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Dream About Self Storage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these frightening dreams mean?

A few weeks ago, I had these two dreams, about a week apart. They were frightening, and they woke me up. I was sweaty, and about to cry.

First dream: I was sitting in a chair, in a brown room, talking to a guy from my school who I don't usually talk to. We were worrying about being bombed (by one of the Koreas, I believe.). Then, I was in a junky, brown apartment, looking out the window, sitting in a folding chair. The air looked dirty, brown. I was right next to a white refridgerator that was turned over on its side, the door open. Suddenly, I knew the bomb was coming I started praying, "Oh God, please help me, take me when I die! Oh please!" I crouched down, and after the bomb, I was still alive. I looked on my ankle, and there was a little bit of "nuclear juice" (at least that is what I said it was in my dream). I walked around. The town looked terrible, like it had been bombed. I knew I had to go and get my spot checked out.
Then, I woke up.

Second dream: I was in a small house with most of my family. My Grandma was making Icees in the freezer, they were blue and red swirl. I knew something was going to happen, like a bombing. Suddenly, my Aunt ran in and told us that Mexico was planning to bomb us, and that President Obama went over there to try to talk them out of it. We all seemed worried. We turned on the news, though, I couldn't tell what it was saying. Then, we were all in one room, preparing to die. I lay myself down on the blue couch, with my arms across my chest.
Then, I woke up.

Please help me. It would really cause me less anxiety if I knew what was going on inside my head.

Hi, here are the symbols that I see in these dreams.

First dream: Chair means take a load off, relax, sit for a spell or get up off your bum and get moving. Could also symbolize your place in the world, where you sit in this life and your view of things.
Rooms and each different room reflects a different aspect of the self. What is that particular room used for? Finding new rooms indicates discovery of new elements to your personality.
The guy from school could just be in a dream playing as himself or can symbolize a particular quality that you share with him. Can also symbolize a part of yourself that you like or don't like.
Bomb is you may be on the verge of an emotional explosion. Can symbolize bad news, "Dropping the bomb."
Junkie apartment is Old, out of date attitudes. An old soul. You may be feeling tired and run down.
Window is your perception of things. Ability to see through a barrier.
Refrigerator is cold feelings. Indicates you have put something in cold storage.
Legs/Ankle is commenting on the way you stand up for yourself, or rather the way you don't stand up for yourself. Legs and feet allow us to stand up and move forward.

Second dream: House is You, your state of mind, the dwelling place of your soul. The state of the house reflects your state of mind.
Grandmother is the wiser, more mature feminine parts of self. A need to be pampered and spoiled. Could symbolize passage of time or old, out dated attitudes and behaviours.
Freezer is frozen emotions or ideas. A cold person. Putting some issue in cold storage.
President is your authoritative, discison making self. The part of your personality that presides over your affairs.
News is information you need to know concerning your personal world.
Blowing up is emotional outbursts. A warning you are headed for an explosion. A huge idea. Sometimes we'll dream of explosions when there is a major shift going on in our lives.
Arms is the way you express yourself and/reach out to others. Your ability to do something. Could be pun on "arm yourself."

Hope that helps, and good dreams to you :)

Example: Can anybody interpret the meaning of this dream? It's very strange and very sexual...?

I'm quoting this from a blog I wrote about this dream, so excuse the informal language, "Before I went to bed, I ended up freakin out because my charger wasn't working and I couldn't charge my phone, and my heater stopped working, it was SOO cold :[ I went over to mom's house to see if she had an extra charger (used to be her phone) and an extra heater, but she wasnt home so i just went to bed. When she got home she came over to my house and (accidentally) woke me up, She brought me and extra heater and charged my phone in her car, then I went back to bed, and THAT'S when I had this weird *** dream! It had my gooood budddy Alex in it, (well, it was pretty much ABOUT Alex), it took place in a big, nasty, grody as **** public bathroom, which on one end had racks of weird clothes, and on the other end led to a storage room without a door, and had lots of stalls. One stall was really large, and didn't have a door. Inside (for some reason) was a big bed with nasty, gross, disgusting mattress and bedding on it. So yeh, Alex and I were sitting on that bed, and for some reason, he was wearing on of my skirts and a dress shirt with a breast pocket, and I asked him how long his town leave was (because he is in the Air Force) and he pulled out this slip of paper out of his pocket that resembled something you would find in a Willy Wonka candy bar, lol, and it said something like, "The ******* gets an 8 hour town leave." or something, then I pulled on his skirt (not off, just outward) and he wasn't wearing underwear and he wasn't wearing underwear (and that's all i'll say about that) and then, I'm not sure if my shirt was off or just pushed up, but then it seemed like I was looking at my own stomach, and he was looking at my stomach, and i had a big patch of super long, black, curly stomach hair, and it was just an awkwardly placed patch, above my belly button on the right side of my stomach, and I said "I should have shaved." And then someone walked in past the stall and into the storage room (remember, stall has no door) and he said, "You two can't be doing that, I could lose my job!" So then we got up to leave, I tried on a weird dress from that rack of clothes, someone else I know (Gloria) said "Oh my gosh, it's so cute!" Then Alex and I were talking (I can't remember where we were now, I think his VW Bus) and I asked if he ever had sex in his hippy bus, and he said yes, then gave me a "lets sex" type of smile. Then the dram ended. No actual sex in the dream... but yeh it was freakin' weird! Anybody have any suggestions about what it might mean? The thing that really makes me confused is the fact that Alex s wearing a skirt (I think suggesting femininity?) and I had a patch of belly hair (suggesting masculinity?). So yeh, tell me what you think it might mean!"

