obstacles you and your family has had to endure.

Example: Heart Surgery Dream?Tell me what it means?

In my dream I had found out I had to have my entire heart replaced because it was a bad heart. I was worried that I would have to suffer through a lot of pain especially during the process of when they opened up my chest. I didn't want to go get the surgery. The first dream ended there.

The next night I picked up right where I left off, I was visibly shaken and crying because I didn't want to go though the pain. The doctor told me it was the only thing they could do to save my life. I go to the operating room and they put me to sleep. Now the doctor who operated on me, was really forceful. I could see her even when knocked out tearing my shirt off. And then taking the saw and cutting down my sternum to open up my chest and then using a device to keep my ribs open to do the surgery. I woke up and freaked out especially about her dropping something in my chest but then they sedated me again and I awoke to them stapling my chest shut. I woke up again in no pain, could see the staples.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was going to have heart surgery on the coronary artery and something else in my heart (don't remember what it was). I talked to the nurses and they said it was going to be 2-3 hours long. I started to cry. I've never had surgery in my whole entire life or been sedated. What does my dream about heart surgery mean?

Example: What does this very very strange and long dream mean?

ok, time to start explaining my dream =D
when i was in high school (profile age = wrong) i used to wait for my friends (like everyone does) and then we would all walk down to the bus stop, well in the dream it started with me walking down this exact same path, however when i turned the last corner, the bus shelter was just a pile of rubble, then i remember walking to the other bus stop near some of the local shops.

However this time the route was very very different and much longer, i also remember following a person who was on my right but they were just out of sight, eventually I came to this park looking thingy, after walking about halfway down a hill, i remember steeping onto like a milk crate elevator, but it went sideways instead of up and down.
After what seemed like 5 minutes i remember looking down (through the floor, hence milk crate material) and seeing what was 100% not the local shops, but something more akin to a mass homeless shanty looking town made out of tin sheeting (sorta like the way the homes look like in the movie district 9, similar yet very different.) after seeing this the elevator stopped and i jumped from it straight down onto the roof of a building, but the roof was quite steep, so as i started to slide down, i pulled my left leg over like a ledge thingy and that allowed me to go in the direction of this open-ish balcony (think something like the top story of a 4 story building with a flat-ish roof and an empty square hole measuring 2 by 3 meters in the center of the roof ) then i ran down some sandstone stairs and crouched under them, i waited there for 3 minutes. (almost down) then i remember walking through this Indian looking archway and suddenly i was in a air conditioned room, after taking about 8 steps i started to take off this helmet thingy.

when i got to the base of these stairs (the stairs opened up into a large lobby sorta thing) i remember sitting down on the carpet (blue, short shaggy style) then somebody who i knew (not in real life though, confused yet?) stood beside me (NOT in a scary/ over bearing way) then he placed a small black box on my left shoulder, i picked it up, opened it and it was just an object wrapped in this amazing bowny golden, almost satin looking material. then just as i finished moving the cloth away i saw a odd looking gold watch, then a extremely strong feeling of ' I'm in serious trouble/ i need to get as far away from this person as i can' came over me. then came a stinging prick from the right hand side of my neck, i remember falling back and seeing their lips moving(the person who handed me the small black box), but not being able to hear/understand anything (apart from the thoughts in my mind).

Then i remember somthing about smiling christmas trees and very merry christmas-ey looking buildings swaying (like the way old timey cartoon character used to walk, with like a bounce in their step). then i woke up on a beach (still in the dream) and i could feel the sand, the smell of both people and salt water. then i had an immense amount of pain coming from my right hand side temple (that dip on the side of your head, near eye level, just a bit further back) and my left and right thighs, shins. and now i realize that the person who i think was drugged/ sedated me is sitting down in front of me, applying sun scream to their arms and shoulders.

