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Dream About Sexual Climax meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you can feel the emotions and sensations in your dream?

One night I had a dream about me and one of my guy friends making love and having fun with each other and while I was dreaming about it, I could feel all the same sensations I would normally feel if me and him were actually making love. Last night I had a dream that I was having sex with my other good guy friend and when I recall both of these dreams...I can feel the same sexual excitement and the sensations I was feeling in the dream. The sensations I would feel if I were actually having sex with him.
What does this mean?

It means you should probably masturbate more, as it will ease your sexual tension and you won't be so inclined to molest your good friends in your dreams.
Dreams are nothing if not memory and imagination coming together to produce phantom sensations. The 'subconscious' as we commonly call it tosses together scenes and scenarios for us to mentally explore as a way of working through, organizing, and evaluating the thoughts and feelings of the waking world.
Its more than common to experience physical sensations akin to those that would accompany your actions in a dream. If you dream about a delicious spread of food, you'll feel hunger and anticipation, even satisfaction potentially as you eat. This is most true about sexual dreams, or 'wet dreams', where our sexual wants or frustrations are exorcised for us, often leading (especially in the case of women) to actual climax or orgasm.
You'd be far less likely to have these wet dreams if you took care of your sexual wants and frustrations while still awake. By that I don't mean 'go sleep with your guy friends', I mean go get yourself a decent toy or two.

Example: Help, What does this dream mean?

a few days ago I had a dream that I was at the mall with a bunch of friends. We saw a little mini place selling brownies, sundaes, ice cream and pie and stuff. I decided to buy chocolate ice cream. I saw my friend carrying money, Im pretty sure i heard something abut $5.80 . then i was eating my ice cream, and i saw this guy i really loved. he was walking with his mom . then i was following him until he went outside. i threw away the ice cream. then i was coming back and he was sort of following me, carrying a box of Sour Patches . Then i saw a friend and gave her a hug

what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream my cousin was driving a silver van i believe. i was in the passenger seat and another cousin of mine was in the back seat. were were driving down a straight road and all of a sudden the road ended. my cousin tried braking but we were plunged off the cliff. oddly there was road on the side of the cliff going straight down. we freefalled all the way to the bottom and landed in the backyard of a very nice house. we were top down and i may have fell unconscious in my dream but idk. i remember knowing i had to get out so i kicked out a front seat window and pulled myself out and left both my cousins. as i was climbing out the car nearly smashed my because it rolled due to my weight shift. i then frantically ran towards a near by walker and asked to call the police. they did not have a phone so i went to the house that we landed right by. they too did not have a phone. so i found a few more walkers and they finally had a phone. however, i kept misdialing 911. and i finally called 1911 and went thru to the police which was odd because the lady i was talking to did not help me too much she sent the police however and i then searched her and found her on some website. the people i was with laughed. somehow my grandparents were there next to me. they moved away to florida a couple years ago. after all of that my cousins were alive and safe but my one cousin either lost his hand or his arm. after that i started walking in a very urban area and this lady asked me if i wanted to take her job as a bus driver but i declined. i believe after that i was in a subway and thats where i woke up.

any help would be greatly appreciated, for some reason this dream is making me worry and wonder. thank you anyone who answers!

Example: Any thoughts on this sexual dream I had recently?

Some background information, I'm 23 y/o male and straight, but I've always had a curiosity built up.

This was a graphic, adult themed dream, so if this is something you don't want to read or have someone see you reading, this is your warning.

So a couple nights ago I was dreaming and it was like any other dream, and soon enough this escalate. I was performing fellatio on a guy that I went to high school with in the middle of some party, and we were talking about how some girl we knew left the party or something. And while I was performing this act on him, I'm not entirly sure if I was just dressed up as a female or actually myself but as a female. Then as he was climaxing in the dream I awoke and I think you get it. Sorry if this is against some rule here, but the dream has been bugging me ever since I woke up from it.
Does anyone have any advice for me on what it might mean?

Example: Could anyone help me understand this weird sexual dream about leaving a mentor?

Okay bear with me. This dream starts off boring but becomes insane really quickly.

I interned once at a college and the dream began with me holding hands with a guy who, in the dream, was supposed to represent some sort of mentor. I remember feeling really safe, but at the same time thinking I didn't belong there, and that if someone were to see me they could easily form the mistaken belief that I was going to stay there even though I was planning to leave. I didn't want this to happen, though I felt really safe at this point.

The next stage of the dream begins with the guy letting go of my hand after we walked out of a building and down a huge flight of stairs. He then told me that he could no longer help me and that I had to make it on my own. So I walked down to the parking lot outside the building. I no longer felt safe, and now felt excited and free.

At this point, I will inform you that I am a guy. However, I don't think this last part had anything to do with homosexuality, though I'm willing to concede that it seems like it could.

