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Dream About Sexual Drive meanings

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Example: Sexual dreams?

i just had a sexual dream about me having sex with some random girl at home.i do everything that is involved in sex but when i kiss her lips she slaps me and i wake up.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
It is very difficult to name just a few possible interpretations for this dream. It is so complex that interpretations vary with each dreamer and situation in the dream. A sexual dream may be about physical pleasure, but it may also be about power, control, manipulation, virility, and effectiveness. It may be a form of wish fulfillment or a memory, or compensation for a lack in daily life. In most cases, it is not a prediction of things to come in the near future. Sexual meaning has long been a first path of inquiry in dream interpretation. This is due, in part, to the significant contributions of Sigmund Freud to the area of dream interpretation. However, interpreting the sexual content of dreams can be difficult. University studies reveal significant differences in how men and women dream about sex. However, when all is said and done, almost everyone is 'doing it' in dreamland. Sex during dreaming is reported as a topic of at least 12 per cent of male dreams and four per cent of female dreams. This discrepancy is generally consistent with our waking sex drives, with men doing much more thinking about the topic than women. (It is said that men think about sex far more than 12 per cent of their waking lives, though.) In his book Finding the Meaning in Dreams, G. William Dumhoff reveals some interesting data about the manifestation of sex in dreams: Men - Participating 93%, Watching 7%, Women - Participating 68%, Watching 32%. These statistics indicate that women often separate themselves from what is going on in the dream sexually, whereas men see themselves as participants. This can be significant to understanding why it is more common for men - particularly boys - to have orgasms in the dream state than it is for women. It also reveals the conflict that many women feel about the good-girl/bad-girl taboo. Aside from overt sexual activities in dreams, the question of sexual images and symbols as they occur in dreams is important. Because sexuality is often cloaked in a heavy shroud of secrecy, either through childhood or throughout life, the subconscious is prone to represent sex in a variety of ways visually. Freud, in his theory of the sexually driven personality, contributed much to this line of thought.

Example: Frequent Dream driving and no brakes or someone breaks into my car... What does all this mean?

Ok, so i have dreamt several times about being somewhere then coming back to my car and finding out someone has broken into my car and stolen everything...

More recently, i have been having dreams where i would be driving and my breaks wont work and i either get into an accident or just keep going really fast! i think once i drove into the water or off a cliff...?

what's up with these weird dreams!?

Dreams are really a quite interesting thing, eh?

Example: What does my re-occuring dream of driving mean?!?

About a few years ago i had a dream where i was by myself in a car, driving at night time and i had no idea how to drive. It was terrifying because in my dream i was lost. Then i had a the same dream ( me in a car by myself) and this time i was trying to get home but didn't know how... These dreams re-occur every 3 months or so at random times.. Once i had one where the car's breaks stopped working and the gas increased...

Last February was my first ever time driving..and ironically it was at night time and i had no idea what i was doing ( i was with a driving instructor though)

I just always have dreams of driving and they are always negative, what does this mean!

Example: Does this dream mean anything ?

So .. dontt be grossed out or anything.. but heres how it goes :
Me and my mom (im a girl) were in a girls change room after swimming , and all of a sudden some phillipino guy walks in and im like "uuhh ., takin' " then he walks awya , then i get out of the changing curtains and i see the phillipino guy again , with his dad i think , and his dads penis was like HUGE and hanging out of his bathing suit , then his son holds onto it and and they both walk out to the pool .

What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that I was dressed in a Marine's uniform (army basically) and I think I had a paintball gun instead of a real one and everyone was saying how spiffy I looked and whatnot. I was taking in the compliments and it was a gloomy day. I see a black car across the street and I decide to get in and start driving. Next thing I know, I'm driving on a freeway with my older friend next to me and I'm speeding and almost crash getting off the freeway. Then I wake up. Any ideas? Thanks!

Example: Continuous driving dreams.. what does it mean?

I have this dream all the time. I dream that I am asleep in the backseat of a car, and then I wake up and we're driving around the block. But the thing is, it's not "we." There's no one driving in the front seat, the steering wheel is just moving by itself. And same with the passenger seat... there's no one there either. I don't know what it means. I've had the dream so many times already. The first few times I had it, I was scared and I didn't know what to do. So I just sat there with this weird look on my face, trying to figure out how the car was moving. Now, when I have the dream, I tell myself (in the dream) that we just have to go around the block thirteen times before we safely return home. And when we return home, I get out, and right then, I wake up. What does this mean? I'm really curious.

Example: What could my dream mean?

I'm 16 and have been with my boyfriend of the same age for 3 months (i've known him for longer than 3 months though). I really love him but we haven't done anything sexual yet. Last night I had a dream we were just sitting on the sofa and then i just decided to give him a hand-job, completely out of the blue. He put a condom on for some reason and then afterwards he told me how much he loved me and how amazing it was.
So I'm just wondering what this dream means? I know we didn't have sex in the dream, but I feel I am ready for sex but I'm too scared to do it because I would not be prepared for the possible consequences (a baby) and obviously no contraception is 100% effective. Is this dream telling me that I should take our relationship a little further, or does it mean nothing?

Example: Does anyone know what dreams means?

my mom had this dream lastnite that a man broke into our house and held her up with a gun. now this morning her friend called her saying she had a dream that my mom had died and the same friend's mom had a dream lastnite, had someting to do with pulling teeth and blood. right now im knida scared because this is very coincidential. does anyone know what this might mean?

Example: I was driving in my dream, even though I'm 15 and obv. can't drive-lol, what could it mean?

yh just wondering, thanks

Example: What does it mean when your sexual dreams are vivid and real?

i had a sexual dream where i was having great sex with different guys in different places and different postions, it was great don get me wrong but they seemed real i could feel everything the pentration the hurt cause im a virgin the pleasures everything it was real to me even though i was sleeping when i woke i was all shaking and embarrased what does that mean

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