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Dream About Semen meanings

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Dreaming with Semen may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that a bunch of guys were trying to rape my girlfriend and i was trying to fight all of them but i couldnt keep all of them away. I tried to push my girlfriend to run away but she wouldnt leave and the guys kept going after me telling me that they were going to rape her and i kept thinking that i wasn't going to be able to keep all of them away.

1. Maybe you enjoy the thought. Aren't we all a lil pervert inside? Come on! And so u had this dream.

2. Did it happen during/after twilight? If so, then it's going to turn true.

Also I need some more information.

Were they able to rape her finally? Did they use protection? STDs are 90% responsible for the damage caused by rape. Did anyone *** inside your girlfriend (creampie)? That would increase the chance of STD and of course pregnancy! Did your girlfriend enjoy the whole experience? Did she say something like "Oh yeah, *** inside me! Pleeeease!" Did she comment on the sizes? Did anyone *** in her mouth? Did she then swallow any semen? You see, you can get STD orally too. Did she blow anyone? And did she do it more passionately than she does to you? Was there deepthroat involved? If so, did any of the guys *** inside her mouth while deepthroating? This is often a pleasurable experience for guys, but some girls like doing it too. Did she like it? If she did, then it was perhaps she wanted to please the guys. In that case it wouldn't be rape technically speaking. It would be called 'sex'. So did she have anal sex? Did they ejaculate in her butt hole? Did she give them a rim job? Did she lick their sweat from their bodies, like around the underarms, and under the balls. Guys like that a lot. Please give details when you ask questions.

Example: I had a dream about scorpions, what does it mean?

basicaly i was walkin in the desert with my friends (i live in the desert, dubai lol) and i was on the floor, and there was 2 or 3 scorpions on the floor, it was weird...
what does that mean? does anyone know

Example: What does a wet dream mean?

Example: What do you mean by wet dreams?

I'm 15 and my semen leakage at night time especially during sleep from as a few days...So,what is it? Is it mean by wet dreams?if it is then what do i do?

Example: What do dreams about snakes mean?

Two nights ago I had a dream about 2 snakes. They were protectors and when I was in a certain area, they would wrap around my arms and protect me. Last night I had a dream about tons of anacondas. But there was 1 in particular that would follow me no matter where I went. It ended up chasing me and I spent the end of my dream running from it. What does this mean?

Example: How can one overcome from dreamfall disease means loosing semen while dreaming?

i have problem of losing semen while dreaming in night ,it happen to me 2 times in a week .because of this my cheeks are losing fat and i am looking like an old person i am just 22 yrs old

Example: What does this dream mean?

Alrighty, this is my dream: So I followed a teacher of mine out of my High School building after school. He went into someone's house and I followed him in. When he saw me we both looked at each other and started to kiss. When I pulled away I looked at my teacher and he was Barack Obama. Barack took his clothes off and wanted me to give him oral sex. Then his penis turned into two cups of hot chocolate and we both drank it.

What the hell does this dream mean!?

Example: Semen isnt fully grown (I mean like..sperms are grown and semen is white ) till u get wet dreams?

Im 14 and when i masturbate i find that my semen is white (unless when sometimes i masturbate too much in a short period its a bit less whiter)
I dont get wet dreams,but all my friends do so Im worried if there's something wrong with my sperms or something because all my friends say they arent fully grown until you get wet dreams
any advice? sorry i cant describe this well so if s1 needs any additional details ill add them

Example: Dreaming of lots of semen?

I think the guy raped me i cant recall but there was semen everywhere [sorry to be gross] and the guy would not stop ,i mainly just recall there being too much semen, and i woke up feeling a bit ill and liked id actually been raped, i thought in the dream that it was ok because i would fall pregnant.

i know dreams are not literal so i dont think its abt rape or sex.

Example: I was covered in semen in my dream.?

I dream that an ex-boyfriend of mine was covering me in a dream with his semen. It was like the ice bucket challenge of semen.

We were outside and he was laughing at me while he was doing it. It was an enormous amount of semen. In addition this was not a sexual dream at all. No feelings of intimacy or arousal.

What does this mean?

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