Anyway, suddenly a naked girl in a formula 1 race car picked me up. She began driving really quickly, through the streets, weaving through the slower traffic. Then I asked her if I could kiss her and she said yes. So I started to kiss her and touch her all over. While I was kissing her I noticed that we both had our eyes closed, and I remember thinking, 'This is really dangerous. She's speeding through traffic with her eyes closed. Nevertheless I decided to trust the feeling and keep my eyes closed as I continued kissing her. Finally she, er, reached her climax, and then I woke up. It wasn't a sexual dream in the sense that it was wet dream or whatever. I didn't get any more stimulation from the dream than one could by kissing and touching a naked woman. Nevertheless, this dream kind of threw me off because of the stark contrast between the beginning part and the end. Help me out, yall

Example: What does this dream mean?

It happened a couple nights ago but I still remember it and I don't know what it means.

I was in my bed room and it was day time and I was using my laptop. I don't remember what I was doing on it but it was plugged in and then my sister came in my room and started taking the laptop and cord away from me. I said "Hey what are you doing!" and then she just smiled an evil grin and ignored what I had said. It was then that I saw her pants were half way down and she wanted to have sex with me. I just knew it for some reason and then I got up and jerked her pants down and we started having sex. It's weird cause it's my sister and I was controlling everything I was doing in that dream. Maybe a minute into it I heard my parents in their room doing it too and I could hear my dad reaching climax...

After that I just woke up and was sort of weirded out. I have had a couple fantasies of my sister in the past but that was when I was younger and I really dont' find her attractive physically or sexually.

what does this mean?

Example: Sexual Dreams with No Climax?

A bit of an embarrassing topic, but eh, I'm sure we can all handle it.

So, I've been lucky enough to be at the mercy of a reoccuring dream. Though the situation itself is always different, then concept is the same: random foreplay ensues, but actual sex and climax are averted.

This aversion has been caused by many things in the past, such as: me waking up before anything could happen, being interrupted by a family member, or the other participant leaving.

The other participants in my dreams are pretty varied, but I've notice a pattern in regards to them. For years, there were no other participants, but I would still end up unable to finish (this was usually where the family interruptions came in). Then, when other participants started showing up, they were people I'm not attracted to. Twice recently, they've been women (one of whom was a friend, the other a faceless entity), and at least once its been a male celebrity I don't notice in RL.

Any ideas what these dreams mean?

Example: Weird sexual dreams? What does it mean?

I feel like I have really strange sexual dreams. Not really the sex part (I don't have sex in these dreams) but more the partners. In every single sexual dream I have been in, I always end up partnering up with some type of thug or a creeper peeking at me from a window.
Dream #1: I'm running from the cops in the mall for stealing some ice cream. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, I stop and go into some clothing store. A guy holding a gun stands in the middle of the store, glaring at me. Instead of running away terrified, I walk up to him and we start to make out. It's not tender or sweet, but rough and brutal. After doing that for a while I unzip his pants and try to give him a BJ. During all of this there is no pleasure and I'm actually revolted to have his penis in my mouth. Then without warning, I wake up right before he climaxes.
Dream #2: After fighting herds of man eating sheep, I tell my mom I'm going to go change and head to my room. For some reason, my window has disappeared and there is just a glass door where it should be. I can see the neighbor's house next to us and the inside of their house. I shrug and think nothing of it. As I begin to change, an old couple comes into the living room to watch TV. They stay there a while and I am still changing, unaffected by their appearance. Finally, the wife goes into the bathroom for a shower and the old bald man begins to watch me change. His eyes are extremely huge (almost to the point where they are about to pop out) and he has a creepy smile on his face. I become extremely uncomfortable and change faster. When I'm done, instead of running away from the peeping pervert, I open the glass door and enter his house to give him a BJ. Again before he climaxes, I wake up.
*I find these dreams slightly disturbing. Through this all, there is absolutely no pleasure and I am not enjoying myself. In the dream, it almost feels like I have to do this or else my otherwise good dream will turn into a nightmare and something bad will happen. These are not the only two dreams. This kind of thing has happened in every single one of my sexual dreams. Always the same types of people and always the same action. I only give BJs and nothing else happens. I find this ironic because in real life I strongly dislike the idea of giving one. I don't know why, it just makes me queasy. I find every other sexual interaction doable except this one.*
What does this mean? Why do I have these dreams? Do they represent something from my past?

Example: Teenage Sexual Climax Problems (17 M)?

Hello Yahoo,
I have never successfully masturbated. Starting around my sophomore year of highschool I began having wet dreams. The dreams are not usually sexual; during the night I am aware that It is happening, but i am not dreaming of anything erotic. Whenever I tried to masturbate, it just never felt good and seemed pointless so I stopped. For awhile, I thought I was asexual, but it is becoming clear that I am not.
Recently (I am a senior in high school now, 17 years of age) I entered into a serious relationship with a girl. So far we have only kissed. When we make out, I have an erection for the extent of the hook up. I later find precum on my boxers. One time after an extended session I got what people call "blue balls." I am expecting this relationship to move to a greater level of physical intimacy, and I am worried as to whether I will be able to perform due to the fact that I have never successfully climaxed by myself. Could I please have some advice?

Thanks in advance.

Example: Ive been having alot of sexual dreams?

It feels so real and Sometimes i even reach climax i mean im not complaining! Im just curious to why I have so many sexual dreams also some of them are with another woman ive had fantasies about being with another woman but ive never acted out on it. But some dreams are with males and some are with females why am i having so many sex dreams? Is this normal ?!

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