And here is the comment I recieved on it, "according to some dream interpertion stuff i did: if you wanted to have sex it could mean that your desiring sex with that particular person or its your bodays way of telling you it wants sex if it's been too long since the last time you had it...and if you are looking for a place to have sex it means your searching for intimacy and closeness. to dream of unusual body hair could mean you have uncertainity or confusion in your life. to dream of a man dressed as a girl could mean that either you need to acknowledge your masculine side or he needs to acknowledge his feminine side. but i cant find anything on the dirty mattress pary. hopes that helps some"

and my reply to the comment, "oh my goodness, thanks a ton! i didn't ever think of having sex with this person... but i recently came to realize i like him. a lot. haha very recently came to realize it, i was writing him (cause he's in the air force) and it just was like, "OMG how could I not have realized this until now!?" I guess I have been wanting closeness and affection, the other stuff (the confusion and the masculine/ feminine side thing) i haven't thought about, but I guess I am kind of confused about a lot of things. I don't think he needs to embrace his feminine side... or that i need to embrace masculinity. I was kind of wondering if this dream has to do with my sexuality, since he is wearing a skirt and everything around us is so dirty, maybe the skirt resembles femininity (even though when i pulled out his skirt a penis was there, lol, however small it was) and the fact that everything around us is dirty resembles having sex with him (or men) is dirty to mind? I kind of think that, but i never thought of sex with a woman dirty. Even though I like and can love and can happily be with guys and be sexually attracted to guys, it is NEVER the same as the relationship I had with my first ever anything (kiss, holding hands, dating, EVERYTHING) which was with a woman, and latest the longest, and had the strongest emotions (which is why i haven't been with a woman since i was with her, ALL emotions were stronger, including hurt) well, anyways, thanks a ton

Example: What does this dream mean?

My mom has had a recurring dream throughout the last couple of years where she is in our house and it is all furnished and done except for a couple of rooms. These rooms are used for storage and contain antiques. It is obvious that the rooms are old and have gone unused for many years. While she's in the room she always thinks that the rooms need to be redone or at least cleared out. She describes them as rooms that need a purpose and that they're not spooky or freaky. She always thinks about what to do with the room so it is more like the rest of the house. Does anybody have an explaination to what this means in her life? Thanks!

Example: Strange, long, vivid dream. What does it mean?

I was in my high school's cafeteria (still a student) and was talking with our JROTC's battalion commander. (I was told I am "job-shadowing" him, and that I was to take his place next year). Suddenly, he told me he was a vampire. I smiled and said, "Well, better start training then." He got up calmly and walked outside, as did I.

Then, he jumped the side of the building on top of the roof! I took a deep breath and did it too, with some extra, unaccustomed difficulty. Then, we overlooked the lot. We saw a car pull up to the front of the school and he ushered me to "Come on." I followed him and we both jumped down in front of the car and piled in.

We then drove through a nearby highway (the kind with houses built close to it). Suddenly, I envisioned a girl who was in her room, crying because someone killed daddy. She knew they would come for her and her mother next. Then, she somehow psycically made several car alarms go off.

The driver stated that they were being followed. I told him to turn around, that we weren't and we needed to help a girl. He refused. Being an immortal vampire, I decided to open the door and jump out at 80mph. Well, it took a minute to stop rolling, during which they had turned around to pick me up. Seeing my resolve, they decided to turn to help the girl.

When we got to the place where the girl and her mother was, they were now in a nearby field that had a circular offramp surrounding it. We told them what we were and we were there to help them. The mother looked mortified and pushed her kid behind her. Suddenly, we heard loud motorcycles and they came off the offramp and snatched the girl up, screaming.

Suddenly, I found myself in a school with our Battalion Commander (Chris), and we were fighting the people in the gang that took her, also vampires. However, Chris had managed to get locked in a cage and I was doing a wierd gymnastics fight (like kung-fu or something) with my female opponent. I eventually knocked her out and broke Chris free of the cage.