i remember very slowly bringing up my left hand and trying to pull on this thing that was connected to my right temple, eventually i managed to pull out the cord/tube thing, turns out it had a needle point, not really caring for it i through it 90 degrees left, then i pulled out the 4 tubes that were connected to my thighs and legs, and just as i pulled out the last one, i remember throwing it forwards, not really caring/ thinking about where it would/could land and somhow it hits the person who initially drugged/sedated me in the back of the head, but it is just hanging there, it didn't kill/ injure him in any way then i remember going...well now i am going to die... those kinda thoughts of omg he must know that i am awake etc, etc. then i very carefully took the needle from the back of his head and threw it as far away from him as possible.
then simply put i woke up.
now if you've managed to stay reading this up until this point good work, thumbs up for you =D
also does anyone have any idea what any of this means, for the record i was not under the effects of any drug/ hallucinogenic(is that how you spell it?) they are strange and alien things.
but yes, can anyone help me understand well that, i am having dreams with huge amounts of detail and honestly it is quite draining, i am waking up more and more tired than when i went to sleep.
thank you very much for taking the time to read this =D, if you've gotten this far again congratulations :D
Edit: i went to sleep and woke up in the same place, in my own bed. with my door locked :D

Example: Spices dream meaning?

The dream interpretation Spice and dream meaning of the Spice

To dream of spice, foretells you will probably damage your own reputation in search of pleasure.

For a young woman to dream of eating spice, is an omen of deceitful appearances winning her confidence.

What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean if I dream that I am being sedated with anesthesia against my will?

I've been having this dream every now and then for the last month and a half, almost exactly the same every time, what changes is how I end it when I wake up (it still leaves it unfinished).

I'm in this opperating table, all tied up by leather belts like a crazy person, and there's people humanoid things, siluette looking, black colour without a face on the head and no fingers on the hands, and I have a catheter on my neck, and then one of those "persons" starts inyecting an anesthetic like liquid into the catheter, as soon as it enters my veins I start fading away, I fight it but I feel that I'm just going and I feel so desperate to get out of there, and that's when I start waking up I'm moving around struggling and with tears comming out of my eyes, last night I even woke up screaming. I'm not the type of person that usually have dreams like that or gets scared easily, I'm actually very skeptic about supernatural things.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay...so I was thinking back to my dreams (yes- i recall most of my dreams fully and clearly) and this is one I have almost every night.
It starts out near a river. And there is a girl (not me but i am her if thay makes sense) siting there alone, crying, after running away from home. Someone comes up behind the girl and covers her mouth with a cloth that has some for of sedative in it. She passes out and they put here in the back if a car. When she wakes up she is in what seems to look like an autopsy room (not sure if that is it). Then some guy comes in and asks if she 'has called yet' (no vision of him really) and she replies with nothing. He cuts her and asks again and she replies with 'maybe'. He says 'that isn't good enough', sedates her, and leaves. The room is cold and there is a phone. Mostly white room with metals.
The girl is not me but resembles me. I can see it from the girls p.o.v. and also like I am watching everything.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Last night I had a very unusual dream, and it was quite frightening for me during the dream, and even now, looking back at it. I can't help but think that this dream might symbolize something.

From what I remember, something terrible happened to me where my face and head was covered in blood. I was rushed to the hospital where I was going to undergo head/brain surgery. It was very scary for me. I remember almost every little detail, up to the point where they put a mask over my nose and mouth to sedate me and put me asleep for the surgery.

During the dream, I remember waiting in the waiting room and seeing my friends from high school. I wasn't able to interact with them, it was like they were all there to see me. Almost like they were at a funeral for me. I remember a very special person there, a girl I had cared about deeply. But it was weird because me and her no longer talk..

The dream never went into the actual surgery, it cut out right after the mask was put on me.

Example: What do tranquilizers in a dream mean?

I had a dream...it was very long and very vivid...so i'll just tell you the main part i want to know. This evil creature that appears to be a man but isn't comes to town and wants to destroy us and i along with one other person are picked to kill him and when i shoot him each bullet contains hundreds of little tranquilizing needles in each bullet...what do the the tranquilizers mean?Or do they not have a meaning?

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I had this dream that me and my fiancee were at a hypnotist show. She was wearing a school girl outfit and they called her up on the stage to be hypnotized. She was telling the guy that she was only there to take pictures but he waved his watch over her face and her eyelids got really heavy and closed and she fell fast asleep into his arms. The dream then switched and it was me who was holding her on stage and she was still out and I took off her shoes to help her relax and started rubbing her feet. Then I woke up. What does this dream mean?

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