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Dream About Settlement meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was on a boat in a river, then the boat somehow sank and we all fell in the river. I was trying to get everyone out especially my two brothers and all the little kids and I was putting them on the river bank. Then I saw a whirlpool and got out and I just watched the people I couldn't save get sucked into it..It was really sad.
I have no idea what this means though? Someone helpppp! lol

In three days your car will be hit by a train. You will be fine but your cat who will be in a cat carrier in the passenger seat will be killed upon impact and the train company will be forced to pay you millions on an out-of-court settlement

Example: What does this dream mean?!?!?!?! please help!?

ok, this might make me sound really dirty, but im not which is why im finding this really weird, so weird that im asking it on here. im not a perve. im 14 and im going to a highschool that i know NOBODY in, so last night i went to sleep and had a dream about this girl that is in almost all of my classes and the dream was that she was having sex with me. ive never ever ever thought of that before and the dream just came out of no where. i wanted to know why my mind though of that particular girl and why such a dirty dream? please only serious questions please, im sick of all these non serious and annoying answers. thanks :)

Example: Awesome/weird dream? what does it mean?

OK, so I usually don't remember my dreams and I also don't care for the most part but I had this dream that just seemed weird to me...maybe I wasn't dreaming since it seemed pretty real maybe I was like in that state between asleep and awake I dont know if I explain myself well here. Anyway, it all starts with me walking in this kind of forest, or sierra in spanish, that really resembles where my grandma lived. I remember that place well for It was always green, full of pine trees, and it was in the middle of nowhere...lol I also remember that sometimes gypsy settlements would arrive and try to sell you stuff. My mother says that when she was a kid they would bring a circus like tent and set up like a movie theater since back then she says there was no movie theater in that village so that really gives you an idea of how small and isolated that place is lol. But I digress, as im walking (I am watching myself in the dream) I can also hear this song that really resembles ¨elephant gun¨ by beirut which by the way is really awesome you should check it out. As the song progresses I keep following this path in the forest that eventually leads to a canoe/small boat in a lake that is foggy. As I make my way to the other side of the lake, which by the way i cannot see because of the fog, I start to see a lot of lights and the music gets louder. When im finally close enough I realize its a village, a really pretty village, that has some kind of carnival going on. the place had this carnival light s going on, you know the ones that hang on the street from side to side if you know what i mean, and a whole lot of other crap lol... it seemed like a combination of mardi gras and a gypsy party or something...too bizarre. When im finally in the main street ( dont know how i got there) I realize that a lot of the people in the carnival are a bunch of my old friends. Some are drinking, some are talking, hell even some are juggling lol. It felt good for I felt welcomed in that place. The dream gets even more weird because as Im contemplating all this stuff going on this girl that I know and havent talked to in years comes up to me and says ¨welcome back¨ it is really weird because we used to like each other a long tome ago. Anyway, she also gives me my ¨devil sticks¨ which in case you dont know what they are they are these really fun juggling sticks used in the circus or cirque du solei or whatever(just google it). So the dream ends with me saying ¨ thanks, Ill enjoy this while it lasts¨ I dont know wtf that was or to what I was referring to but this whole dream seems weird...it was too lucid. I sometimes remember dreams but this one was awesome. And again maybe I was half awake and asleep because shortly after my mom woke me up: ¨ Ivan! wtf wake up its 7:40!¨ lol

Sorry for my crappy english and no, im not batman! haha

Example: I dreamed I was signing my settlement papers. What does this dream mean?

Example: Weird Facts about dreams ?

Im curious about one dream that my girlfriend told me she had!? She had a dream that she was about to give birth But couldnt see the people around her? Does anyone know what could it mean or is it just Normal?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was crossing the street with a kid in my arms (he was maybe 1_2). Then I thought let me put him down he can walk and in 2 seconds he ends up trying to climb over one of them barriers that are usually on the sides of the turnpike. Over the barrier is some sort of a.ditch...or water...something of that sort. I quickly run.to grab him and I woke up!

I have no idea if I caught him or not but I was so.shaken up about this dream and I have no.idea.what it meant!

Example: Islamic dream interpretation: What does it mean when you see yourself giving birth to a girl?

As-Salam Alaykum

I had a dream that I was in hospital giving birth to a beautiful little that resembled my grandmother. Once I gave birth my surrounding family said she looks like an identical twin to my elder that I had earlier given birth to, she was older then her in years, but I had not seen myself give birth to her. In conclusion after seeing myself giving birth to a girl, my dream concluded that in total I had three beautiful girls all resembling one another and taking after my grandmother and little sister.

Note: I am not married.

So any indication as to what this means please?
I would greatly appreciate your help.

May Allahs blessing be upon you.

Example: Islamic dream: lower teeth falling out and bleeding but no pain?

what does this dream mean? all the teeth were falling out

Example: Reoccurring theme in dreams - what does it mean?

the reoccurring theme is that some human population settlement is getting over taken by some weird alien cult that is relentless and evil. another observation i've made is that in the first dream i had they can only go out during the night... and in the second one, if the alien life thing passed a house, they had to have their shades shut... so darkness would be a part of this - you're only safe in the dark?
they were both separate dreams, but i just want to know what it means.

Example: I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. how much money do you think i''m entitles for a settlement?

I was in a parking lot at my apartment, I was hit and severely sprained my ankle and pulled just about all of my ligaments. I saw a specialist and they said i'll be on crutches for a about 6 weeks, i was working and making about 450 a week, and can no longer work for the next 6 weeks and even have the signed doctors note to prove it. I don't know how much a should expect for a settlement.?

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