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Dream About Self Harm meanings

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Example: Self Harm/Weird Dream?

So, I had a dream last night about me, this girl (I have no idea who she was), and a fat woman (Girls mother).

So I was with this girl at my house, and I was gonna go stay at her house. In my dream, she only stayed over the road, in the next street. So we went to hers and then she had an argument with her mother, the girl then dragged me into the toilet and her mother followed, she then asked her mother for a razor and her mother went into the medicine cabinet for her, she then handed the girl the razor and the girl slit her wrist, I was horrified and turned away, but the fat woman kept watching. In the bathroom there was a big brown unit, with a mirror, as the girl stopped, i opened my eyes and looked in the mirror, to find my face was splattered with her blood, the girl, was in the hallway by now and she was completely fine, but she still had cuts and was bleeding. I wiped the blood off my face and went into the hall, saw her cuts and walked out. Then I woke up.

I've never had a dream that has involved someone self harming, or me self harming.
What could this all mean?

You're right, Madeleine, this is a weird dream, and it will take some work to decipher it. Let's start with the location. The dream begins in your own house, which represents your life. But it moves to the other girl's house, which moves the symbolism somewhat away from yourself, which in this instance is good news.

Your main challenge is to figure out who or what is represented by the girl and her mother in the dream. Although in a different house, the girl and mom still can represent an aspect of yourself. For example, maybe at work where you are required to step into a role in which you represent the company rather than yourself. You might be in a situation where "you" normally would not do something, but it is required by the role you are in. Whatever it is that is required feels as if it is hurting the real "you." Looking into the mirror and seeing blood on your face suggests that "you" are being impacted by this action more than you had thought.

Think about the "big brown unit, with a mirror." This image is significant as a symbol and represents something in real life. Something about this piece of furniture is a clue as to the rest of the dream. Where in your real life is there an object similar to this? The place where the cutting takes place is also significant - in the toilet, which is a private place. You know that something harmful is happening that other people are not supposed to know about. The "fat woman" is not only involved in the harmful activity, but benefits from it somehow.

I'm sorry I can't be more definite, but these images are specific to you, and you are the only one who can decipher their meaning. You do not mention any of your emotions. Reflect on how you were -feeling- during the dream: detached? horrified? helpless? angry? Then figure out when and where you feel the same way in real life. I'll attach a link to my website, where you can read more about how dream symbolism works, which might be helpful.

Example: Dream Meaning / Interpretation - Self Harm?


I had a dream last night that was quite vivid, and I'm wondering if anybody has any interpretation / meaning to what it was about.

Background info before I start: I'm female, 20, and my cousin is 23, also female. We've grown uptogether since the day I was born and been like sisters / very close all our lives.

We have both self harmed in the past. I was a self harmer at 14/15 and when I got a little older, about 16 maybe a little older I can't remember ( I had stopped harming long since at this point) I found out my cousin was self harming. She has stopped, since, too.

Anyways, In my dream, I was chatting to my mum about something, when suddenly I saw loads of self harm marks down my cousin's arm. I was like WTF i thought you'd stopped that! and then I went over to her and she was crying and stuff, and carried on trying to self harm. I took the knife off her and then we were just hugging and stuff why she was crying her eyes out.

I can't remember much else of the dream :| It was weird.

I had a similar dream a few nights ago, not involving self harm, but she was crying again and we were in the back of a car just hugging each other :|

We had a fight about a month ago, but it's resolved now, so I'm not sure why I keep having these dreams.

Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean(self harm)?

so the other night i had a really quick dream. what happened was, i was looking at my arm and i cut my arm with a razor 3 times and i could tell you where i put each cut on my arm and it didn't hurt. so that morning and all day i wanted to self harm. it has been 2 days now sins i have had the dream and i have such an incredible urge it do it now!

i just want to know what my dream meant?
and what to do?
please help asap!

Example: What does it mean if you dream about self harm?

