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Dream About Shaking One'S Head meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this wierd dream mean?

I had a dream, it's not the full dream but I had a dream where I was in my old neighborhood and tried looking for my friend on the other neighborhood and I rung the door bell but there was this lady and her daughter that I don't know and never seen before, they were Asian and the woman said her name was K/Conga (let's just call her Conga) and her daughter was named Taka and we shook hands. Later I returned to the house and I told Conga to give e a testical exam and so we walked in the bathroom and she told me to put her pants down and she grabbed my testies and told me to cough and so I turnt my head and cough and she told me to do it again, and I did it again and then after we were done and I told her to give me a prostate exam and so she laughed "lol a prostate exam" and so I gave her a fake paper to give me a prostate exam but then with her unwanting facial expression she tried moving away the paper with her hand but she put a glove on her left hand and I leaned over but then I woke up


Weird means unnatural, preternatural. WEIRD, EERIE, UNEARTHLY, UNCANNY refer to that which is mysterious and apparently outside natural law. WEIRD refers to that which is suggestive of the fateful intervention of supernatural influences in human affairs:

EERIE refers to that which, by suggesting the ghostly, makes one's flesh creep:
UNEARTHLY refers to that which seems by its nature to belong to another world:
UNCANNY refers to that which is mysterious because of its apparent defiance of the laws established by experience:


The dream is thus not natural. It is artificial or duplicate or fake.

Example: What does tigers and lions mean in dreams?

I know in my culture it means that someone within the family is going to die or get killed, but I want to hear other aspects of it.

Here's my dream..

Me and two friends were going on a road trip. On the way we passed this camping site, and a lion had killed one of the campers so police were surrounding the lion making sure it didn't run off. It was strange because it looked like the officers were having a conversation with the lions. As we turned the corner and got closer they had already killed the lion (there were two lions actually, but only one got shot). Then as we drove passed them, we saw this golden buffalo on top of this rock, but when we passed it, we could see that the back of the buffalo had stripes like a tiger.

Then we were told to stop because they were searching for more lions ahead, so my friends left with the officer to help. I was alone, and right then the buffalo turned around and it wasn't a buffalo anymore. It had a huge human face. We stared at each other for a while, then my friends came back and we left.


Example: What does my dream mean?

i dream about my family and me moving into a new home and we have many servants. In the dream as soon as we move in one of servants try to kill our baby sister who is a infant. We end up stopping him but yells that the people around the house want us to leave this house. He tells us that while he is screaming and his head is shacking and his body is shaking. we seem happy in the house but everytime i try to leave the house to go to college something happens to postpone it. Also there is this girl around my age who lives with us she sleeps in my bed every night she tells us my mother that she will help me out at college. My mother cant seem to get out of the bed either.

Example: Help with My Dream's Meaning?

So, I had a dream, but was unable to find what it specifically meant by using dream dictionaries and I could not live without knowing its significance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Here's a little background about me (I'm not sure if it's necessary but it might help): I am 16 years old, I tend to have a very mature melancholy personality, I’m beginning my modeling and professional acting career, and I live in Anchorage, Alaska.

My dream:
I was at school, it was winter time and I was greatly enjoying myself in class with friends (this never happens), I was laughing and felt extremely confident. Then I see someone close to the door out of the corner of my eye and I turn to look at her. It’s my ex (I have been deeply in love with her for 5 years, and I am positive it’s not just a “crush”). She no longer goes to the same school I attend (in real life as well.. so we never speak anymore even though I hate it), so I’m incredibly curious as to what she’s doing here. Then I notice she’s pregnant.. I don’t know what to think. I call her name; she sees me and comes to me. I ask her questions like “what are you doing here” but I can’t remember the answers.. Then I ask her about the pregnancy, I believe she told me she was 6 months pregnant. But then she tells me the child is mine. I feel as if my world crashes.. I love her, but I cannot have a child yet.. I feel so trapped. All my dreams for the future were crushed. The rumor begins to spread (I’m one of the people most gossiped about at school in real life), and the next thing I can remember is being in the parking lot on the way to my friends black car with a few other friends so we could go to my ex’s house. The snow surrounds us. I feel so lost. And when in the car I realize that the child couldn’t actually be mine.. we never had sex. And although this is right scientifically I feel as if the dream wanted it to be true, that the child was mine without a doubt. So I tell my friends that I think she got pregnant, and knew that I would be a great father so she wanted me to take care of it with her even though I wasn’t the father by lying. I also said that I would be greatly supportive if those were her intentions, but if only she could tell me the truth..

Then we reach another place, not my exes.. and inside are a few of my teachers watching commercials for their classes (which they put on television) with a few students.. They’re great, original, and fun commercials. And the teachers are excited because it’s the first time they air. But I cannot stop thinking about my ex and the baby.. I feel so finished; like I no longer have a future. Then one of the teachers asks what’s happening, and even though I didn’t have the intention of telling the teachers.. I do tell her. She’s very understanding and kind about it. But I tell her why I don’t think it could be mine like I have something to prove.. But deep down I feel as if it is mine..

Then my brother woke me up. I can’t shake this dream from my head.
Also, I'm not the kind of guy to leave a girl if she's pregnant.. I would be there for her every step of the way. Even after birth.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I apologise that this is kinda long as my dreams kinda elaborate.

