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Dream About Shield meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in my house (it wasn't my actual house) and I tried to escape from a guy who could turn into a crow (shape-shifting) he was evil, i didn't know why, i just knew he was.
He was an assistant to an evil woman, who had large creepy eyes and she would stare at me whilst I would undress and shower in my bathroom.

She was able to do this because the two houses were back to back, so her bedroom window was inches in front of my bathroom window, and I tried to pull down the blinds to shield her from seeing me naked as I felt violated, she would just laugh and make her assistant use his powers to pull them back again.

He then followed me everywhere I went, shape shifted into a crow, but I recognized his creepy eyes and knew it was him.

The dream ended with me running round hysterically telling my family that I was being stalked by a crow, they just thought i was crazy and then I woke up in the middle of the night. Totally freaked out.

Any ideas how this can be interpreted?

Ill have go;

- the black crow in you dreams signifies something that you haven't told someone.
- being stalked by this crow means that this thing is something that you can never forget, maybe a bad memory.
- not being in your actual house with a guy that you dont know shows some insecurities that could lead to something unexpected happening.
- the assisstant signifies that there is someone else involved in the bad memory that you cannot forget about, perhaps a relative.
- the creepy eyes could mean that someone is watching over you that has recently passed on in your family or friends.
- being followed could also mean a loved one looking out for you when you are in danger
- your family not believeing you could mean that you have tried to tell memories like this to someone that have not been true, and now that this bad memory exists, its turning into the story of the boy who cried wolf.

does this help? im not a specialist in this, its just what i think.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at the waters edge. And a man was swimming to the shore, he had mud and roots in his mouth that he got from the bottom of the lake, and he spit the dirt out in front of me. He than came out of the water sat beside me and pointed into the sky and started to talk about an eagle. I looked up and seen small birds than saw a big eagle, he told me it was coming down. And sure enought the eagle flew down and landed on my shoulder, I suddenly had a baby in my arms and was trying to shield the eagle from the baby. But the eagle turned my face, to face its, and the eagle had the paws of a cat. What does this dream mean?

Example: Beehives - Dream Meaning?

What does this mean, to dream that the skin of my hands is becoming in a skin that seems like the honeycomb material. No wasp there no beehives there, no honey.
I dreamed this ones but it was very augly.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in an old wooden house with my mother and my brother. The house was like our shelter from Zombies in a way, because they were attacking our house. I remember we were trying to block off the door, but then the door fell and we didn't have any sort of shield.
After that, I remember getting a gun and firing at the zombies. At times, the zombies would slow down and we'd look for more guns. At one point I remember us running out of sugar - this was a really big deal. I also remember trying to go on the internet and pay my brothers bills because that would get us sugar somehow.
I also remember that the zombies would attack from the front, but some would go from the back and get in. One got in and I kept trying to stab it with a metal pole but I was too weak. At the end my mother hit the zombie and it landed on the furniture so I cut off its fingers and legs. I remember the fingers being really really short.

What does all of this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of sword and shield?

In my dream, it was the sky was red-orange, i was in the front yard of my house and then i turned around to see two shields, both made of metal and red and metallic grey in color, as well as a long sword with a red hilt and red scabbard, when i grabbed the scabbard and pulled the sword out it was like the blade was polished and beutifully gleaming in the last rays of sunlight. I somehow knew they were meant for me and I placed the sword over my shoulder and proceeded to grab the shields as well. Once i put them on, each one my fore arm, i noticed there was a smaller black sword and placed it around my waist.

A small note-i have been reading the Bible daily and attending Church, and gotten rid (or attempting to, but ask God for help)

But if i coild get a dream explination that be great.

And only serious answers please.

Example: Dreams What does these mean,?

It's was like a painting. but slowly moving.
I saw a dark sky with some orange and red clouds. As I looked down I saw three figures standing on what appreared to be small cliffs. just below that I saw people fighting with swords. I was also fighting with a sword and a shield. I heard my name being called and I Looked up because it seemed like it came from above.
When I looked around, I was surrounded by light. It seemed to light up the ground and people around me. Then I defended myself with my sword and my shield, as three warriors attacked at the same time. Then I heard my name called again, twice. I was on one knee holding my shield high deflecting a blow from one of the three. Then I heard my name called again and I woke.
This dream is happening more frequently. (did I spell that right). I am having difficulty falling asleep after as I try to figure out what's going on. I vibrate after I wake up and as it slows down, I thimk I fall asleep. I Dont feel like there nightmares.

Example: Does this dream mean anything at all?

My grandma just passed away a few days ago and my whole family is in shock. I had this strange dream and i wonder if it has any significance.

First off i do not beleive that dreams mean something, i think that's all fantasy. I told my Mom about my dream and she's going crazy thinking its a sign or something so i wanted to know what you guys think

Okay so in my dream the doorbell rings and i go downstairs to answer it. A woman with long blond hair and blue eyes with a yellow raincoat on is at the door. I regonize her admetily.
I used to take dance lessons like six years ago and that woman's daughter used to dance with me. I didn't know her daughter real well or her Mom. I talked to her a few times and she was really nice and had a deep Czechoslovakia accent. The last time i saw her was at a car dealership when we were buying a new car. She was very friendly again but none of my family remembered her name.
Okay back to the dream, the woman gave me a huge hug and i asked her where my grandma was. She just stared at me and said "She's with me now". I remember thinking to myself that she wasn't God so why is she saying that for?
I asked her if my Grandma missed me and if she still loved me.
She then repiled "It's all different now,".

Then I woke up.
My Mom says its a sign but i think my mind was playing tricks on me or something.
By the way my grandma died on Tuesday morning and i had that dream Tuesday night. I don't know that woman's name so i have no idea if she's dead or not.

Am i just cold hearted or was it really a sign?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

My friend told me about some dreams that she had and I got interested in what they mean.
The first dream:
In the night time my friend wakes up and goes outside, it is raining. There is girl standing there, she is wearing a red raincoat and her face is covered in the shadow of the hood. She is crying. My friend walks up to her and asks her if she is OK? The girl pulls out a knife and stabs my friend in the stomach. When my friend woke up her stomach was hurting.

The second dream was:
My friend and her friend are driving in a van over the Severn bridge. The van swerves and goes into the river Severn. My friend wakes up crying and her friends body is next to her dead and white as a sheet. She then really wakes up is really crying.
I would really like to know what these dreams mean!
Thanks all :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was talking to an acquaintance and she was telling me you could get some sucker/lollipop that I had been wanting across town, so I decided to take her with me to get it because she wanted to go. Then she pulled out a bag with two toothbrushes in it. She handed me one and said my teeth were nasty, and it seemed like i didn't brush my teeth often. I got mad and was saying that I think she has halitosis and all this stuff. I asked the guy behind her (we were at school) if my teeth were nasty. I showed him my teeth, and he said they aren't the best but they aren't nasty. We ended up in the car at night on our way to the store, and she said she was scared about how I drive, then I woke up.
Does this mean anything?
Thanks in advance! (:

Example: What do turtles mean in dreams?

in my dream it was night time and i had an overhead view of the ground that was moving (almost as if I were flying) and the image that really stuck out to me was this pool that had this glow with the prettiest water! it had 5-7 (i don't really remember exactly how many) turtles swimming short ways across the pool in sync. there was only one turtle near the end that was lagging behind a little bit but not by much. anyway i have been thinking about this all day and i was hoping someone could tell me what it means. Thanks :)

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