Before I went to sleep I was depressed (I have been depressed for over a year) and I was thinking about self harm and I wanted to do it but I didn't an then that night I dreamt that I had cuts up my arm (just done it) and then my mum walked in and I hid my arm but I don't know why I dreamt it. The day after the dream I was thinking about it all day.

Example: Dreaming of self harming.?

when i was 16 i started self harming up until about 2 years ago when i took and over dose.

since then i have felt very low but have managed to control myself and not self harm. I look at my scars and feel stupid.

now i have started having dreams about self harming and its getting harder to resist. Im not a very confident person and going to the doctors was hard but they look at me and say ur ok. But im not no-one will listen.

Im scared things will get outta control again.

they already have i think instead of cutting myself
i have started annoying my partner so much he has been hitting me (i start this then he feels bad about the bruises which makes me feel worse).

I have been taking any tablets in the house to try to blank my thoughts out.

biting my lips

scratching at my scars

im not sleeping to well and dont go out anymore unless its to get drunk.

any thoughtss please

Example: Help me please self harm..(and what does this dream mean?)?

ok now this is going to sound weird but please help me everytime i do something rong and my dad shouts at me i go to my room and cut my arm untill it bleeds
with a pen knife..(i hide the cut untill its healed..) i know this sounds stupid but its like some sort of punishment for upsetting him

and last night i had a dream that my dad got shot in the neck. does anyone know what this dream means?

Example: Self-harming dream?

Right well, i had a dream a couple of days ago and this is what happend (well, what i can remember of it)

I was standing there and all of a sudden my History teacher (who i like) was in front of me, Previously before i had made some cuts on my wrists and he seemed to have been grabbing my wrists and weirdly, i was wearing my friends watch, anyway, he grabbed my hand, and was saying "Whats this, what did you do?" and seemed really exasperated while i just replied "Nothing, its nothing" and he said fine and just walked away :S

What did this mean?

Example: Dreams of attempted self harm?

Okay, so for the past few months I've been dreaming of myself in various situations, hanging out with friends, going to places, that sort of thing. More often than not, in these dreams, something will happen to get me angry or sand and depressed and I will attempt to self harm by either using a needle to cut my skin or hitting objects such as the wall to cause damage to my hand. Something always stops me, though, like someone will keep me from doing it, I'll change my mind or my body is physically unable to perform these actions.

Now, I used to self harm in these two ways, I stopped about three months ago and haven't done any form of self harm since then. I'm just wondering, what does the dreams of failed self harm mean? It's kind of doing my head in...

Example: Dream about self harm?

Okay so I don't know if this counts directly as self harm but it was a pretty weird dream and to be honest I just want to know what it means. Anyway...

I was at this dog show and I was suppost to be helping out. Me and a couple of other girls got took to this room and told we needed an injection so we wouldn't get any diseases from the dogs but in order for us to have the injections we had to make a small incision in our arm with a razor. One of the girls went all out and completely butchered her arm to the point where the needle just went straight through. The other two girls did it normally. I didn't want to do it as I thought it might hurt (I've never self harmed or cut myself btw) so they told me I could use something else to make the cut so it wouldn't hurt as much. They gave me a comb and I started scratching it across my arm. It was really vivid and it really hurt. I began to get a checkered pattern across my arm where I'd cut myself and the girl kept telling me to carry on until I had drawn blood. But every time I made a new cut, the one I'd made previously would disappear so I had to keep slicing my arm open with this comb.

Honestly it creeped me out big time and just wanna know your take on my dream.

Thanks to anyone who can help. :)

Example: Dreams involving self harm?

Hey, i saw a question on here recently that reminded me of some really vivid dreams i had a year or two back that involved a symbol being cut into each of my fingers
The symbol was basically a capital 'X' with an eye in the center of it, the dreams were so vivid and felt so real that after waking up from them i had to check that it hadn't really happened.

what could the dreams mean or represent

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