Anyhow, initially i was in my bedroom, but immediately i was dragged into another room, one i didnt recognise, there standing were my family and a few others that i dont recall underneath a intervention banner, my mum begins by saying "we need to talk..." and immediately i panic, i freaked out, screaming i ran out of my house (my old house, no longer live there), i start climbing our steep driveway when i hear a voice and i turn. Its a girl from my old school, one i never really spoke to. She was dressed like a hard core punk. I walk up to her and we speak, i then hug her and she tuens into a million pieces of glass. Once again i paniced. Eventually i walked away where i met some other hard core punk, which u assumed were her friends. I befriended them. One touched my butt and was flirting with me when they (the punks) met with three guys i no, luke (a guy i used to like) jordan (the guy i do like) and brandon (jordans annoying friend) . They all start talking about luke like his some god, and i question brandon to why he and jordan are hanging with punks. He said they were cool, why not. By the way, since i met the punks ive been walking by a grey fence, we've now reached our destination, a large glass dome, about the size of a school. We enter in almost.immediately handed with guns. We were paired up, and i was paired with Claire (another girl from my old school). After a bit of killing, the bulletts turn into paintballs, so, as a joke i shot Claire, when the paint turned into a bullett again. I head to the cafeteria for refuge. I sit at this table and i cant shake the feeling im being watched, i take a drink and i awake...?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok i had this dream where i was in my Social Studies classroom and all the lights were off but the sun was barley coming throught the windows. So Mr.Geche my second peirod teacher (that teaches s.s.) asked out loud "Was it that sound thats saying are we fallen men are we fallen men?" And i got up for my seat (not knowing what I'm about to do) going toward the the back of the room where a big pile of coats and bookbags where. I picked up a black coat,which looked like mine, and under was my ipod playing the song fallen by 30 seconds to mars! What Mr.Geche was saying was a line from the song. Then I paused it and come back to my seat and the boy i have a crush on was at the other end of the room on the floor laughing with some other dude then when i sat down he just shook his head like in disappointment.( he has showed up in my dreams before) Then that was the end of my dream. ps. i never saw anyone else in the room but me,Mr.Geche ,and my crush. i want to know what this dream means because its making me parinod!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had one where I was riding with a truck driver in his tractor trailer and I had a cell phone on my lap that rang a 8 bit version of utada hikaru - simple and clean. I didnt answer the phone I just looked at it confuzled because the screen looked like a b/w tamagotchi screen and it was bulky than a normal cellphone phone.

Then the truck disapeared and then I was on a train. I was talking to a 14 year old version of myself except she was speaking in French and I could totally understand her for some reason. I responded in English and she would say something random in french. I dont remember the conversation. Since after I woke up, I couldnt understand my memory of it, except for what I said roughly in english in response.

Then the train disapeared and I was standing in the downtown area of the city I live in except for the sky was flickering and it was a green and the clouds where a darker shade of green than the sky. and the sky had a touch of red and the ground was tinged red like it was geting dark.

Walked down the street and then ran into something metalic and cold and then a stop sign appeared and it was glitchy looking like a bad polygone. And it was blue and white instead of red and white.

Then I walked around the sign and looked back and it flickered and then it disapeared and a voice came out from the distance that sounded like a evil cackle and some giberish.

Then I walked into a store that was poorly furnished except for a donut rack and a voice came from behind me in a robotic voice sort of like hatsune miku, except she could speak proper english. She said. Can I help you?! I looked behind me and no one was there. I said "Id like a large double double" and then she said "That will be 5.25" and a hole in the counter opened up and made a BEEP sound. I stuck a 10 in there and then a suction sound started it, it took the 10 dollar bill and spit out some change. It just spit it out and it landed on the counter. The voice from behind me said "Thank-you, your coffee may be hot" and it beeped.

Then I walked out and then I walked down the street and Nyan cat appeared. It started flying around and it was going nyan nyan nyan, the only light I could see was the light coming off from nyan cat. And then the evil cackle sound started again and then it started raining blood. The voice kept on cakcling and then it said some giberish. And then in a flash of light the world started flickering from day light to night time and pitch blackness and vice versa. Then the ground started shaking and nyan cat flew away. Then I heard a sound that sounded like a 16 bit thunder sound from a snes and then I heard a real thunder sound and then I woke up.

Example: What could this dream mean?

so I don't remember much of it, but I can remember that it was me and my cousin who is the same age as me and for some reason we were talking crap about one of my best friends (who my cousin doesn't like/ get annoyed by her) and I said something really mean (I don't remember what it was though) and I looked up and my friend was standin in the doorway and started to shake her head while crying and ran away. then I wispered oh S***! and yelled "KELSSS!" and I got up and ran after her...then I can't remember anything else...
what could it mean?

Example: I've had dreams in 3 consecutive nights that all start the same, but more happens each time.What do they mean?

In the first night's dream, I heard a knocking at my back door. My brother and father were in the kitchen, so I went in there. I went back to my room, the heater in front of the door was moved.
The second night, my brother was doing homework and my father was in the kitchen again, the same as the first dream. I went into the kitchen and when I came back, there were toys on the floor of my room.
The third night, my brother and father were doing the same things and I went into the kitchen again. However, when I looked into my room there was a little boy about 2 years of age staring at me, looking sort of angry.
I'm 24 and don't have a kid. I have no idea what this is trying to tell me.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I had two dreams.

The first was me at the airport. I was trying to fix my bangs, which had been very badly cut. I kept moving my hair to the side to cover it up, but it seems like it was all cut (I have really long hair in waking life). Then I started to notice what appeared to be sutures in my scalp. And then before I realized it, I had a huge red squishy bump on my head with sutures surround it. Then I got called to leave and that's where the dream ended,

The second dream was me again, though at an unfamiliar house. There were people there that I didn't recognize but I went in to shake their hands, except every time I went to shake this one guys hand, someone always pulls me away. I don't know this guy in person, I don't remember seeing him ever. But eventually I was able to go shake his hand and when I did, this felt different. Like darker environment. That's all I remember.

I'm really curious to find out what this means. Thank you guys!

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