We went through the next doors (ironically the in the inside of my high school) and found a storage room with 2 floors. I found someone I knew who was with the gang and pleaded with her, crying, to stop, that I didn't want to kill her. She left. I then commented to Chris how I never cry. He said "Don't worry about it. Let's just get the girl and go home."

He then, and I, jumped onto the 2nd story catwalk and were attacked with a barrage of rib-bones by skeleton. We picked up some of the bones and threw them back at the skeletons, which fell apart on impact. We then followed the walk to an archway that led to a prison cafeteria. We tried to push through them, since we were almost to the girl. Then, Chris and I got seperated and a dude tried to rape me and woke up.

Wierd huh? Well at least comment something if you don't know what it means. I typed for a long time getting this up!

Example: What does this dream mean (when you speak to ghost you don't know)?

It was a sunny day,and I was driving on a road in a small town that my grandparants used to take me to.There was a curve in the road (like in the town in life) and a cemetery at the side of it. I stopped and got out of the car, and i saw hundreds of very skinny and thin tombstones that were all slanting to the side in diffrent directions. I saw an indention in the ground and a huge wooden crucifix covering it. In my dream, thats where a ghost that was feared was buried. I felt myself want to go to it so i did. it was a big tomb, so i went down some stairs to a storage like room. There were 4-5 barrels, on was half full of red wine, the others held water.I broke the one with water by accident, and i started to cry.Suddenly a middile-aged lady said it's alright, they were ment for her husband, and we proceded to break them all to release the contents. When we finised, she turned around, and her white apron was stained with wine. I cried and then she huged me and told me she would be fine

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so last night i had this dream but i dont really remember it well but what i DO remember VERY well is that i was at my house, but my hosue was sorta at a really nice beach and the sun was sorta setting and it was really pretty, and so at my house my aunt, cousins, uncle, sister, mom, dad and grandma was there. and a couple of people i DIDNT know. and all my family was some where else and my sister and i and the other people i didnt know where in a room that my family uses as a storage room but the room looked COMPLETELY different so it was cool looking, and anyways i apparently knew one of the guys, in fact we were super close and he was my boy friend. i did something or showed him something and he said "oh dang, i wanna have sex with you" and i said i did too and so we were gonna have it there but there were too many people so we went into my parents room but my dad and mom kept coming in and out and so we went underneath the blankets thinking they couldnt see us or know what we were doing, but anyways he started kissing me and crap and touching me and i was kissing him. And then thats when i woke up before it went any further. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD! And im REALLY not that kind of a person! D: and im only 14! and this guy look in his late 20's to middle 30's and he looked hot! BUT SERIOUSLY WTH DOES THIS MEAN, it scared me when i woke up D:

Example: What can a self - storage dream mean?

so, last night i had a strange dream.
i was at a storage center (it's llike uhaul, but i can't remember the real name) i bend down and wave at what ever my perspective is coming from like i was talking to a camera. it was like a camera set on the ground.
the camera got up and followed me to the front gates and i open them.
the camera moves and looks inside the area to see all of the storage rooms at the side, the pathway leads to a meadow, and the camera enters the storage center, and as the camera goes up and down as if someone was holding it, the field gets brighter. then, just before the 'camera man' steps on the grass, it turns around to see me waving back, smiling. the 'camera man' turns back around and steps onto the grass. then everything went white and i awoke, feeling as if i had recently dreamed of this before.

Example: Help! Dream Interpretation... What does this mean?

About 3 days ago I had a dream that the top of my hand was wounded (l was able to actually see the inside of my hand- it looked like a storage of guts) & in the dream, whenever I lifted the skin- my hand was full of maggots, worms, flies & bees. I wasn't in pain or anything but whenever I put the skin back over, it would itch. What does that means? If it helps, it was my left hand. Can someone try to interpreted this dream for me? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Example: Do dreams ever mean anything?

There are alot of people on here asking "what does this dream mean?" But do dreams ever mean anything? Do they ever come true?

and just for fun what do you think it means when you dream of a someone who you dont even know his name.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dad just died and I've been dreaming about him a lot, not just the same dreams though. It has very strange aspects to it I think. One that really worried me was this.

My parents, both of them, are going to let me drive my car some place. My dad tells me to be careful and I leave.

I'm driving in a car. Its a small car and its at night, its Halloween. (I'm new to driving so I'm not very good at and I can't go without an adult) I step into the car and one of the first things I do is toss my bookbag in the back seat. Its one I've never seen before but its full of books, and it looks to small to be holding that many. The next thing I do is mess with the radio for a minute. I don't really like what song is on but I start the car anyway. I'm going to some church, my friend texted my and asked me to go. But I'm slidding all over the road and its raining. I think I hit the back of a car but I'm not sure. Then (this is the odd part)
I realize that I'm driving the car from the passenger side, I go to pull over but then I wake up.

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